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Latest Headlines

Researchers reveal 3-D printed airway splint for infants

As 3-D printing picks up steam within the industry, U.S. researchers have harnessed the technology to develop a device that treats infants with a life-threatening airway condition and changes shape as children age.

Allergan picks CRO ImageIQ for bladder trial

Allergan has reached out to CRO ImageIQ to support its development of a new treatment for bladder disease, recruiting the imaging specialist to pitch in on a new clinical trial.

Amgen adding 100 researchers in Cambridge as biotechs scout for 1,000-plus

While Amgen has been busily chopping thousands of staffers throughout its organization while reducing its R&D budget, one of its goals in the restructuring--which was repeated in its 10Q earlier this week--was to beef up its presence in two key hubs: San Francisco and Cambridge, MA. And it's following through with a plan to add 100 staffers in the Boston-area hub this year.

Celgene bets $30M on a Versant-backed cancer startup

Striking its fourth oncology deal in under a week, the prolific Celgene is teaming up with a graduate of the Versant Ventures startup academy, betting the biotech's proprietary R&D engine can churn out some valuable cancer candidates.

Google's Calico continues its partnering romp on aging R&D with Buck collaboration

Google's stealthy biotech Calico is setting up shop inside the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in Novato, CA, after hammering out the latest in a long lineup of deals to collaborate on a new generation of therapeutics.

AbbVie's FDA-approved Duopa gel for Parkinson's skates through yearlong study

Levodopa is often the drug of choice to mitigate the symptoms of Parkinson's disease, but getting the treatment into the bloodstream can be challenging because of the erratic muscle movement in Parkinson's patients' digestion systems. AbbVie's gel-based Duopa is designed to improve absorption of levodopa in the small intestine, and researchers at the University of Kentucky recently demonstrated long-term safety and efficacy of the delivery method.

Galapagos' arthritis drug shines in another PhIIb study as M&A rumors simmer

Galapagos' AbbVie-partnered rheumatoid arthritis drug hit the mark in another Phase IIb trial, stoking rumors that the Belgian biotech could be in the M&A crosshairs.

GlaxoSmithKline's shingles vaccine gets a leg up on Merck's rival with a PhIII win

GlaxoSmithKline's in-development shingles vaccine successfully staved off the virus in a massive Phase III study--and, in contrast with its top competitor, the shot's effects didn't wane among elderly patients.

Topical gel for migraine shows promise in trials, can penetrate transdermal barrier

A novel topical gel for treating migraines showed promise in a clinical trial; 77% of patients experienced pain relief.

Presage's multiple-cancer-drug injection device shows promising first-in-human results

Researchers at Seattle-based Presage Biosciences and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have released results from a study showing further evidence their microinjection delivery device can accurately determine which cancer drugs are effective by testing multiple drugs at once inside a tumor.