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Latest Headlines

Sanofi steps deeper into RNAi work, opts in on Alnylam hemophilia drug

Sanofi cautiously waded deeper into RNAi development waters this week, following up on last year's big $700 million buy-in at Alnylam. The pharma giant's Boston subsidiary, Genzyme Sanofi, has picked up some regional rights to the hemophilia treatment ALN-AT3, setting up a complicated set of next steps as Sanofi juggles just what it will opt into and where it wants to leap into commercialization.

Citing cost, top doctors back limits on PCSK9 cholesterol fighters

Payers unhappy with the cost of new PCSK9 drugs are getting some ammo, as top U.S. physicians are recommending against using the drugs in a large patient pool.

Novo combats talk of insulin price war with 'moderate premium' on brand-new Tresiba

Cleared for liftoff on Friday alongside a combo drug, Ryzodeg, Novo Nordisk's Tresiba can now go up against Sanofi's Toujeo, armed with a raft of data on its heart safety. But one area where Novo doesn't plan to compete with Toujeo--at least not publicly--is on price.

Sanofi rumored to be weighing Merial spinoff

Sanofi's animal health division, Merial, has charted mostly reliable sales and earnings that helped prop up dips in its other businesses. But now Sanofi CEO Olivier Brandicourt may be considering a Merial spinoff.

Sources: Sanofi's Brandicourt looks at spinoff of animal health, selling supplement biz

New Sanofi CEO Olivier Brandicourt has promised to unveil his 5-year strategic plan for the French drugmaker and he appears to be homing in on what to keep and what to let go. Sources say that he is considering a spinoff of Sanofi's animal health operation, while maybe unloading a supplement business and a biosurgery unit that were picked up by his predecessors.

Serum Institute pushes for dengue cure fast track, Times of India says

India's Pune-based Serum Institute is seeking in-country fast-track approval for a biologic drug candidate to treat all four strains of dengue, the Times of India reported, with the news coming amid speculation over an equity offering by the company and a massive virus outbreak in India.

Sanofi, Pfizer said to be among suitors for Mexico's Rimsa

Big Pharma is going fishing in the Mexican drug market.

Zealand Pharma gains 20% after PhIII success clears path to diabetes payday

Zealand Pharma has taken a step toward collecting milestones worth up to $160 million (€142 million) and double-digit royalties. The paydays are tied to the success of its diabetes alliance with Sanofi, the prospects of which were buoyed this week with the release of Phase III data.

Novo Nordisk buffs Tresiba's blockbuster rep as Sanofi showdown looms

Back in early 2013, the FDA stunned Novo Nordisk and the analysts covering the big diabetes drug player when regulators overrode their outside advisers and decided to require a cardio safety study of its long-acting insulin Tresiba. And now, as Novo steers its way toward a near-term reappraisal at the FDA, the company is ushering in some new data to support the combination of Tresiba and Victoza as analysts once again say an approval is all but certain.

In a marathon race with Novo, Sanofi says diabetes combo scored in PhIII

Sanofi's second pivotal trial for a new diabetes drug combo came through with positive head-to-head results against Lantus, according to its biotech partner. And that clears the last hurdle standing in the way of marketing applications on both sides of the Atlantic as it tries to shore up an eroding blockbuster franchise against heated competition.