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Latest Headlines

Preclinical research often hypes cancer drugs

Researchers at McGill say that the preclinical research field is badly skewed, favoring the publication of positive results in a way that has helped inspire more poorly designed studies for new therapies--studies which often can't be reproduced later. And they used Sutent (sunitinib) as a case study.

Shutdown halts NIH drug trials as researchers hit brakes on preclinical research

The National Institutes of Health normally enrolls about 200 patients a week in ongoing trials of experimental therapies. Now, with about 73% of NIH staff sitting at home, the agency can't begin any new studies, forcing researchers to turn patients away.

Visterra's engineered antibody passes preclinical test as universal flu treatment

Cambridge, MA-based Visterra has finished assembling its preclinical puzzle for a universal influenza therapy, reviewing how its lead engineered antibody thwarted a pair of lethal viruses--still raising alarms around the world--in a mouse study.

CiToxLAB soars in 2012, outpaces preclinical market

French CRO CiToxLAB posted 25% revenue growth in 2012, excellent results that shine compared to the overall results for the preclinical research market.

High blood pressure medicine boosts memories of Alzheimer's-stricken mice

Prazosin, a drug long used to treat high blood pressure, helped prevent mice with Alzheimer's disease symptoms from losing their memories. Researchers at the Imperial College London who performed the study believe that the drug could accomplish the same thing in humans, but not in the way you might expect. The treatment, it seems, reduced brain inflammation.

Study: Amazing early-stage R&D results rarely hold up in big trials

Any regular reader of FierceBiotech knows just how rare it is for a promising drug that produced stellar results in small early studies to march all the way through the clinic without losing its luster or getting snuffed out by an adverse event or lackluster results. Now there's an in-depth trial review that shows clearly just how bad the odds of continued success are.

RNAi positively propels Alnylam cancer vaccine in preclinical study

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and the company's Dutch research partners say they've reached a big milestone using RNAi to drastically boost the potential of a cancer vaccine under development to generate an immune response.

A cool $1M to fund preclinical work on nanotech/siRNA drug

As funding agencies allocate dollars for translational research, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has earmarked $1 million to advance a nanotechnology-delivered siRNA treatment for cancer toward the clinic.

Hopkins study exposes potential schizophrenia drug target

Johns Hopkins researchers have tied together two culprits behind schizophrenia and believe that their discovery could pave the way to new drugs that combat cognitive impairment caused by the mental disorder.

Nanomedicine busts deadly clots in promising mouse study

The activity of blood platelets has inspired the creation of a nanotherapeutic for dissolving potentially lethal vessel blockages. Tested in mice, the drug-coated nanoparticles targeted diseased blood vessels and reduced clots with a relatively small amount of active drug.