Breast Cancer

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Australia's reimbursement cost battle hits cancer drug access

Australia's reimbursement agency has lagged developed country counterparts in paying for newly approved new cancer therapies, highlighting problems at the tail end of a system that patients and industry complain is broken.

New Zealand researchers eye new route for efficacy of cancer drugs

New Zealand researchers say they may have discovered a route for drugs to be more effective against genetic stomach and lobular breast cancers in their early stages.

Cancer researchers tap computers to support preclinical go/no-go decisions

Researchers have developed a computational cancer model to predict how a drug will perform in humans, VentureBeat reports.

Experts tip bioinformatics collaborations to improve breast cancer care

The growing pool of genomics data and bioinformatics capabilities present new opportunities to improve outcomes for cancer patients. Yet without coordinated, multidisciplinary collaborations, the industry risks failing to take full advantage, researchers warned this week.

AstraZeneca backs web portal for breast cancer docs

AstraZeneca has sponsored a web portal that features videos of breast-cancer patient testimonials, becoming one of the latest drugmakers to provide online content to target patient populations.

Battle against breast cancer goes open source

After a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision shielded Myriad Genetics' genetic data on breast cancer from disclosure, a nonprofit coalition called Free the Data! has launched a campaign to open troves of molecular information about the widespread tumors with the help of a big data software outfit called Syapse.

Software-backed MTI system spots breast tumors

South Korean researchers have made progress with a microwave tomography imaging (MTI) system for detecting breast tumors, seeking an alternative that could be more accurate than mammography.

Genentech opens mobile app playbook for tablet fans

Genentech, the venerable biotech unit of Roche, has been cranking out new mobile apps to stay ahead in the biopharma world.

Afinitor's breast cancer OK could add $1.5B to Novartis sales

Novartis has another notch for Afinitor's belt. The drug won a coveted indication in advanced breast cancer, after data showed it improved progression-free survival by an average of 4.6 months.

Novartis' Afinitor gets nod for breast cancer use by EU committee

Novartis ($NVS) got what it had hoped for Friday, a thumbs up from the EU's Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) for a new use for its cancer drug Afinitor. The CHMP recommended it for use in women with advanced breast cancer.