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Latest Headlines

Validic raises $5M to fuel 'crazy' growth of data aggregation platform

Less than one year has passed since a $760,000, Mark Cuban-backed seed round put Validic on the map, but the firm and its health data aggregation platform have come a long way in the intervening months. And with Validic's scale and ambition growing, the company has raised $5 million in first round funding.

Google rolls out preview of healthcare app development kit

Over the past year, many tech heavyweights have begun moving into the mHealth sector. Developers got an early look at Google's offering this week, with the search giant releasing a preview version of its APIs for health app developers.

Busy week at Intel bolsters its presence in life sciences

Falling sales of personal computers have chipped away at one of the cornerstones of Intel's business over the past few years. The chipmaker has responded by diversifying and this week made three such moves, each of which has implications for the life sciences sector.

Survey: Public enthusiastic--but wary--about sharing personal health data

With the likes of Pfizer keen for clinical trial participants to track their personal health data--and Apple and Google readying to provide the technology--mobile and wearables look set to make an impact on research. But does the public want to give researchers access to their data?

Validic raises cash to turn mHealth app output into data hose

Rising use of Fitbit wristbands, Withings scales and other self-tracking devices mean individuals have access to a pool of personal health data that in some respects far exceeds what clinical trials gather. Now, Validic has secured funding from Dallas Mavericks-owner Mark Cuban to bring the devices into healthcare.

Qlucore corrals EU funding for hepatitis C software

Qlucore, a provider of scientific software, has won €600,000 ($801,360) over three years from the European Commission's 7th Framework Program to develop algorithms for use in personalizing treatment of hepatitis C virus.

Chinese drug giant tackles drug counterfeiting with mobile service

Guilin Pharmaceuticals has advanced a system to combat use of fake antimalarial drugs. The Chinese drugmaker has launched an SMS-based system for patients in Africa to check whether their antimalarial meds are the real thing.

Novartis eyes cancer patients with two mobile apps for iPhone, Android

Novartis Oncology has unleashed a pair of mobile phone apps that cater to patients or doctors, building on the pharma giant's digital outreach efforts that already include multiple offers on app stores from Google and Apple.

Sanofi backs mobile service for cancer patients on chemo

Cancer patients might fail to follow their doctor's orders often. But how often do they forget their mobile phones?

FDA called out in study of smartphone apps for melanoma

Fresh data have emerged in the ongoing debate over the regulation of medical apps for smartphones and mobile devices. Researchers questioned the accuracy of four apps for evaluating skin lesions in a study, generating some troubling results and pointing out that such apps have gone unregulated.