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Pfizer, others seek untapped potential in virtual clinical trials

In an article inĀ  Life Science Leader, Pfizer's Craig Lipset talked about how the company's virtual clinical trial rolled out many new tech tools at once to trial the overall bladder drugĀ Detrol, with some setbacks along the way.

Cmed expanding in North Carolina as CRO-tech combos take off

Cmed is getting bigger. The U.K.-based provider of contract research and electronic clinical trials services to pharma companies is moving into a new office in Durham, NC, that offers nearly 50% more space than its previous facility there.

Pfizer's virtual trial: Open-source meets old pharma

CHICAGO-- Drug giant Pfizer revealed more details of its all-electronic clinical trial at the DIA's 47th annual show here, going to great lengths to acknowledge its partners in the endeavor and to

Pfizer embarks on a 'first' all-electronic clinical trial

As Pfizer ($PFE) looks to tighten its belt on R&D spending, the drug giant has revealed plans to begin an FDA-approved clinical trial for an overactive bladder pill that enables patients to