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Latest Headlines

Teva teams up with University College London for brain imaging study

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has been taking a deeper dive into med tech this past year, teaming up with industry heavyweight Royal Philips to open a new med tech incubator in Israel. Now the Israeli pharma is forging ahead with another tech initiative, teaming up with University College London for a brain-imaging study to uncover biomarkers for neurodegenerative disease.

Scripps scientists ID weakness-attacking antibodies in pursuit of HIV vaccine

A team at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla this week said they have identified four antibodies to target weaknesses in HIV, touting an "important advance" in HIV vaccine research that could assist in developing a vaccine.

Zoetis ups the ante in prevention with new flu vaccine and flea fighter for dogs

Products that prevent diseases in animals are in hot demand these days--a trend that Zoetis demonstrated earlier this month, when it shelled out $765 million to buy Pharmaq, one of the world's leaders in vaccines for farmed fish. But Zoetis is also working hard to expand its presence in preventive health through its own internal research efforts, and that work seems to have paid off with two new product approvals.

Researchers tout vaccine's potential to lower cholesterol

Early cost projections for the newly approved cholesterol-lowering PCSK9 meds from Sanofi/Regeneron and Amgen have predicted the meds will cost providers anywhere between $15 billion and an astronomical $150 billion each year. However, researchers say they are working on a vaccine with the potential to lower high cholesterol in a more cost-effective way.

NC State team: Gold nanoparticles can control the shape of DNA, RNA

DNA and RNA hold a supercomputer's worth of information in a very small space in the nucleus of a cell. And how they are packed so tightly in such a tight volume can offer new ways to pack the material in synthetic capsules for the delivery of genetics-based therapeutics, researchers at North Carolina State University have said.

Swiss scientists take a look inside 'cubosomes' for drug delivery potential

Swiss researchers have studied the three-dimensional structure of "cubosomes," which are naturally occurring collections of cube-shaped fat molecules; and with that new knowledge, they have inched closer to using these capsules to deliver drugs and nutrients.

RetroSense bags $6M in funding for its viral vector gene therapy candidate for a rare eye condition

Ann Arbor, MI's RetroSense Therapeutics announced a $6 million Series B funding round to fund a Phase I/II study of its gene therapy candidate for vision restoration, as well as a "a second promising gene therapy candidate." The financing brings its total haul to $13 million, including a $7 million Series A round completed earlier this year.

Employee No. 1: Doug Williams launches exosome R&D player Codiak Bio with $80M-plus

Doug Williams is now happy to reveal just why he stepped aside four months ago as R&D chief of Biogen. Last July, Williams signed on as "employee number one" of Codiak BioSciences, which now has an $80 million-plus commitment from some prominent early-stage investors to launch a quest into the role exosomes can play in treating cancer and a wide variety of other diseases.

Merck's third-place hep C combo posts quick cures in new study data

Merck, angling to compete with dominant hepatitis C treatments from Gilead Sciences and AbbVie, posted positive results for its in-development combos as it works to demonstrate their ability to cure more patients faster.

Genfit launches a PhIII study for NASH drug

France's Genfit says it is preparing to launch its Phase III study of the NASH drug elafibranor. The biotech plans to recruit 1,800 patients for the study at 200 centers worldwide.