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Latest Headlines

Entelos stages comeback bid with funding

Back out of bankruptcy, modeling and simulation software company Entelos has recapitalized its business and brought on a new investor, the San Mateo, CA-based company said last week. The company,

David Shaw goes from high finance to high-tech biotech simulations

Forbes blogger Tom Groenfeldt ordinarily writes about financial technology, but the worlds of hedge fund technology and computational biochemistry collide in David Shaw, founder of D.E. Shaw fund

Adaptive trial modeling solution aids dose-finding

Trial design based on statistical modeling is likely to continue its rise in use given more frequent launches of adaptive trials, which suit dose-finding studies in particular. Trial design software

Cancer trials halted amid investigations

Although modeling and simulation are likely to become fixtures in drug development, they do come with risks. Just ask Duke University. Enrollment has been suspended in three cancer treatment trials

Expect a rise in modeling, simulation for drug dev

The future of model-based drug development will likely include greater use of modeling in a Bayesian framework. It's the "logical outcome" of the integration of three trends, says William Gillespie

Book covers automation in adaptive trials

Clinical Trials Handbook is a guide to adaptive clinical trial best practices. Topics within the 1248-page book include trail automation as well as adaptive trial strategies. Chapters on automation,