Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

AirStrip, IBM partner to create acute care mobile monitoring

AirStrip and IBM have partnered to create a mobile monitoring solution to aid physicians in tracking and predicting the status of patients with acute and critical illnesses.

Mayo Clinic to apply IBM's Watson to matching patients to trials

Mayo Clinic and IBM have teamed up to apply cutting-edge technology to the age-old problem of enrolling patients into clinical trials. Starting next year Mayo Clinic will use IBM's supercomputer Watson to automatically match patients to clinical trials.

J&J, Sanofi apply IBM's Watson to R&D

IBM has opened up its Watson supercomputer to drug researchers through a new cloud-based service. And Big Pharma companies are already on board, with Johnson & Johnson and Sanofi among the early adopters of the technology.

Philippines opens IBM-powered bioinformatics facility

PGC set up the bioinformatics center to complement its existing next-generation sequencing work.

NY Genome Center taps IBM's Jeopardy!-winning Watson to speed data analysis

When IBM was preparing its artificial-intelligence program Watson to compete on the game show "Jeopardy!," it made the system read Wikipedia. The training worked and Watson beat its human competitors. Now IBM and the New York Genome Center are testing whether making Watson read PubMed can help defeat cancer.

IBM uses hydrogel to prolong delivery of Roche's Herceptin

A team from IBM Research and the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology in Singapore have designed a Vitamin E-based hydrogel that can release Roche's cancer antibody Herceptin under the skin for several weeks.

IBM gets deeper into Big Data and EHRs with new projects

Having updated its disease-modeling platform last week, tech giant IBM has now snagged a grant to dig into electronic health records to predict heart disease and opened a Big Data research lab.

Drugmaker UCB taps IBM for digital medicine effort

Belgian biopharma group UCB has partnered with IBM to provide physicians with a predictive tool for use in treating epileptic patients, and the company has worked on expanding its offerings after patents expired on its epilepsy drug Keppra.

IBM wins $75M contract to streamline FDA regulatory review process

IBM has landed a 5-year $75 million FDA contract to help the agency modernize its regulatory review process by ramping up the agency's computation science capabilities.

Accelrys, IBM, others spotlight new tech to back pharma R&D

As researchers team up with collaborators outside their own labs, software and tech providers are trotting out all kinds of new tools and products to support external R&D arrangements among pharma groups and others in life sciences. And the Bio-IT World Expo here in Boston is shaping up to be a prime spot to announce new products and tech deals.