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Latest Headlines

Top digital health startups taking the stage at TEDMED

This year, TEDMED has a series of digital health startup company presentations as part of its Hive collective.

Venter hires Google machine learning expert to build Translate for genomics

Venter has gone to Mountain View to make his latest hire, nabbing Franz Och to build a Google Translate for genomics.

Google creates new cash source for European biotech IT startups with $100M VC fund

After weeks of increasingly confident media speculation, Google has confirmed it is setting up an outpost of its venture capital wing in Europe. And with a brief to follow a similar strategy to the U.S. team that invested in Flatiron Health, DNAnexus and other biotech IT startups, the $100 million fund is a new source of capital for European life science innovators.

Paypal co-founder backs genomics data access startup

The rise of omics data in R&D has increased the overlap between biotech and Silicon Valley-style tech startups, with Flatiron Health's recent $130 million round making it a standout example. This week, SolveBio took its first steps on the path established by Flatiron by raising cash from the co-founder of Paypal other other leading tech investors.

Buzz: Google Ventures leading $100M round in oncology Big Data platform

When Flatiron Health emerged in 2012 with a mission to improve oncology care, its founder predicted it would either be "a great success or a horrible failure." Now the Big Data startup is reportedly on the cusp of taking a major step towards the better of these two outcomes, with Fortune writing Google's venture capital wing is leading a $100 million financing round.

UPDATED: Aragon begets Seragon as VCs bankroll $30M cancer drug spinoff

Now that J&J has wrapped up the $1 billion acquisition of Aragon and its next-gen treatment for castration-resistant prostate cancer, the biotech's founders can devote themselves to a new startup that now has a $30 million venture bankroll to work with.

India's InterpretOmics scores $1.6M round to fuel bioinformatics biz

Bioinformatics startup InterpretOmics has snagged $1.6 million (Rs 10 crore) from a slate of angel backers, seeking to grow its business of providing cloud-based software for analyzing genomics data, the company said last week. The only named investor was the Singapore-based shipping company Amarante.

Gene by Gene acquires software upstart Arpeggi

Less than a year since launching, Arpeggi has agreed to be acquired by the 13-year-old DNA testing outfit Gene by Gene. And the genome analysis software from Austin-based Arpeggi is expected to propel the Houston buyer's plans to offer affordable genomic testing and diagnostics services for the consumer and healthcare markets. 

Ex-Yahoo CEO backs genomics big data startup Bina

Bina Technologies just received some capital from the tech world to bolster its DNA data analysis platform. Jerry Yang, the co-founder and former CEO of Yahoo ($YHOO), has backed Redwood City, CA-based Bina through his venture outfit, AME Cloud Ventures.

Firm tries startup's tech tricks for clinical trial recruitment

Global consulting firm InVentiv Health has struck a partnership with the social analytics startup Medikly, believing that young company's technology gives it an edge in assisting its clients with finding physicians to participate in clinical research.