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Latest Headlines

DrugDev buys TrialNetworks to 'glue' its clinical trial apps together

Trial investigator network DrugDev bought CFS Clinical in October to expand its offerings. Eight months later DrugDev has made its second deal, with the focus shifting to adding the "technological glue" that will tie its acquired tools together.

The clinical trial technology sector could top $5B by 2018, report says

The slow seep of software into the running of clinical trials has accelerated in recent years as its reliability has been proven by pioneers and everyone has become increasingly desperate to boost productivity. After this period of growth, the eClinical market is on the cusp of becoming a $5 billion sector.

RedOak readies natural-intelligence software for drug development

Cary, NC upstart RedOak Logic, now at the prototype stage with its natural intelligence software for drug development, seeks $3 million in funding. And CEO Dale Fedewa will be pitching investors this

Novotech opts for open standards with Siebel

Australian contract researcher Novotech, having outgrown its homegrown SQL clinical trial management system, has signed on with Oracle for the Siebel CTMS. It's committed to $500,000 in licensing

CTMS scorecard helps Columbia handle financials

Columbia University Medical Center used a 133-requirement scorecard in its evaluation of clinical trial management systems. Requirement categories were regulatory, clinical, administrative and

Hosting setup hints at pre/post-market data loop

Clinical trial managers may soon be tapping into a data hosting solution that currently targets life sciences and healthcare companies. Sidus BioData is a HIPAA-compliant solution that also boasts

Oracle BI system: CDA vs. CTMS

Clinical development analytics--the name for both the technical concept and the software solution that Oracle released last month--concern high-level trial visibility gained by extracting and

EDC brings real time to respiratory trials

As reported last week, Barcelona-based Almirall, a long-time customer of Perceptive Informatics, has gone back to the well to prep for upcoming trials of respiratory therapeutics. The drugmaker,

CRO to launch FDA-friendly CTMS

Bob Kaplan plans to use his software-innovation experience to put some pre-commercial tweaks on StudyCTMS, the regulatory-informed clinical trial management system developed by contract researcher

CTMS upgrade to aid cancer efforts

Version 2.0 of the caBIG open-source Clinical Trials Suite bundles patient, adverse-event, and lab data, as well as clinical functionality. CaBIG is the Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid, an