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Latest Headlines

Bayer taps the Broad Institute for cardio R&D

Bayer is deepening its ties with Harvard and MIT's Broad Institute, delving into cardiovascular genomics in hopes of spotlighting new therapeutic approaches to deadly diseases.

Genisphere boasts preclinical success of 3DNA platform for cataract complications

Pennsylvania nanotech company Genisphere announced this week that in preclinical studies its 3DNA platform has successfully treated a cataract surgery complication called posterior capsular opacification.

Merck ties up with tiny Syndax on a 'breakthrough' cancer combo

Are two breakthrough cancer drugs better than one? Pharma giant Merck and Waltham, MA-based Syndax plan to find out in a Phase Ib/II study matching the tiny biotech's entinostat with Keytruda, Merck's big anti-PD-1 therapy newly approved for melanoma.

Researchers convert microbubbles to even smaller nanobubbles using ultrasound

A team of researchers is developing a new form of microbubble delivery, deploying ultrasound to implode the bubbles into several smaller nanobubbles that can cross biological barriers due to their size and release the payloads within the target area.

Japanese researchers study carbon nanotubes with drug delivery applications

Scientists at Japan's Kyushu University claim to have developed a technique for dispersing carbon nanotubes made of graphene while preserving their desirable properties like conductivity, durability and length.

Novan receives $50M in support of drug delivery tech to treat acne, HPV

The developer of a novel drug delivery platform for nitric oxide just raised $50 million in a financing round led by Irish life science investment fund Malin.

Nanorobot shows promise as humidity sensor thanks to use of bacterial spore

Researchers at the University of Illinois-Chicago have developed a nanoparticle-based robot that can detect humidity thanks to the use of bacterial spores and a form of carbon known as graphene.

Novartis tackles immuno-oncology with a $750M Aduro deal for new R&D group

Novartis, a leader among companies using the immune system to fight cancer, is betting up to $750 million on a promising therapeutic approach from Aduro Biotech, widening its arsenal of potential treatments.

Zimmer appeals to younger patients at orthopedic surgeon meeting

Orthopedics specialist Zimmer is trying to expand the market for its artificial joints by appealing to younger patients. Its strategies to do so are on display at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons meeting in Las Vegas.

TVA study demonstrates promising hemodialysis access device for kidney failure patients

Startup TVA Medical boasted about a recent study which found that its clinical-stage device to give chronic kidney disease patients vascular access to a hemodialysis machine was successful 97% of the time.