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Latest Headlines

CamNtech gets an FDA nod as wearable devices advance into clinical trials

Clinical trial data collection has evolved slowly over the past two decades from site visits and paper questionnaires to telemedicine and electronic patient reported outcomes. The transition is far from complete though, with the likes of CamNtech and Medidata now looking to bring wearable computers to clinical trials.

Oracle is bringing Siri-like speech recognition to clinical trials

Oracle is bringing voice recognition technology to clinical trials through a partnership with a company that helps power the iPhone's virtual assistant, Siri.

The FDA's Mini-Sentinel healthcare surveillance database is growing quickly

When the FDA began drafting plans to meet Congress' drug safety legislation, the agency predicted that postmarket surveillance would ultimately become as big a task as premarket review. Since then, the system those plans spawned--named Mini-Sentinel--has given credence to the prediction by growing to cover more than 160 million patients.

Novo Nordisk taps Trialbee for online recruitment of trial patients

Trialbee informs people about upcoming trials by talking directly to patient groups on social media and through mobile apps.

The clinical trial technology sector could top $5B by 2018, report says

The slow seep of software into the running of clinical trials has accelerated in recent years as its reliability has been proven by pioneers and everyone has become increasingly desperate to boost productivity. After this period of growth, the eClinical market is on the cusp of becoming a $5 billion sector.

BioClinica to go through second merger since being taken private last year

The merger expands the range of medical imaging services BioClinica can offer while also moving it into new areas, notably clinical trial services and patient recruitment.

Pfizer is opening up clinical trial data to researchers, patients starting in 2014

With pressure mounting on drugmakers to make clinical trial data more transparent, Pfizer has started to take steps to open up its results, unveiling more concrete details and a timeline for adoption this week.

Pfizer: 'Bring your own device' is coming to clinical trials

When Pfizer began its virtual trial in 2011, the technology it used was at the forefront of innovation in clinical research. Yet two years later, some of the ideas are already looking dated, with the rise of smartphones meaning Pfizer now foresees participants using their own devices, instead of dedicated tools. 

Sony files patent for wearable computing 'SmartWig'

Sony has filed a patent for a "SmartWig," a replacement head of hair that also tracks the wearer's blood pressure, temperature and other metrics.

Lilly, Novartis and Pfizer sign up to improve

In the 20 months since the White House unveiled its $200 million Big Data R&D initiative, the field has matured and begun to fulfill its potential. Now the government has inked a batch of data-related projects and signed up Eli Lilly, Novartis and Pfizer as partners.