AMA: Docs must police each other in social media

The American Medical Association wants doctors to blow the whistle on their peers who behave badly online. The new policy is likely a response to concerns about patient confidentiality in social

Big-data attack targets schizophrenia

Add schizophrenia to the list of conditions being targeted by competitors now willing to share data to speed up drug development. Novel Methods leading to New Medications in Depression and

Look beyond compliance for ROI on IT

The goal of regulatory compliance often hinders drug developers from creating a data management strategy that would provide them a financial return on compliance IT investment. But to realize such a

Roche, AZ find little of use in data flood

Data, data everywhere, but not an insight to be gleaned. That's the growing problem of drug discovery and development, according to speakers at a recent Financial Times pharma and biotech conference.

App to make smartphone an STD diagnostic

Developers at the U.K. Clinical Research Collaboration are working on a diagnostic test for sexually transmitted diseases that is performed by patients using their mobile devices. Users will place

Study probes social media use in regulated industries

Drug companies interested in pursuing a social media strategy--for clinical trial recruiting as well as other business areas--need to make their first step the research of regulations on disclosure

HP may bump Oracle in software for verticals

Speculation abounds concerning the direction Hewlett-Packard will take under new CEO Léo Apotheker. Some analysts foresee the tech giant on an Oracle-like path, pursuing such vertical markets

India fields FDA-trained trial inspectors

FDA-trained clinical trial inspectors are about to start making the rounds in India. The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization says 25 inspectors have been trained and will begin routine

iPhone, iPad found OK for UK health system

The Scottish government finds that the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch offer the best fit among Apple mobile devices with the National Health Service. And although Apple's encryption scheme comes up short in

Team pits Markov chain modeling against melanoma

The modeling of gene regulatory networks as a Markov chain, with researchers monitoring chain behavior and making changes to achieve an outcome, may provide a means for cancer treatment development

Cloud indecision has its price

Given questions about security and vendor lock-in, it's tempting to defer taking action on cloud computing, writes Bernard Golden, CEO at consultancy HyperStratus. But it's better to make a decision,

Studies: a "yea" and a "nay" for pharma Internet sites

Websites for pharmaceuticals and medical products top the list in terms of customer satisfaction, according to one survey. Another survey, however, finds that drugmakers need to get closer to those

Biolex reveals ePRO surprise; selection process

Biolex CEO Jan Turek notes something unforeseen in the ePRO element of the company's recent trial of a hepatitis C treatment: The degree of difference in reports of side-effect severity in the weekly

Researchers tap online forums for subjects, insights

PatientsLikeMe is among several companies mining patient-generated online data, not just for insights to site visitor conditions, but also to establish revenue streams. Some provide aggregated and

iPhone apps aid clinic workflow, management

Extension is adding iPhone mobility to its clinical workflow solutions. The phone will be added to the company's Cisco IP device integration platform, which supports the server-based enterprise-class

Pfizer ($PFE) recruits academia as research partner

Pfizer ($PFE) has launched an academia-collaboration effort called The Global Centers for Therapeutic Innovation. The drug giant will open up its antibody libraries and research tools to partners,

Young docs need greater ease of use in clinic IT tools

"The problem with younger doctors is that they've been online a good portion of their lives, and compared [with] the ease of use of search [engines] and the iPhone, the IT they're being asked to use

Lilly (LLY) CIO considers cloud for clinic data

Although Eli Lilly's ($LLY) use of cloud computing is primarily based on its drug discovery efforts now, the company has regulated drug development in its sites. But there are cloud business matters

DATATRAK adds cross-trial reports to eClinical CTMS

Cross-trial reporting functionality of performance metrics is among the Q4 enhancements to DATATRAK's eClinical solution. New reports include Enterprise Overview (counts and sums of sites, patients,

Pfizer ($PFE) virtualizes to see acquisition's R&D data

Peter Green led development of Pfizer's ($PFE) OneSource platform, which integrates R&D data across the company to give execs a detailed view of the drug-development pipeline. He's director of