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Latest Headlines

ImmuPharma rounds up £8.3M for PhIII trial of fast-tracked lupus drug

ImmuPharma has raised £8.3 million ($12.0 million) to propel its lupus drug through a Phase III study. The cash will support ImmuPharma through to the data readout from its 200-person transatlantic trial, at which point management will weigh up commercialization options.

Biogen, Sanofi back Tony Coles' neurodegeneration player Yumanity

For much of 2015, Tony Coles funded his neurodegeneration-focused startup Yumanity out of his own pocket. Seed money followed. And today he's pulling the veils off a $45 million A round designed to get him through the preclinical stage of identifying his top programs and on the way to further enlivening a growing field.

Amplyx ups its B round to $49.2M on the way to the clinical with an antifungal drug

San Diego's Amplyx Pharmaceuticals boosted its Series B fundraise to $49.2 million and expanded its executive ranks, on pace to take its lead antifungal treatment into human trials this year.

Backed by a lineup of marquee VCs, Unity Biotechnology tackles the hard science of aging

Imagine a drug that could clear away "senescent" cells and make the life span allotted to you healthier, absent many of the myriad diseases that can accumulate with age. Some investigators have been working on that subject for more than a decade, and now a biotech is being launched to see if it can make that dream a reality.

Yale entrepreneur Rothberg rounds up $40M for a biotech upstart

LAM Therapeutics, a biotech co-founded by Yale University entrepreneur Jonathan Rothberg, raised $40 million to fund its work on an early-stage pipeline of treatments for rare diseases and cancer.

UPDATED: Enyo Pharma gets a $24M funding boost for hep B cure candidate

The new French biotech Enyo Pharma has raised a good chunk of money in its first round of financing as it looks to start human testing for a potential hepatitis B cure.

Woodford and Imperial Innovations back an $86M round for a U.K. biotech

Cambridge, U.K.'s Mission Therapeutics raised £60 million ($86 million) in equity to fund its work in a novel biological pathway, uniting high-profile investors Imperial Innovations and Woodford Patient Capital Trust in the round.

Glaxo, Atlas syndicate bankrolls Spero's drive into the clinic with $30M round

Eight months after wrapping its first venture round with a $30 million bankroll, Cambridge, MA-based Spero Therapeutics has gone back to the well for $30 million more.

Backed by J&J and Glaxo, veteran VC group splits from Index, unveils $227M fund

The biotech team at Index Ventures is splitting away to focus exclusively on what they do best: jump-starting new therapeutic programs in Europe.

France triples size of biotech investment fund following industry criticism

The French government is planning to triple the size of its biotech investment fund after the industry balked at the initial proposal. Officials now intend to hive off €340 million ($380 million) for the fund, more than three times the amount earmarked when they first floated the idea last year.