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Latest Headlines

British doctors lobby NHS to use cheap Avastin over Lucentis in AMD

Here's a new threat to Lucentis, the eye drug from Roche and Novartis. British doctors are calling for the National Health Service to routinely use Roche's cancer med Avastin to treat patients with wet age-related macular degeneration, rather than the much costlier Lucentis.

Roche, BioMed X to jointly run diagnostics incubator in Germany

Roche and BioMed X are teaming up to create a diagnostics research group focused on biosensors and nanomaterials such as graphene within BioMed X's open innovation lab in Heidelberg, Germany. 

Residents want to sue Roche before it gives up New Jersey campus

Roche closed its Clifton, NJ, campus in 2013 and hopes to be free of the property this year. But some area residents want to slap the Swiss drugmaker with a lawsuit before it leaves town, concerned about whether the site has caused environmental issues over the years that will make it difficult for them to sell their homes.

Regeneron's Eylea beats Roche's Lucentis in new head-to-head study

Regeneron's eye drug Eylea picked up steam against two competing products from Roche, as the first head-to-head study comparing the meds found that Eylea outperformed Lucentis and Avastin in treating moderate to severe vision loss in patients with diabetic macular edema.

Roche and Exelixis roll toward FDA approval with a melanoma cocktail

Roche and Exelixis are one step closer to FDA approval for their skin cancer-treating combination treatment, as the agency has accepted their application and promised a speedy review.

Supplies of Roche's Tamiflu drained in HK as monthlong H3N2 outbreak hits

SINGAPORE-- Hong Kong health facilities say a monthlong outbreak of H3N2 influenza has drained their supply of the drug they use for treatment, Roche's Tamiflu.

AstraZeneca's R&D boom gives EU a clean sweep of pipeline leaderboard

A 13% jump in the number of compounds in development at AstraZeneca has seen it leapfrog Pfizer ($PFE) to claim fourth place on Citeline's list of the biggest development pipelines. The switch means European Big Pharma companies occupy the top four spots, with GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis and Roche taking the podium positions.

Roche scoops up Signature Diagnostics to gain ground in next-generation sequencing

Roche snatched up Germany's Signature Diagnostics to get its hands on the company's next-generation sequencing technology, advancing its cancer testing portfolio and riding a wave of recent acquisitions.

Roche boasts new Lucentis approval for retinal damage in diabetes

Roche now has another approval under its belt for eye drug Lucentis. And it's in a market it can call its own: Lucentis is the first U.S.-approved treatment for diabetic retinopathy in patients with diabetic macular edema.

German pharma Stada partners to market rapid Ebola diagnostic

Stada Pharm is the latest company to tilt into the Ebola fray with a rapid diagnostic product for use on patients and bodies in the field. Starting in March, the German pharma will begin marketing a test developed and produced by German startup Senova to detect advanced-stage Ebola infection within about 10 minutes. The terms of the partnership for the product were undisclosed.