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Latest Headlines

Vivus to slash obesity salesforce by one-third, turn to digital instead

Critics say Vivus has lacked the marketing muscle to build up its weight-loss med Qsymia ever since it chose to launch without a large commercial partner. And now, the company has chosen to shrink its salesforce by a third, with about 50 reps headed for the door.

UPDATED: Orexigen's weight-loss med sets up Takeda vs. Eisai marketing showdown--eventually

Orexigen Therapeutics is on the verge of FDA approval for its obesity drug, after several long years of delay and frustration. But despite its late-to-the-party status--it's the third weight-loss pill in a new generation of treatments--it may end up winning the popularity contest.

Vivus, Arena hope Aetna weight-management program boosts diet-drug sales

Both Vivus and Arena marketing partner Eisai have partnered with healthcare benefits provider Aetna, which will integrate rival obesity drugs Qsymia and Belviq into a weight-loss lifestyle pilot program.

Timeline: Qsymia approval process

The race for drug approval is a marathon, not a sprint. The FDA approval last month of Vivus' weight loss drug Qsymia, formerly Qnexa, is proof. After over two years, several rounds of promising...

Some docs not so hot on potential for diet drugs Qsymia, Belviq

There is a lot of investor excitement around the two new diet drugs, Qsymia and Belviq, given the obesity problems in this country and the hope by many overweight people that they can take a pill to solve their problem. But is there excitement among the doctors that have to prescribe those drugs? For some, not so much.

UPDATED: ScinoPharm will make API for blockbuster hopeful Qsymia

Taiwanese CMO ScinoPharm is looking to cash in on Vivus' diet drug, signing on to manufacture one of the pill's APIs.

Can Vivus diet drug beat Arena's Belviq?

The corks were popping at Vivus last evening. FDA gave its final approval to the diet drug Qsymia, and it was a long time coming. But what happens after the approval celebration dies down? The same tricky, fraught-with-peril endeavor that follows any new drug nod: The launch.