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Latest Headlines

IBM's Watson Health testing image analysis software

IBM is scrambling to add software that can analyze radiological images to its Watson Health unit.

IBM partners with micro-cap Bionik for machine learning algorithms in robotic exoskeleton

Several companies are working on robotic exoskeletons to enable more mobility for paraplegics, but few have focused on the data that could be generated from them. Now IBM has partnered with microcap robotic exoskeleton player Bionik Laboratories to apply its machine-learning algorithms in an effort to analyze data to improve the outcomes of neurological rehabilitation.

IBM Watson, AHA and Welltok to develop workplace heart health program

The American Heart Association, IBM Watson Health and wearable data player Welltok have teamed up to develop a solution to help America's largest employers advance workplace health. This will be the first application of Watson's supercomputing powers to cardiovascular health.

IBM bets its future on machine learning and Watson Health

IBM is the largest analytics provider in the world, with nearly $18 billion in revenues last year. Watson Health, which launched last April and is based on the machine-learning capabilities of supercomputer Watson, is its top initiative to keep that growing. Watson Health is built on the combination of a trio of acquisitions with IBM's own existing analytics capabilities.

Medtronic, IBM Watson reveal prototype of diabetes app to predict low blood sugar

Medtronic CEO Omar Ishrak took center stage at Las Vegas' Consumer Electronics Show to reveal a prototype of a smartphone app that could someday predict the onset of dangerously low blood sugar in diabetics up to three hours in advance. It's being developed with the help of pattern recognition analytics from IBM's Watson Health unit.

Think different? Pharma turns to tech partnerships for beyond-the-pill moves

There's not going to be a beyond-the-pill revolution in 2016. Frankly, pharma doesn't yet have the technology to move beyond pushing products to delivering outcomes. But drugmakers are teaming up with major technology players in deals that marry Big Data record-sifting with cutting-edge patient-monitoring gadgetry, and that's the kind of infrastructure necessary for big moves beyond the pill.

Novo Nordisk eyes stepped-up diabetes care in 'beyond the pill' deal with IBM Watson

Novo Nordisk is taking the diabetes wars a step further. The Danish drugmaker teamed up with IBM Watson Health in a Big Data partnership that could keep closer tabs on diabetes patients and strengthen Novo's case with payers.

IBM, Novo Nordisk team to seek new diabetes treatments through the cloud

Danish pharma giant Novo Nordisk is teaming with IBM's Watson Health division in a combo the two companies hope will lead to a better understanding, and ultimately, better ways to treat diabetes.

IBM brings Watson to Boston Children's Hospital for rare pediatric disease diagnosis

IBM is teaming up with Boston Children's Hospital to use its Watson system for rare pediatric disease diagnosis and treatment, deepening its dive into healthcare as it signs on key biopharma partners to Watson and gets the ball rolling at its new global cloud computing hub in Cambridge.

IBM inks deals to give Watson a role in R&D at Icon and Teva

The march of IBM's Watson into biopharma R&D is continuing apace. Icon and Teva are the latest companies to ink deals to access the computer system, giving them new ways to match patients to clinical trials and create disease models.