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Latest Headlines

ChemAxon extends pharma software streak with Schrödinger deal

The Budapest-based chemical informatics outfit has inked a 5-year extension to its collaboration with Schrödinger. The deal enables Schrödlinger to integrate ChemAxon's chemistry tools into its enterprise informatics platform, Seurat, and follows a string of other tie-ups with major industry players.

Big Data hits Eastern Europe as IBM fires up supercomputer

The spread of Big Data throughout the global life sciences industry continued this week, with two deals showing Eastern Europe is alert to the possibilities. In Poland, an IBM supercomputer is to crunch chronic disease data, while Hungary-based ChemAxon extended a deal with Core Informatics.

Boehringer Ingelheim goes to Hungary for R&D software

ChemAxon has fattened its pharma business, landing a deal with German drug powerhouse Boehringer Ingelheim. Budapest-based ChemAxon announced Feb. 14 that the drugmaker plans to use its chemistry software platform in the process of ushering compounds from discovery to the clinic.

European drug discovery platform emerges in €196M effort

Europe's pharma community is revving up a drug discovery engine. A new effort involving 30 partners--including Bayer, Johnson & Johnson's Janssen and 5 other large pharmas--has launched to spark discovery of new treatments, using a crowdsourcing and open-innovation approach.

Swedish bioinformatics group grabs $840K to fuel growth, report says

Qlucore, a Swedish maker of software for analyzing scientific data in academic and pharma labs, is eyeing expansion in the U.S. The bioinformatics outfit has raised $840,000 from Stockholm-based venture firm GLD Invest, GenomeWeb reports.

ChemAxon opens shop in 'heart' of Boston biotech hub

ChemAxon has followed its major pharma customers, establishing an office in Cambridge, MA. The provider of chemistry software has opened an office in the Cambridge Innovation Center at One Broadway, placing the Budapest-based company just a walk away from research facilities of Pfizer ($PFE), Novartis ($NVS), Sanofi ($SNY) and other global drug powerhouses.

EU program backs Linguamatics and ChemAxon's informatics work

Linguamatics and ChemAxon have won funding from the Eurostars Program for what the groups are calling the first interactive text-mining system specifically for chemistry research, according to the...