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Latest Headlines

NSF awards $16M to researchers developing implants to reanimate paralyzed limbs

Researchers hope to be in proof-of-concept clinical trials within the next 5 years on brain implants that will create an artificial pathway between the brain and paralyzed limbs. The expectation is that this kind of technology is expected to offer a means to circumvent paralysis that is due to damage to the nervous system that cuts off signals from the brain.

NSF spends almost $31M to develop dissolvable metal surgical implants

The National Science Foundation has coughed up almost $31 million since 2008 in an effort to develop what it has dubbed "smart implants" that address the underlying medical issue but then dissolve.

NSF backs personalized, virtual heart model and robot-cell hybrids as part of $250M quest

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has given a total of $8.75 million in 5-year grants to two sets of academic researchers working on medical and cyber-physical systems. One is pursuing a computational model to test how a specific patient's heart will interact with a particular cardiac medical device, while the other is working to combine nano-scale robotics with synthetically designed biological organisms.

NSF funds further research into only FDA-cleared catheter for rectal delivery

The National Science Foundation this week awarded a second research grant to the maker of the only FDA-cleared catheter for rectal delivery of medication and liquids to expand the device's use beyond the hospice.

Cornell bags grant to accelerate genomics data transfer

The National Science Foundation has awarded Cornell University a grant to cut the time it takes to transfer data.

NIH grabs share of Obama's new $200M bet on big data

The NIH stands to gain sizable funding from the White House's new $200 million big data initiative.

Obama pitches $1B boost to NIH funding

For biomedical researchers, the budget fight in Washington, D.C., is getting personal. President Obama's budget includes some actual increases in funding for science, including a $1 billion hike to

NSF grant aids synthetic biology software

Virginia Tech has begun a scale-up of its GenoCAD synthetic biology software, used in designing genetic constructs. The effort stems from a $1.4 million grant from the National Science Foundation,

NSF seeks facility update proposals

The National Science Foundation is soliciting proposals to fund repairs and renovations at the nation's academic research facilities. The grant program is part of the American Recovery and

NSF crunches the (eroding) numbers on academic R&D

The National Science Foundation has once again completed its annual list of the top 20 academic institutions engaged in research work. And once again Johns Hopkins has come in at the top, with $1.55