Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Google adds UCSF geneticist to Calico's roster

In the months since details of Google's Calico last leaked into the public domain, the creation of a new J. Craig Venter company has further increased interest in anti-aging. And while Calico has been out of the headlines, it has continued to build out its anti-aging dream team, with a UCSF geneticist the latest to join.

U.K. and Canadian governments back bioinformatics, omics research projects

British government funding groups are looking for startups that will sustain the resurgence in the country's economy. And that means more money for bioinformatics businesses, with the Technology Strategy Board accepting applications for new funding from next month.

Merck exec: Health IT apps need more scientific rigor

The Merck executive leading the company's digital innovation unit has warned that Boston's startups can still improve, particularly with regards to the degree of scientific rigor applied to their apps.

Novo Nordisk edges forward with plans to spin off its IT unit

The growth of Novo Nordisk's information technology group from an internal team to a standalone business makes it a prime target to join the pharma spinoff trend. And having spent the first few months of 2014 considering its options, Novo Nordisk is edging forward with its plans.

The rise of the Silicon Valley biocomputing startup

The growing need for computer-enabled capabilities in drug development has led to the creation of biotech-focused software startups. And the obvious base for these startups is the one part of the U.S. where biotech and tech hubs are co-located: San Francisco.

Illumina takes a leaf out of the tech playbook with its genomics startup accelerator

Tech startup incubator Y Combinator has a reputation as a spawning ground for major companies, with Dropbox and Airbnb among those passing through its program. Yuri Milner played a role in the accelerator in recent years, but reduced his commitment in December. Now, he has revealed that some of the cash and time this freed up will go into running a genomics incubator with Illumina.

Early Google investor picks Maverix from the genome data analysis crowd

Standing out in the congested genomics data analysis market is a challenge for startups, with each month bringing news of rivals' fresh investments and products. Maverix Biomics is one of many companies trying to gain a foothold in the sector, but it can boast a differentiating factor--one of Google's original angel investors has contributed funding.

Computational biology startup joins Merck KGaA's incubator

After suffering a string of late-phase failures in recent years, Merck KGaA is in the middle of restructuring its business and rebuilding its pipeline. This week, the company began working with two potential sources of new drugs when computational biology and antibody discovery startups joined its Israeli bio incubator.

Google begins hiring team to lead Calico

It is now two months since Google sparked speculation by unveiling vague but ambitious plans to enter the biotech sector. Details of what the spinout, called Calico, will do are still limited, but we now know some of the people who will run the show. Unsurprisingly, Google has poached some heavy hitters.

New details on brains and budget behind Google's Calico emerge

When Google unveiled its antiaging venture Calico, it gave very few details about the nuts and bolts of the company. Now, reports on the questions Calico will look into--and how much cash it will have to answer them--have started to emerge.