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Latest Headlines

FDA opens adverse-event data to app developers in first wave of openFDA

Every year the FDA receives hundreds of Freedom of Information Act requests from biopharma companies for adverse-event data, while others take equally laborious steps to access the information. Now the FDA is opening up its adverse-event data through an application programming interface.

Merck exec: Health IT apps need more scientific rigor

The Merck executive leading the company's digital innovation unit has warned that Boston's startups can still improve, particularly with regards to the degree of scientific rigor applied to their apps.

The FDA is making adverse event and recall data available to app developers

Beth Noveck's mission has been to apply the transparency and collaboration of the open-source movement to government. Noveck has now left the White House, but the ideas she brought are still percolating through the governmental machine. In 2014, the thinking is set to lead to a new, more open FDA.

FDA working on drug shortages smartphone app

The FDA has moved tentatively into the world of smartphones and social media, with its guidance often lagging behind industry expectations and its own activities being grown carefully. These in-house initiatives are now due to gain a new component. The FDA is working on a drug shortages smartphone app.

20 Big Pharma and biotech mobile apps- 2013

Smartphones and tablets succeed or sink on the strength of their apps. Over the past few years, this has given Apple ($AAPL) a huge advantage. If you wanted the latest apps, Apple was the only...

Mobile game targets improved outcomes in young cancer patients

HopeLab has released a new mobile game for children with cancer to play during chemotherapy, seeking to improve adherence to meds and spark positive thoughts during treatment.

Genentech opens mobile app playbook for tablet fans

Genentech, the venerable biotech unit of Roche, has been cranking out new mobile apps to stay ahead in the biopharma world.

Sanofi backs mobile service for cancer patients on chemo

Cancer patients might fail to follow their doctor's orders often. But how often do they forget their mobile phones?

FDA called out in study of smartphone apps for melanoma

Fresh data have emerged in the ongoing debate over the regulation of medical apps for smartphones and mobile devices. Researchers questioned the accuracy of four apps for evaluating skin lesions in a study, generating some troubling results and pointing out that such apps have gone unregulated.

Social media, iPhone app aid efforts to crowdsource disease surveillance

When a doctor gets a patient with meningitis, she can use a new iPhone app to report the case and location. If the app catches on around the world, as the developers of the app hope, the mobile software could support a global system for real-time infectious disease surveillance.