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Latest Headlines

FDA IT modernization push set to continue under 2014-2018 strategic plan

When the FDA laid out its strategic priorities for 2011 to 2015, the agency listed the modernization of its IT infrastructure as a primary objective. Since then, the FDA has seen another chief information officer pass through its revolving doors and faced criticism from the Government Accountability Office, but is still plugging away with the IT modernization agenda in its next strategic plan.

Merck vaccine plant taps R&D's Big Data platform to solve yield conundrum

Having invested in data analytics platforms in recent years, pharma R&D labs are working to develop the drugs that will justify their spending. But the experience of Merck suggests the costs can be spread across the business, with manufacturing teams finding the data analytics tools as useful as their peers in R&D do.

Eli Lilly, Humana partner on crunching diabetes data

Eli Lilly and Humana have teamed up to analyze various data sets to understand disease outcomes, starting with Type 2 diabetes, the companies announced this morning.

BT and Accelrys deepen ties for cloud computing in life sciences

BT and Accelrys have expanded their joint efforts to give life sciences researchers access to web-based software tools and data. The companies have combined their respective technologies again to help researchers mine massive data sets from U.K. and U.S. sources for valuable knowledge.

Big Data sheds light on pharma's 'Small Data' problems

While Big Data is a real problem, it's not a  Big Problem. What is a  Big Problem, on the other hand, is the challenge of dealing with the diverse variety of (small) data that's needed for decision-making throughout the drug discovery, development, and commercialization life cycles.

Deloitte scoops up Recombinant for data warehousing and analytics

The move gives the consulting giant the keys to Newton, MA-based Recombinant Data's growing business that serves the data needs of hospitals, research institutions and healthcare companies.

Oracle, IBM support $100M personalized medicine effort at UPMC

The Pittsburgh-based health group has tapped Oracle, IBM, Informatica and dbMotion for technology in the $100 million project, which will give clinicians, researchers, administrators and others real-time access to data and analytics, UPMC announced Oct. 1.

Amazon tempts pharma R&D outfits with low-cost data storage

Amazon has revealed a new cloud-based service called Glacier for archiving large amounts data on the cheap.

Sanofi pins winner in hunt for digital diabetes breakthroughs

As Sanofi ($SNY) seeks expansion in the fast-growing diabetes market, the Paris-based drugmaker has awarded $100,000 to a group called n4a Diabetes Care Center for designing a system that analyzes Big Data sources to improve diabetes treatment.

Bay Area startup delivers clinical trials analytics from the cloud

The Palo Alto, CA-based startup has announced a cloud-based version of its software for analyzing and visualizing clinical trial data.