Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Clinipace cozies up to Karyopharm to get its pipeline moving

Clinipace has signed a far-reaching deal with biotech Karyopharm, agreeing to handle a host of studies under a preferred provider arrangement.

National Cancer Institute investigating trial outliers to resurrect 'failed' drugs

After sifting through 10 years' worth of clinical trial data, NCI's Cancer Diagnosis Program says the program has identified about 100 "exceptional responders": patients who responded well to drugs that the bulk of the trial population didn't.

Boston Scientific launches a new clinical trial of its deep brain stimulation device

Boston Scientific is ramping up neuromodulation efforts with a new clinical trial of its implantable deep brain stimulation device for patients with Parkinson's disease.

PatientsLikeMe inks 5-year deal with Genentech

Genentech has a long history of incorporating real-world data into its business, with the myocardial infarction registry it helped set up in the 1990s showing how to achieve better patient outcomes using its drug Activase. And the big biotech has now teamed with PatientsLikeMe to access patient-focused data and research tools.

Abbott creeps toward the FDA with its dissolvable stent

Abbott Laboratories has wrapped up enrollment in a 2,000-patient trial designed to win FDA approval for Absorb, its dissolvable vascular scaffold, setting sights on the world's largest market after charting success abroad.

Bristol-Myers jockeys for promising position in hep C drug race

Three days after Bristol-Myers Squibb filed for FDA approval of the NS5A drug daclatasvir combined with asunaprevir, an NS3 protease inhibitor, the biotech company has turned over some of the Phase III cards it will be playing for an approval in markets around the world.

UPDATED: Cochrane study: Stockpiling Tamiflu, Relenza was $2B 'thrown down the drain'

Just weeks after Roche released data backing its claim that its hit drug Tamiflu saved lives during the H1N1 swine flu epidemic of 2009, a new study finds no evidence that the product stops the spread of the flu or reduces its complications.

'Special K' once again wows investigators in small depression study

Yet another research team has pulled off a small study demonstrating the enormous potential of ketamine as a treatment for depression, highlighting again how difficult it has been to push beyond evidence of a rapid-acting treatment to develop a therapy with durable effects.

Roche jumps into epigenetics with deal for Oryzon's leukemia hopeful

pRED has struck its first epigenetics deal, with a $500 million-plus potential payoff for Oryzon and its orphan cancer blocker ORY-1001.

Little Deciphera raises its cancer R&D flag in Boston's bustling biotech hub

It's not often you find a little biotech company plugging away at new cancer drugs in out-of-the-way places like Lawrence, KS. But that's just what Deciphera Pharmaceuticals has been doing.