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Latest Headlines

Cook Medical recalling 17,000+ catheters and pressure monitoring sets due to tip separation

Cook Medical is recalling 17,827 single-lumen central venous catheters and pressure monitoring sets and trays because of concerns about catheter tip fracture and/or separation. The FDA posted the Bloomington, IN's company's recall on its website, an action it takes from time to time to publicize recalls that are critical to patient safety.

J&J pumps more cash into California startup with eye-imaging test for Alzheimer's

Johnson & Johnson sees big things ahead for California's NeuroVision, so it's expanding its partnership with the company. The move gives NeuroVision a boost as it looks to grab a bigger piece of the market for its Alzheimer's eye-imaging diagnostic.

Health system UPMC leads $17M financing for mental health wellness services app

Lantern aims to put mental health services and professionals at the patient's fingertips with its online and mobile programs in cognitive behavioral therapy. To help it do so, Pittsburgh-based healthcare provider and payer UPMC is leading a $17 million investment and it also will partner with the San Francisco-based startup to conduct pilot testing of its approach.

Incyte bags more Jakafi studies in solid tumors, but maintains hope for combo success

Incyte pulled the plug on several Jakafi studies as the blood cancer therapy proved less effective in solid tumors when used solo. The company still sees potential in the field with Jakafi cocktails, including combos that pair the med with immuno-oncology meds. Jakafi is marketed outside the U.S. by Novartis, which brought in $410 million from the drug last year; Incyte's U.S. sales amounted to $601 million.

GE, Banyan head to FDA meeting on TBI biomarkers as R&D hits critical mass

Research is advancing rapidly to validate imaging and blood biomarkers that can easily identify concussions and other traumatic brain injuries on the battlefield, in the sports arena and in emergency care rooms. The FDA demonstrated that the issue is a top priority for it by setting up a public meeting on March 3 to address the scientific developments, regulatory challenges as well as big data standardization, sharing and analysis issues raised by the hunt for TBI biomarkers.

Startup aims to match ailing pets with clinical trials that could help people too

Millions of laboratory animals are sacrificed every year in trials of drugs that often end up not working very well in people. The One Health Company aims to recruit pet dogs and cats for trials of new therapies for diseases that are similar in animals and people.

German startup Hemovent raises $6M Series A to back small heart, lung machine

Hemovent has raised a $6 million Series A financing to support the development of what it expects will be the world's smallest and first self-contained and fully portable Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) system to support or replace heart and lung function.

Israeli upstart raises $15M for U.S. pivotal trial of bioresorbable cartilage implant

Regentis Biomaterials has raised a $15 million Series D round from investors led by Chinese biopharma Haisco Pharmaceutical Group. The Israeli cartilage repair company will use the financing to conduct a U.S. pivotal trial of its GelrinC, which is implanted as a liquid and forms into a resorbable implant that is ultimately replaced by newly regenerated cartilage.

Pending Allergan merger stirs layoff fears among Pfizer scientists

Pfizer's planned $160 billion merger with Allergan has some researchers worried the company will embrace its counterpart's austere approach to R&D and mount major layoffs.

GlaxoSmithKline signs two new vaccine R&D partnerships

GlaxoSmithKline's flu vaccines, Fluarix and FluLaval, are both egg-based and can take months to produce each year. Now, the company has signed a pair of research deals, one of which would allow it to make cell-based vaccines, which are more efficient to manufacture.