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Latest Headlines

Ex-BGI CEO sets up AI-enabled health data mining operation

The former CEO of Chinese sequencing giant BGI has started his new venture, iCarbonX. As expected, iCarbonX will build a deep, broad pool of health data and develop an artificial intelligence platform to dig into the resource for insights into how to treat diseases.

Soon-Shiong allies with PA biomedical centers to further genomic research

Billionaire entrepreneur Patrick Soon-Shiong has teamed up with a medical center and research institute to set up a precision cancer hub. The deal connects the Big Data and immuno-oncology companies in Soon-Shiong's burgeoning NantWorks conglomerate to an emerging center of genomic research and molecular medicine in Pennsylvania.

Google's Calico snags access to data to find genetic causes of long life

Google's life-extension biotech Calico has secured access to data held by, a family tree business that sells DNA testing kits. Calico will pick through the genetic data and millions of family trees in search of contributors to long life spans and drug targets.

Taking the guesswork out of sales, predictive analytics could lead way to improved pharma rep decisions

Automated suggestions can help pharma reps who are searching for the next step in the sales process. But more than just automatic tips, emerging intelligent data-backed suggestions can transform inexperienced or underperforming reps using the mold of a pharma's top performers.

DIA starts with a flurry of hires, deals and product updates

With the clinical trial community gathering for DIA 2015, eClinical tech vendors have been rolling out releases about their new tools, hires and deals. Here we round up a batch of notable news, including a new hire at Clinical Ink, deals for DocuSign and a visit to the FDA by Nextrials.

EHR-enabled data dive links stomach blockbusters to heart attacks

An electronic health record-enabled data dive has turned up links between proton pump inhibitors and a 16% to 20% increase in the risk of heart attack.

Myth-dispelling data dive prompts J&J to overhaul hiring policy

Advocates of Big Data analytics often cite their craft as the antidote to gut decisions, arguing more rational, data-driven reasoning is now within the reach of businesses. At Johnson & Johnson they are putting the idea to the test, notably by digging into their employment data to support the hiring of fresh college graduates over industry veterans.

The implications of Big Data figure prominently at ongoing European radiotherapy meeting

Information sharing is a major focus of the ongoing European Society for Radiotherapy & Oncology meeting in Barcelona. As expected, lots of new of data was shared and studies were presented, but the importance of actually sharing data in real time and how to do it efficiently is also being discussed.

Quest, LabCorp team to build database of cancer genetics

Quest Diagnostics has teamed up with French human health research institute Inserm to pool and share BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic data. LabCorp has signed up as the first participant in the program, giving it a sizable reach from day one.

Rise of Big Data prompts peer review rethink at Nature Biotechnology

Nature Biotechnology is encouraging authors of computational biology papers to publish their source code on GitHub as part of a company-wide drive to ensure research is reproducible. The policy is designed to counter long-standing concerns about the peer review of computation-heavy research.