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Latest Headlines

After a $191M IPO, Adaptimmune buys a new cancer R&D outpost

U.K. biotech Adaptimmune Therapeutics is expanding its ranks as it moves forward with a pipeline of cancer immunotherapies, leasing a big R&D facility near its native Oxford.

Baxter, Boston Sci back TVA in $15M round to ease hemodialysis vascular access

The typical approach to achieving consistent and high-quality vascular access for chronic kidney disease patients in need of dialysis is to surgically construct an arteriovenous (AV) fistula, creating a direct connection between an artery and a vein in the arm. Startup TVA Medical has a minimally invasive, catheter-based that can achieve the same goal--only without surgery.

Genisphere snags $4M to move its 3DNA platform into the clinic

Pennsylvania startup Genisphere locked down a $4 million investment to expand its DNA-based drug delivery platform, looking to finish the preclinical process and license the technology to pharma partners.

Harvard, hospital researchers create UV catheter to apply biodegradable patch to holes in the heart

Researchers published last winter on the creation of a biodegradable adhesive patch to repair holes in the heart. Now they have developed a UV-light-based catheter that can deliver the patch, thereby obviating the need for open heart surgery.

Spark soars on success of gene therapy study, shot at groundbreaking approval

After repeatedly batting back doubts about its lead gene therapy, Spark Therapeutics says its pivotal study for SPK-RPE65, an FDA-designated "breakthrough" for sight-blighting inherited retinal dystrophies, came through with positive data. The biotech says that the treatment hit the primary and two of three secondary endpoints in the late-stage study, setting up a biologics license application at the FDA next year.

Allergan taps NuMedii's digital discovery platform for psoriasis R&D

NuMedii has landed a deal that could validate its data-driven approach to drug discovery. Allergan is the company to give a shot to NuMedii, signing up to source a flow of potential treatments for psoriasis from the Stanford University spinout.

PacBio soars on news of cheaper, smaller, higher-throughput sequencer

Pacific Biosciences has stepped up the fight for the sequencing market with the introduction of an instrument that is smaller, cheaper and higher throughput than the model it replaces.

Mount Sinai, Yale roll out updates to Apple ResearchKit programs

The set of studies running on Apple's ResearchKit is continuing to expand and improve. Yale School of Medicine and The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai are the latest to step up their use of the platform, rolling out a new heart condition study and refining an asthma app, respectively.

After a big IPO, Aduro splurges on a Berkeley R&D hub

Aduro Biotech, months removed from a $119 million IPO, is looking to settle down in Berkeley, leasing a four-story R&D complex as it presses forward with a pipeline of cancer treatments.

XenoPort hits reset after a psoriasis setback, cutting jobs and bailing on R&D

XenoPort has changed its tune on an investigational psoriasis therapy, no longer insisting that the drug's middling efficacy and alarming safety profile merit late-stage development. Instead, the biotech is dumping the drug, cutting payroll and waving away its co-founder and CEO.