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Latest Headlines

J&J backs Scottish incubator, Nordic Nano wraps up IPO, Biotie bags big investors and plans IPO

In this week's EuroBiotech Report, Johnson & Johnson added another outpost to the growing network of incubators to which it is affiliated. The latest site to receive the backing of J&J is run by BioCity, which is trying to turn a campus abandoned by Merck into a hotbed of Scottish life science startups. And more.

Biotie bags big-name investors as it beats a path to Nasdaq

Biotie Therapies has become the latest European biotech to propose hitching its financial future to the whims of Wall Street. And the central nervous system specialist has picked up some big-name financial backers to tide it over until it is ready to list on Nasdaq.

J&J backs Scottish biotech incubator at ex-Merck site

Johnson & Johnson has extended its tendrils into another biotech incubator. Having played a role in the formation of incubators in the U.S., Canada and Israel in recent years, the Big Pharma has now lent its support to an initiative to foster the development of Scottish life science startups.

Nordic Nanovector wraps up one of Europe's biggest biotech IPOs of 2015

Nordic Nanovector has closed the book on its IPO at NOK 575 million ($73 million), around 40% more than it originally set out to raise. The upsized listing puts Nordic Nanovector among the early front-runners at the top of Europe's biotech IPO class of 2015.

NeuroVive sets up shop in France to boost stroke R&D, snag state grants

NeuroVive Pharmaceutical is putting down roots in France. The mitochondrial-protection specialist has had a toehold in the country for years through its alliance with Hospices Civils de Lyon and has decided now is the time to formalize its presence.

Almirall spares 9 jobs as ax falls on Spanish R&D operation

Almirall has confirmed it is to cut back its Spanish R&D operation as part of a move toward becoming a specialty dermatology company. But the ax-wielding is less severe than first expected, with Almirall retaining 9 of the 68 positions that were originally on the block.

Belgium and the Netherlands see safety in numbers for drug price negotiations

Sky-high prices for rare disease drugs have triggered pushback from European lawmakers, with countries such as Germany and France waging battles to bring down the cost of the meds. Now two countries are taking a different approach to price negotiations, using their collective clout to purchase the drugs.

UPDATED: Merck injects another $12.4M in its newest vaccine plant

The $335 million Merck & Co. biologics plant in Ireland that went online last year is already getting another investment. Merck said last week that it would invest €11.5 million ($12.4 million) in the Carlow facility.

Israel awaits $250M fund, ThromboGenics spins out oncology asset, MolMed licenses CAR-T

In this week's EuroBiotech Report, OrbiMed Advisors is in the early stages of preparing a second Israel-focused fund that could transfer $250 million (€235 million) from the pockets of investors into the bank accounts of local life science players. And more.

MolMed picks up CAR-T asset from hot Italian research institute

MolMed has become the latest to buy its way into the CAR-T race. The deal sees it pick up assets from an immune-gene therapy CAR-CD44v6 project run by a group at San Raffaele Scientific Institute, the Milan-based research center that struck a deal with Biogen in January.