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Latest Headlines

CosmosID raises $6M to advance microbiome bioinformatics offering

CosmosID has raised $6 million to advance its microbiome software business. The Series B round is intended to enable CosmosID to build out and enhance multiple aspects of its operation, with the expansion of engineering capabilities and improvement of genotype-phenotype linkage abilities high on its agenda.

Cedars-Sinai to test Fitbit activity trackers in cancer clinical trial

Cedars-Sinai is planning to trial the use of Fitbit Charge HR activity trackers to gauge the suitability of cancer patients for certain treatments, MobiHealthNews reports.

BioClinica buys Clinverse to add clinical trial financial management software

BioClinica has broadened the scope of its clinical trial software suite by acquiring Clinverse. The deal gives BioClinica access to software to support financial aspects of clinical trials, a niche that Clinverse has carved out a prominent position in since setting up shop in 2008.

Big Pharma consortium rolls out clinical trial investigator platform

Big Pharma consortium TransCelerate BioPharma has released a portal through which research sites can interact with multiple clinical trial sponsors. The portal is intended to free clinical trial sites from the duplicated workload and administrative burdens associated with using a different portal for each of the sponsors with which they work.

Congressional watchdog blasts FDA over shortcomings of postmarketing oversight IT system

The congressional watchdog has taken the FDA to task over the IT system it uses to track the safety of approved drugs. Officials at the Government Accountability Office told the FDA it should identify IT investments that will enable regulatory staffers to "easily and systematically" access postmarket data for oversight purposes.

MC10 pitches data-gathering wearable patch at research community

MC10 has unveiled a wearable patch designed to deliver objective physiological data to researchers. The flexible body-worn sensor is equipped with electrodes to monitor electrocardiac activity, plus a gyroscope and accelerometer to keep track of the movement of the body.

St. Jude team creates tool to visualize pediatric cancer mutations

A team at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital has created a tool to visualize the mutations that lead to pediatric cancers. The free application, called ProteinPaint, displays genetic lesions such as sequence mutations and gene fusion alongside RNA expression.

GoBalto lands global site activation software deal with Icon

GoBalto has landed a deal with Icon that will see its site activation software used across all of the CRO's global studies. The agreement gives Icon another tool with which to shorten study startup times, potentially helping it to accelerate the rate at which it burns through its backlog of bookings.

With PhIII trial coming up, Infinity strikes risk-based monitoring deal with Medidata

Infinity Pharmaceuticals has added risk-based monitoring (RBM) to the suite of eClinical tools it sources from Medidata. The expansion of the 10-year relationship gives Infinity access to RBM technology at a time when it is gearing up for a Phase III cancer trial.

Quintiles tweaks Apple's ResearchKit for use in biopharma-sponsored trials

Quintiles has made changes to Apple's open-source ResearchKit framework. The CRO made the enhancements--the code for which it released on the GitHub repository--to make Apple's platform more suitable for the trials it oversees.