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Latest Headlines

Flush with $90M in VC cash, Twist and Ginkgo strike massive synthetic DNA deal

Ginkgo Bioworks and Twist Bioscience have struck a deal to cement their status as two of the hottest players in the new wave of biotech startups. The one-year agreement sees Twist sign up to supply Ginkgo with 100 million base pairs of synthetic DNA.

Y Combinator graduate bags $4M for algorithm-enabled drug discovery

Verge Genomics has raised $4 million to finance a computer-based drug discovery program targeting neurological disorders. The plan is to map all the genes implicated in a disease, using technology that Verge compares to Google's search engine, and find drugs that can hit each of the targets simultaneously.

Illumina teams with VCs to place $100M bet on consumer genomics

Having played a major role in making consumer genomics feasible, Illumina is now looking to shape how the nascent sector develops. The company has teamed up with big-name VCs to create Helix, a deep-pocketed startup that is one part massive next-generation sequencing operation, one part app store for genomics.

First startups graduate from Illumina Accelerator as deadline for next phase nears

The first clutch of companies have graduated from Illumina Accelerator, the startup incubator program the sequencing giant set up last year. And with more than $40 million in VC cash secured to help the startups grow, Illumina is now looking for the next group of companies to join.

Y Combinator continues push into bioinformatics with investment in Cofactor Genomics

Startup bootcamp Y Combinator has backed Cofactor Genomics, an RNA testing business. The deal marks another step in YC's expansion beyond tech and into biotech and gives St. Louis, MO-based Cofactor Genomics a way into Silicon Valley, TechCrunch reports.

Arivale sets up with $36M, A-list founders and one eye on the R&D potential of its 'dense data clouds'

With $36 million in the bank, Lee Hood as a co-founder and George Church on its scientific advisory board, Arivale is preparing to bring genome sequencing the public.

Fierce Roundup: Startup policies, DNA-sequencing from China State Council briefing

China's State Council, or cabinet, last week set guidelines on startups, an area of policy closely watched by the biotech community.

Y Combinator backs cancer drug combo testing service

Y Combinator has unveiled another of its latest batch of biotech startups, Notable Labs. The company is aiming to end the long wait for improved treatments for glioblastoma multiforme by applying data analytics and robotics to the discovery of effective combinations of existing drugs.

GoBalto eyes Asian expansion after $12M Mitsui-led financing

Study startup specialist goBalto is preparing to up its game in Asia. The San Francisco, CA-based software developer outlined the strategy after raising $12 million from new backers, including Japan's Mitsui Global Investment.

$4B VC shop lays out its vision for the future of digital health

Anyone with a passing interest in tech startups is unlikely to be shocked by Silicon Valley VC Andreessen Horowitz listing digital health as one of its top 16 trends. But as one of the organizations with some power over how these trends play out, the reasoning behind Andreessen Horowitz's list makes for interesting reading.