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Latest Headlines

Oracle rolls out cloud apps for clinical trial recruitment

Drugmakers hunt far and wide for patients to take part in their clinical trials, making study recruitment one of the trickiest and time-consuming aspects of product development. Now the software giant Oracle ($ORCL) has set up cloud-based applications that aim to ease the burden of rounding up qualified subjects for clinical studies.

5 next-gen software tools for biopharma R&D

In this report, you'll learn about a handful of young biotech IT startups that want to revolutionize aspects of biopharma research and development.

Medidata snags biz from rival Oracle in record Q1

The company wrapped up the first quarter of 2012 with record revenue of $50.4 million and a 76% jump in GAAP operating income to $6.1 million.

Apple emerges as 'dominant' life sciences IT player

Apple is reaping the rewards of the popularity of its technology among life sciences companies, according to a new survey.

Oracle to snap up clinical study software-maker ClearTrial

The tech giant has struck a new buyout deal in the growing market for clinical trials software.

Medidata lauded on Wall Street; CEO takes shot at rival Oracle

Medidata Solutions ($MDSO) has impressed industry watchers with strong financial performance and sunny projections for 2012, earning the company some positive buzz in the press and at least one stock upgrade from "hold" to "buy."

NIH backs effort to integrate clinical trials data into EHRs

The National Cancer Institute (NCI), which is part of the NIH, is joining forces with Health Level Seven International (HL7) to connect trials data with electronic health records, the group announced last month.

Oracle aids Moffitt Cancer Center’s IT system for speeding patient recruitment

Slow patient recruitment looms as one of the biopharma industry's most notorious boogiemen, delaying the start of trials and prolonging the costly development process. Moffitt Cancer Center in...

Oracle announces new round of projects in IT, clinical trials

As projects generate larger quantities of more complex data, IT needs to becomes an increasingly important part of research of any kind, but particularly personalized medicine.

Emerging player in DNA analysis joins forces with U. of Missouri

Appistry, a recent entrant in the game for providing analytics for genomics data, has picked up a partnership with the University of Missouri. The university is tapping Appistry's system called