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Latest Headlines

Roche's persistence in Alzheimer's moves AC Immune a step closer to an IPO

Roche's willingness to continue plugging away with Alzheimer's programs despite setbacks has moved AC Immune a step closer to filing for an IPO. The Big Pharma has decided to advance the Alzheimer's treatment it licensed from AC Immune into Phase III, giving its partner the confidence to consider tapping public markets for cash.

Roche backs out of its $1B cancer deal with Molecular Partners

Roche is terminating its collaboration with Molecular Partners, nixing an oncology partnership worth up to $1 billion as it reshuffles its pipeline.

Roche loses appeal on Valcyte patent in India

India has denied an appeal by Roche on a patent claim for eye infection treatment Valcyte for AIDS patients, the Economic Times reports.

Leery of new deals, Roche spotlights its late-stage pipeline standouts

With biosimilar competition beginning to appear on the market horizon, Roche believes it has a shot at pushing its late-stage pipeline drugs to the market in time to stay ahead of the threat to its bottom line. And its PD-L1 cancer drug star atezolizumab is once again being pushed onto center stage as Roche appears determined to place most of its bets on its in-house pipeline.

Roche clocks fast growth for new meds Perjeta, Esbriet as it girds for biosim rivalries

Roche isn't in denial about oncoming biosimilar competition for its top-selling cancer drugs. But CEO Severin Schwan says its new meds are on track to fill in the gap--and sales growth in the first half of the year go some way toward proving that case.

Roche brings an Alzheimer's drug back from the brink with another PhIII endeavor

Roche is resuscitating development for gantenerumab, an Alzheimer's treatment that flamed out in Phase III late last year, as recent clinical results have emboldened the company to launch new studies.

Top 10 pharma companies in social media

Social media success in consumer marketing has advanced beyond counting fans and followers. Today it's all about shares, retweets and links that indicate real consumer engagement with brands....

AC Immune snags milestone as Genentech picks Alzheimer's asset to advance to clinic

AC Immune has picked up a milestone payment in its CHF 400 million ($421 million) anti-tau collaboration with Genentech. The Roche subsidiary handed over the cash after selecting a tau-targeting antibody developed in the collaboration to advance toward the clinic.

Roche's atezo lines up PD-L1 data for forthcoming battle with Keytruda, Opdivo

Merck's Keytruda and Bristol-Myers' Opdivo may have the next-gen cancer immunotherapy market to themselves for now. But Roche is in catch-up mode, and some new data add to its case for a sooner-rather-than-later regulatory approval.

Roche hustles to FDA with PhII PD-L1 cancer success for 'breakthrough' star atezo

Roche says its closely watched PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitor atezolizumab (MPDL3280A) hit its primary endpoint in a midstage study for bladder cancer, shrinking tumors for a narrowly defined set of patients and setting the stage for early discussions with the FDA about the possibility of an accelerated approval for this "breakthrough" drug.