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Latest Headlines

National Cancer Institute awards $2.6M to support clinical trial of cancer imaging system

The National Cancer Institute awarded a grant of $2.6 million to fund a clinical trial of Lightpoint Medical's molecular imaging technology to diagnose lymph node and gynecological cancers.

Global tech org reveals new standards for blood glucose monitoring devices

As patient monitoring picks up steam in the med tech industry, global technology organization IEEE is rolling out a new standard for operating devices geared toward the diabetes market.

Icon gets in on the ground floor with a Novartis-backed biotech upstart

Irish CRO Icon has signed on to be the exclusive service provider for a new U.K. biotech startup, planning to help the nascent company advance a trio of Novartis-developed drugs.

Miniature surgical robot startup gets $11M to assess feasibility in colon resection

Robotic surgery can allow greater surgical precision but does have some risks stemming mostly from inadequate physician training. Now, a startup is moving into the clinic with a device that shifts robotic surgery from a typical large, fixed, external surgical system to a device that actually is inserted into the body through a small incision in the navel.

MIT, Harvard professors discuss research en route to artificial pancreas

MIT's Daniel Anderson recently discussed the future of beta cell replacement technology with Dr. Gordon Weir of Harvard Medical School. Their research has applications to the development of an artificial pancreas.

J&J working with nonprofit to enable open-source software to combine diabetes device data

Johnson & Johnson's Animas is working with Type 1 diabetes technology nonprofit Tidepool to use its open-source software platform to assemble and analyze data for diabetes device, fitness and food tracking. The news comes in the wake of announcements in recent months from major diabetes device makers, including Medtronic, DexCom and Insulet, that they are partnering with startup Glooko to similarly enable connectivity as well as data transmission and analysis.

Cannabis patch startup pulls off a $42M IPO to fund drugs for epilepsy, pain

Pennsylvania drugmaker Zynerba Pharmaceuticals is making its way to Wall Street with some cannabis-derived treatments for central nervous system disorders, raising $42 million in an IPO.

Judge orders a halt to Alzheimer's spat as Eli Lilly chooses sides in dispute

A California judge has stepped between two top research institutions fighting over a vast Alzheimer's disease R&D program with ties to Big Pharma, ordering the study's new managers to hand it back for the time being.

Mystery solved: Star biotech team rallies behind a $36M diabetes spinout from Salk

The mystery of Ron Evans' new biotech startup has been solved. Armed with $36 million in cash from A-list venture investors and backed by a pro team recruited from Rich Heyman's Aragon/Seragon starring cancer drug startups, the prominent Salk investigator and his old buddy Heyman are coming out of stealth mode today with a new company called Metacrine.

Bayer sees 'enormous' advantage in treating both crops and humans

Drugmakers such as Novartis and Sanofi long ago bowed out of the crop science field, bidding farewell to their units to focus their attention on pharma. But the way Bayer sees it, the area is an important piece of the life sciences puzzle.