FASTCAST WEBINAR–How Parallel Storage Creates Innovation Advantages for Life Sciences



Data drives discovery and few industries are more data-driven than life sciences. Life sciences and research organizations worldwide are generating massive amounts of data-from next-generation sequencing to molecular simulations. Data-intensive workflows such as these require the sustained performance and virtually unlimited scalability only parallel storage delivers.

Storage solutions powered by Intel® Solutions for Lustre* software deliver the performance at scale to meet today’s storage requirements. The most widely used parallel storage system for HPC, Lustre*-powered storage is the ideal storage foundation for data-intensive computing workloads. Join us to discover the power of advanced software storage solutions for life sciences.


Brent Gorda ,
General Manager of the High Performance Data Division, Intel

Brent Gorda is the General Manager of the High Performance Data Division at Intel Corp. Prior to joining Intel, Brent co-founded and led Whamcloud, recognized by OpenSFS and EOFS as the primary innovators, maintainers and providers of technical support for Lustre file system software. Prior to launching Whamcloud, Brent held several leadership positions at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where he was responsible for computing and storage architecture used by US Dept. of Energy. Brent is the founder of the Student Cluster Competition, held annually at Supercomputing, the key worldwide event that showcases the power of parallel computing.

Kristina Kermanshahche,
Chief Architect of Health & Life Sciences at Intel Corporation

Kristina Kermanshahche is Chief Architect of Health & Life Sciences at Intel Corporation. Her focus area is Big Data/Analytics in Health & Life Sciences, helping to drive transformation at the intersect of Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS), high performance computing (HPC), and healthcare informatics. She works closely with customers and ecosystem partners to optimize high throughput sequencing and analytics, overcome systemic challenges faced by the industry, and deliver solutions which accelerate adoption of precision medicine worldwide..



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