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Latest Headlines

New report finds Bydureon safest of new class of diabetes drugs

With big money to be made, drugmakers have responded to the global rise in Type 2 diabetes with a host of new classes of treatments that work in different ways. And while that is generally a good thing, the full range of adverse effects of all of these new drugs can't be known until they have been on the market for awhile, and some will fare better than others, a new report states.

AstraZeneca looks to pen injector approval to turn Bydureon diabetes sales around

AstraZeneca won U.S. approval of its Bydureon pen for once-weekly treatment of Type 2 diabetes. The pen will be the first of its kind to hit the market. The prefilled, single-use pen injector delivers microspheres that house exenatide, which is slowly released for better glycemic control.

Big Pharma players team with NIH to build a diabetes genomics database

One in three people in the U.S. either already have or are at high risk of developing diabetes, and analyzing genetic data for answers about how best to treat these patients is a daunting task. Now a collection of Big Pharma companies are teaming up to share the burden.

Israeli team finds that diabetes Dx can also screen for at-risk patients

A type of blood test doctors use to diagnose patients with Type 2 diabetes might have a much broader use. Israeli researchers believe it is also a viable tool to help screen for patients who don't have the disease just yet but very likely will.

Epilepsy drug reverses fatty liver disease in obese mice

A commonly used epilepsy drug may be able to stop fatty liver disease and prevent Type 2 diabetes in obese people, according to a new study by Johns Hopkins researchers.

Discovery links genes to excess belly fat

New genes identified by scientists at the University of Louisville in Kentucky may indicate a person's predisposition to excess abdominal fat, which can be an indicator of more serious health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and cancer.

Gene defect that blocks insulin release in mice may cause Type 2 diabetes

A faulty gene that causes hyperglycemia in mice may be a determinant of Type 2 diabetes in people, researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine have found.

UPDATED: Merck turns to gamification to help Type 2 diabetics

The framework underpinning the game has been through one pilot project and is on to a second. Merck is now evaluating the game. Players create an avatar and then complete minigames to win gold coins.

Bristol-Myers, AstraZeneca get EU nod for diabetes drug

AstraZeneca and Bristol-Myers grabbed a win in the EU today for one of the drugs sprung from their diabetes treatment partnership. But the recommended approval comes even as questions have bubbled up about the future of that relationship.

Who'd like Tom Hanks to be their diabetes role model?

Look up the word "likable" in an actor's guidebook, and you'd find a picture of Tom Hanks. Ask his doctor, and you'd discover he has Type 2 diabetes. Put those two together, and you have a good-natured announcement about his diagnosis this week on "Late Night with David Letterman."