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Latest Headlines

Presage licenses cancer drug from India's Piramal to accelerate development using its microinjector

Seattle's Presage Biosciences has in-licensed Phase I oral cancer drug voruciclib from India's Piramal Enterprises to test its intratumoral microinjection platform, which the company says can accelerate drug development.

Pharma partner Presage acquires a clinical candidate of its own

Presage Biosciences, a popular partner for oncology drug developers, is wading into clinical development of its own, in-licensing a candidate and using its technology to spotlight potential combination therapies.

Presage's multiple-cancer-drug injection device shows promising first-in-human results

Researchers at Seattle-based Presage Biosciences and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have released results from a study showing further evidence their microinjection delivery device can accurately determine which cancer drugs are effective by testing multiple drugs at once inside a tumor.

Takeda's Millennium re-ups with Presage on cancer drug combo effort

Whatever Cambridge, MA-based Millennium learned over the past two years it's been collaborating with Presage Biosciences, the experience must have been rewarding.

The 2013 Fierce 15 biotech execs take a bow

Our annual Fierce 15 report on a top class of up-and-coming private biotechs came out today and I wanted to highlight the responses from many of the companies which are on the list. Read more | Check out this year's report

FierceBiotech's 2013 Fierce 15

Last year when Ryan McBride and I were sorting through our short list of candidates, we both felt that Seaside Therapeutics deserved a spot on the list. The small company had raised a considerable...

Celgene drops $13M on Presage's 3-D drug delivery platform

Celgene's $13 million investment in Presage Biosciences' cancer drug delivery platform is a major bet on something groundbreaking. The technology is the first of its kind, with the ability to compare treatments across separate sections of a tumor.

Celgene buys into upstart's new approach to picking cancer combos

Fast-moving Celgene has turned to Presage Biosciences to begin testing the potential of cancer drug combinations in animals, paying $5 million upfront to support the research and taking an $8 million equity stake in the up-and-coming biotech.

Seattle start-up attracts early adopters of cancer drug tech

Presage Biosciences in Seattle reports that it is gaining some significant traction for its new approach to testing cancer drugs in mice. The Seattle-based biotech tells Xconomy that it has boosted