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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Stanford spinoff snags $10M first round, mines Big Data in biotech

Investors have banked on the startup Ayasdi to solve Big Data problems in life sciences, national security and other industries. The Stanford University spinoff has raised $10.25 million in a Series A round from Khosla Ventures and Floodgate, with the startup revealing several projects with top biotech researchers.

Schadt reflects on first year at $100M genomics center

Eric Schadt made a high-profile move last year to head the Mount Sinai School of Medicine's new Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology in New York, and the life sciences maverick has spent his first year on the job building a crack team of bio data and computing aces, engaging experts inside and outside of medicine to solve healthcare problems and forming collaborations with masters of taming massive amounts of data.

Mount Sinai Medical Center, Cloudera embrace Big Data in genomics

Major forces in the worlds of genomics research and Big Data have united to transform the analysis of elephantine amounts of biological and health data. And the collaborators--Mount Sinai Medical Center and the software company Cloudera--have enlisted their top minds to master the challenging tasks ahead.

Takeda backs analysis of genomic data on brain diseases

Major players in genomic research and mental health recently formed the CommonMind Consortium to analyze large-scale genomic data and make the findings publicly available to researchers online.