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Latest Headlines

Emerging markets, life sciences to drive renewed growth at GE Healthcare, CEO says

Almost one year into the job, GE Healthcare President and CEO John Flannery recently outlined his strategy for returning the healthcare business to growth. It's an $18 billion business that accounts for about 16% of the conglomerate's total revenues. He affirmed that the business will remain within GE, despite ongoing restructuring involving the divestiture of the finance arm.

Cloudera snags $65M to fuel European Big Data expansion

Cloudera has snagged $65 million in venture capital funding to keep up with rapid adoption of its Big Data offering. And the first stop is Europe, with Cloudera planning to open a headquarters in the U.K. by early next year.

Making industry a second language for the life sciences ivory tower

Medical device and diagnostics companies--just like their counterparts in biotech and Big Pharma--are increasingly faced with a dearth of new products in the pipeline. As a result, they, and investors in those spaces, are more often drawn to academic labs in a quest for new and innovative technologies. Boston Scientific's recent wide-ranging research deal with the University of Minnesota underscores that fact. And people like Nancy Wetherbee are trying to make the process quicker, more efficient and profitable for all parties involved.

In life sciences R&D, China is reaching for the stars

At the long-awaited kickoff of the 2012 BIO International Convention in Boston June 18, many of the initial sessions weren't exactly crowded. The same can't be said, however, for the all-day session on China.

Australia jumps into life sciences fray with R&D tax credit

You've heard about China and India becoming increasingly significant locales in the Asia-Pacific region for conducting biotechnology research and drug development. Australia, not so much.

U.S. funding drop threatens San Diego life sciences industry

The life sciences job juggernaut in metro San Diego expanded through the ongoing economic downturn and will produce another 6,000 jobs through 2014, according to a new report. But a big drop in

From Union Square, everything at J.P. Morgan seems (relatively) fine

Okay, folks, I'll give it to you straight: This is my first J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. And it seems crazy busy for those here, as everyone networks in a frenzy only possible when so many

BioData scoops up assets of competitor LabLife

The field of lab management software outfits just got smaller. Israel-based BioData has gobbled up the assets of struggling rival LabLife, a Cambridge, MA, firm that had gained thousands of

Health informatics giant Optum changes CEOs

UnitedHealth Group's $27 billion health information and technology business, Optum, has a new chief. Larry Renfro takes the top job as former Optum chief G. Mike Mikan departs to head an undisclosed