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Latest Headlines

Amazon shares landmark cancer genome data sets on cloud platform

Amazon has made The Cancer Genome Atlas and The International Cancer Genome Consortium PanCancer data sets freely available through its cloud platform. The addition of the data sets continues Amazon's push to differentiate its cloud offering through the availability of data.

Illumina to make 5,000-genome autism database available through BaseSpace

Illumina is to make a 5,000-genome autism database available through BaseSpace. The deal will enable researchers to analyze the genomes of people with autism and their families using tools built into Illumina's cloud computing platform.

British genomics project signs WuXi NextCODE as Chinese partner

Genomics England, the company set up by the country's Department of Health to sequence 100,000 human genomes, has brought in China's WuXi NextCODE as the first of its "clinical interpretation partners," according to a report by state-owned news agency Xinhua.

WuXi NextCODE lands starring role in 100,000 Genomes Project

Genomics England has selected WuXi NextCODE as its first partner for the clinical interpretation of cancer samples processed by the massive sequencing project it is overseeing. WuXi NextCODE is also applying its technology to the interpretation of genomic data from rare disease patients.

What represents success to 23andMe's Wojcicki? Developing a cure for a major disease

Having guided 23andMe through a tricky period, Anne Wojcicki is now plotting what it will take to turn the company into a real success story. And while some CEOs would be happy with a big-ticket buyout, Wojcicki has a larger ambition for 23andMe: developing a cure for a disease.

WuXi NextCODE strikes deal to sequence and share 1,000 cancer genomes

WuXi NextCODE has struck another sequencing agreement. The latest deal will see the service provider sequence samples taken from 1,000 cancer patients in San Antonio, TX.

Ex-trailblazer Knome accepts buyout bid from tiny Tute

Tute Genomics has acquired Knome for an undisclosed fee. The deal brings to an end Knome's 8-year, $20 million attempt to find a place for itself in the emerging genomics industry, during which time it sequenced the DNA of the super rich, branched out into hardware and created the interpretation software that attracted Tute.

Cognizant lands IT deal with 100,000 Genomes Project

Genomics England has picked Cognizant to help design and set up the IT backbone of its massive sequencing project. The two-year agreement gives Cognizant a starring role in the creation of the IT operating environment used by the 100,000 Genomes Project.

Genomics boom puts strain on data storage, electricity grid

A widely seen and much-celebrated chart maintained by the National Institutes of Health shows how the fall in the cost of sequencing has outstripped the steady decline of Moore's law in recent years. The chart is a visual representation of the race toward the $1,000 genome, but now the industry is feeling the flip side of the graph: It can no longer rely on Moore's law to meet its storage needs.

Dovetail Genomics makes pitch for genome assembly market

Dovetail Genomics has started offering a de novo whole genome assembly service.