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Latest Headlines

Viehbacher's ouster, severance raise red flags for CEO candidates

So far, Sanofi has come up empty-handed in its hunt for a CEO to replace the ousted Chris Viehbacher. And the mystery surrounding his firing may have something to do with it.

Sanofi's Shantha Biologics to build insulin plant in India

Sanofi bought control of Shantha Biotechnics in 2009 as a way to access low-cost vaccine manufacturing in India. Now the drugmaker will use the subsidiary to expand insulin production.

Sanofi, Regeneron capture a shot at first-mover advantage in the PCSK9 market

Amgen just lost a key regulatory race. Armed with a handy FDA shortcut voucher, Regeneron and its Big Pharma partner Sanofi announced today that the agency has accepted their application for the powerful new PCSK9 cholesterol drug alirocumab and set a priority deadline of July 24 for their marketing decision. If they get a quick green light, as many analysts expect, their decision to buy the priority review voucher will be rewarded with first-mover advantage with U.S. payers as Amgen sits out an FDA game clock that ends August 27.

Ex-Sanofi chief Viehbacher makes a $5M-plus severance deal

Sanofi may not have its next CEO figured out yet, but it's worked out what it's going to pay departed helmsman Chris Viehbacher. The former chief exec will take home €2.96 million in severance following his abrupt dismissal last fall, plus noncompete pay and 2014 incentive pay.

Manufacturing key to getting more effective flu jabs to market faster

With the effectiveness of this year's influenza vaccines so low as to have made most of this year's vaccinations pointless, the industry is searching for avenues to abbreviate the 6-month development and manufacturing process to deal better with the kinds of virus mutations that came into play this year.

Rooting for a French CEO at Sanofi? Take another name off your list of prospects

Another purported Sanofi CEO candidate has publicly knocked himself off the list. Takeda chief operating officer and CEO-in-waiting Christophe Weber says he's not interested in the job. That makes two top pharma execs who've rebuffed the French drugmaker.

Hopeful law firms in search of plaintiffs for kickback suits against Sanofi

Law firms are hoping to find plaintiffs for shareholder lawsuits against Sanofi. Potential claims focus on an alleged illegal kickback strategy for the company's diabetes franchise, designed to boost sales.

Law firms trolling for shareholders to sue Sanofi over alleged kickbacks

Sanofi's lawyers must be watching PR Newswire with their fingers crossed. A handful of hopeful law firms are scouting for lead plaintiffs in shareholder lawsuits against the French drugmaker, citing a string of bad news during the second half of last year.

Sanofi taps Catalent for antibody R&D

Catalent has signed a collaboration deal with pharma giant Sanofi, lending out its proprietary approach to crafting antibody-guided treatments.

Boehringer Ingelheim picks up contract work for Sanofi mAbs

At Sanofi, 72% of its drugs under development are biologics and half of those are monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). But instead of building a new plant right now, the French drugmaker will lean on Boehringer Ingelheim for additional mAb capacity.