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Latest Headlines

Mount Sinai, Yale roll out updates to Apple ResearchKit programs

The set of studies running on Apple's ResearchKit is continuing to expand and improve. Yale School of Medicine and The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai are the latest to step up their use of the platform, rolling out a new heart condition study and refining an asthma app, respectively.

FDA makes stash of medical device data available to app developers

The FDA has come good on its promise to make its stash of medical device data available publicly. 

FDA adds alerts to Android drug shortages app

The latest version alerts users when new information about the shortage of a drug is available.

BBK inks deal to buy mobile app development unit

The acquisition tightens BBK's ties to the team that helped to develop its patient and site engagement mobile app, My Clinical Study Buddy.

Apple bars health apps from using iCloud, acting as medical devices

With the security of Apple's cloud storage system under scrutiny following reports linking it to the leak of private photographs, the company has barred apps that store health information from using the platform. The stipulation is one of several made by Apple as it tries to expand into healthcare without creating privacy problems or angering regulators.

Google rolls out preview of healthcare app development kit

Over the past year, many tech heavyweights have begun moving into the mHealth sector. Developers got an early look at Google's offering this week, with the search giant releasing a preview version of its APIs for health app developers.

FDA opens adverse-event data to app developers in first wave of openFDA

Every year the FDA receives hundreds of Freedom of Information Act requests from biopharma companies for adverse-event data, while others take equally laborious steps to access the information. Now the FDA is opening up its adverse-event data through an application programming interface.

Merck exec: Health IT apps need more scientific rigor

The Merck executive leading the company's digital innovation unit has warned that Boston's startups can still improve, particularly with regards to the degree of scientific rigor applied to their apps.

The FDA is making adverse event and recall data available to app developers

Beth Noveck's mission has been to apply the transparency and collaboration of the open-source movement to government. Noveck has now left the White House, but the ideas she brought are still percolating through the governmental machine. In 2014, the thinking is set to lead to a new, more open FDA.

FDA working on drug shortages smartphone app

The FDA has moved tentatively into the world of smartphones and social media, with its guidance often lagging behind industry expectations and its own activities being grown carefully. These in-house initiatives are now due to gain a new component. The FDA is working on a drug shortages smartphone app.