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Latest Headlines

Cancer foundation aiming to build a database of 50,000 human genomes

The parents of a teenage boy who died of glioblastoma multiforme are trying to build a database of 50,000 human genomes.

Cheminformatics skills shortage threatens Indian drug discovery program

The Open Source Drug Discovery program India set up in 2008 promised to disrupt the current model and deliver new treatments for neglected diseases. Six years later, OSDD is still working towards these goals, but has run up against shortages in two age-old areas: Money and skills.

Billionaire-backed startup puts Big Data, AI at the heart of drug discovery

The features of Berg Pharma's discovery platform read like a bingo card of hyped approaches, with Big Data sitting alongside genomics and artificial intelligence. Berg has tried to push expectations higher still by claiming it can halve drug development time and costs, but to date the claims--like some of the technologies on which they are based--remain unproven.

IMS: Big Pharma must turn to tech to cut $36B from their operating costs

The worst of the patent cliff has now passed, but IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics has some bad news for the top 17 pharma companies: You still need to slash $36 billion from annual operating costs.

The rise of the Silicon Valley biocomputing startup

The growing need for computer-enabled capabilities in drug development has led to the creation of biotech-focused software startups. And the obvious base for these startups is the one part of the U.S. where biotech and tech hubs are co-located: San Francisco.

MIT proposes using robotic arms to enable smaller, cheaper stroke trials

Last summer PhRMA reported there are 19 stroke drugs in clinical trials, with GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Sanofi all vying to bring a product to market. Recent history suggests many of these compounds will flunk Phase III trials, but if a robotics team at MIT has its way the failures will at least be faster and cheaper than in the past.

U.K. to digitize patient health records and sell access to biopharma researchers

The United Kingdom's public healthcare system has long used its cradle-to-grave records to advance research. Now, the government plans to digitize its health record treasure trove and sell access to biopharma companies.

European Union makes $40M available for development of bioinformatics tools

As part of Horizon 2020, the European Union's $100 billion initiative to secure the competitiveness of the region through investment in innovative projects, the EU is setting aside an initial $40 million for companies that can turn data into discoveries.

UPDATED: Merck turns to gamification to help Type 2 diabetics

The framework underpinning the game has been through one pilot project and is on to a second. Merck is now evaluating the game. Players create an avatar and then complete minigames to win gold coins.

U.K. sets up a $16M competition to find genome data analysis tools

The United Kingdom is moving heavily into sequencing through its 100K Genome Project, but the data is of little use without analytical abilities. With this in mind, the U.K. government has coughed up an extra $16 million to find genomics sequence data analysis and interpretation tools.