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Latest Headlines

Sanofi carves up its org chart to deliver on a $38B pipeline promise

Sanofi, adjusting to life under new leadership, is planning to split up its business into 5 standalone segments, a move CEO Olivier Brandicourt said will help the company follow through on its promise to launch 18 new drugs over the next 5 years.

Takeda hands in its Velcade successor with blockbuster ambitions

Japanese drugmaker Takeda is angling to win FDA approval for its lead cancer asset, an oral treatment for blood malignancies that is key to the company's future in oncology.

Swedish biotech ropes in $11M for automated HIV testing device

Swedish biotech outfit Cavidi snagged a €10 million ($11 million) loan from the European Investment Bank to develop its next-generation automated testing device for HIV.

Eczema cream posts strong results in PhIII trial

Anacor Pharmaceuticals' topical treatment for eczema easily beat placebo in two Phase III trials, sending the biotech's share soaring and setting the stage for FDA application in the first of half of 2016. 

Gentag, Mayo Clinic and others form JV to develop cheap, painless smartphone-based diabetes tech

Four partners have gotten together in the hopes of developing technology to replace traditional glucometers--and maybe even manage insulin delivery with smartphone-based systems. Wearables specialist Gentag and the Mayo Clinic are expanding upon their ongoing collaboration and adding into the mix a pair of existing partners: sensor maker NovioSense and the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems (IMS).

Valeant to commercialize and manufacture EyeGate's eye drug delivery device

Valeant Pharmaceuticals will commercialize and manufacture a delivery system and reformulated, topically active corticosteroid to treat uveitis developed EyeGate.

Biopharma's 10 highest-paid heads of R&D

The year's 10 highest-paid development executives pulled in $124.4 million in total compensation, a roughly 35% jump over 2013's top earners. And while each entrant benefited from meeting individual company goals, the whole group benefited from biopharma's macroeconomic moment in the sun, as the value of stock awards skyrocketed alongside the industry index.

GlaxoSmithKline joins the U.K.'s new Crick Institute for some open R&D

GlaxoSmithKline is the first pharma company to get behind the U.K.'s forthcoming Francis Crick Institute, signing on to lend its minds and molecules to an open R&D effort.

Celgene backing Soon-Shiong's cancer biotech IPO, now dubbed NantKwest

Now that billionaire entrepreneur Patrick Soon-Shiong has taken control of tiny ConkWest and steered it toward a $173 million IPO, he's adding a makeover to the name that will fit more easily under the fast-growing NantWorks umbrella he's created.

Ohr rebounds from a costly failure with positive eye drop data

Moving on from a painful Phase II failure for its top prospect, Ohr Pharmaceutical heralded new hope for the eye drop in retinal vein occlusion thanks to some positive results from a midstage study.