A computerized blueprint for starving cancer

Cancer has a way of corrupting molecules involved in metabolism for its killer cause. Now a group of researchers has developed what they say is the first genome-scale computer model of cancer cell

Computational method rapidly discovers new uses for approved drugs

Dust off those old drugs. A Stanford University group has developed a computational method for finding potential new uses for previously approved drugs. And two papers published Wednesday in the

Virtual models emerging to enable personalized cancer care

At the bleeding edge of personalized cancer medicine, there are software engineers as well as oncology experts. And a diverse team of IT and clinical types is out exploit the weaknesses of tumors...

Deloitte grabs drug regulatory tech in new buyout

Deloitte, the accounting and consulting giant, is getting into the drug safety game. Adding to its existing life sciences consulting group, the company has bought Intrasphere Technologies, which

Accelrys' Q2 revenue up 86% after mergers

Accelrys, one of the world's largest providers of life sciences research software, saw its revenue for the second quarter spike with additional income streams from its acquisitions of Symyx and

New CIO Leach tackles IT needs at the Broad Institute

Martin Leach thinks outside the box, and has even proposed using elements of video games to boost biotech R&D productivity. In May, after four years at drug giant Merck ($MRK), Leach jumped into

Virtual rats in the works to aid disease research

While we're far from doing away with sacrificing living rodents in the name of science, researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee are working away at developing in silico critters

Perceptive Informatics does part in Parexel's losing Q4

While clinical research giant Parexel International ($PRXL) slipped to a fourth-quarter loss of $1.6 million as it restructures, its clinical tech subsidiary, Perceptive Informatics, managed to grow

BMS taps GNS Heathcare for computer model of inflammation

GNS Healthcare has bagged a deal with a major pharma. Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY) is working with the health analytics firm on a new computer model of immuno-inflammation, according to GNS. And the

Medidata sees CFO resign after Q2 growth

There's been good news and not-so-good news from the financial department at Medidata Solutions this week. After the company ($MDSO) told investors that its second-quarter revenue grew substantially,

IOM: U.S. health-record surveillance is needed

Electronic health records are being increasingly used by physicians in the U.S., but more need to climb on board for a really useful system to keep track of data on heart and lung conditions. Still,

Google, Microsoft fight science-citation cyberwar online

The war between Google and Microsoft has penetrated the world of biotechnology research, with the two giants releasing free tools that make it easier for scientists to see which publications are

Social network algorithm helps identify protein 'communities'

Only in biotechnology can a small, flowering plant bring together cell biologists with a mathematical algorithm for studying social networks to develop an approach to improve crops and treat cancer.

'Systems biology' integrates all that's known about disease and humans

Ken Stuart, president and founder of the nonprofit Seattle Biomedical Research Institute, gives us a decent rundown of what is meant by "systems biology" in an article appearing in Drug Discovery

CliniWorks says award-winning AccelFind finds better patients

CliniWorks, a data-mining software developer based in Cambridge, MA, believes it has found a way to address the "Achilles Heel" in patient recruitment: using its own AccelFind data-mining and

BioClinica continues revenue growth streak

Make that 6 consecutive quarters of year-over-year revenue growth. BioClinica ($BIOC), a provider of clinical trials software and services, says today that its service revenue and profits jumped in

Survey: Developers stumble when projecting trial costs

Nearly half of life sciences companies in a new survey said that their forecasted costs of clinical trials ended up being off by at least 11%. And the survey showed that more than half of executives

Sequencing giant BGI shoots for the cloud

With DNA sequencing data storage and analysis stressing the computing capacity of some labs, BGI is expanding into the realm of cloud computing from its core business of providing sequencing

FDA eyes 'value' of modeling used in drug development

Modeling can help drug developers ace a clinical trial, and the deluge of biological data at our fingertips today points toward growing use of predictive tools such as systems biology models. Now the

Ontario cancer group to get $420M, expand bioinformatics effort

Score one for the use of bioinformatics in cancer research. The government of Ontario has committed $420 million over the next 5 years to the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR), with a