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Latest Headlines

A record year for biotech inspires some great expectations for 2015

Yesterday's news that Moderna raised $450 million on the back of its preclinical R&D work--on top of the $500 million it already banked--stood out as the biggest new venture round recorded for an early-stage biotech like this. But it's still just a piece of the money that's been flowing into biotech over the past year--and a likely harbinger of more good things to come in 2015.

Health devices take the stage at Consumer Electronics Show

New health devices are front and center at this week's Consumer Electronics Show, reflecting the overwhelming, ongoing convergence of medical devices with information technology as well as their ever-growing consumerization.

Evotec teams up with Ohio State on a new cancer drug

German contract researcher Evotec has paired off with Ohio State to help the school develop an in-house cancer prospect, lending its technology and expertise.

Cempra shares soar on success of a head-to-head PhIII antibiotic study

Shares of Cempra shot up more than 30% in premarket trading on Monday as investors digested news of a promising outcome for its head-to-head study of its lead antibiotic solithromycin.

Scripps director: Validation needed to unlock the potential of wearables

Scripps Translational Science Institute's digital medicine program director Steven Steinhubl has said validation of wearables is needed to unlock their considerable potential.

Colorado State nabs record $42.5M gift for translational research institute

It was a very merry holiday season at Colorado State University, which received a $42.5 million gift from philanthropists John and Leslie Malone to build the Institute for Biologic Translational Therapies--a research facility where veterinarians and physicians will work together to develop stem cell therapies and other regenerative technologies.

Analytics and Big Data investments spur bumper year for digital health funding

The likelihood of 2014 being another high-water mark for digital health was clear from the first few months of the year. When digital health seed funder Rock Health tallied up the total last week, it found digital health companies raised $4.1 billion in 2014, almost as much as they pulled in across the three prior years combined.

Approvals aren't enough; Big Pharma R&D restructuring will continue

Here's a perennial favorite among the top trends in the industry. About six years ago, most of Big Pharma got serious about one of its biggest problems: they were really, really bad at drug development.

A new era of immuno-oncology has arrived

After years of posting impressive clinical results and pushing analyst projections to greater and greater heights, a new class of cancer treatments has finally made its way onto the market, opening up what's expected to become a multibillion-dollar industry.

The top 5 trends for biotech in 2015

Billions of dollars in new biotech investments are being made, R&D is being globalized more than ever before and new technologies and drug classes are moving fast through the clinic. FierceBiotech assesses what we believe are the 5 top trends to watch in the year ahead.