NIH backs tech linking trial data, patient records

The NIH has awarded San Diego-based Parity Computing a $150,000 Small Business Innovation Research grant to create software that can automatically link clinical trial results and patient records to...

Computational analysis points to potential HIV targets

Computer geeks are hot on the trail of HIV. Building on the knowledge that HIV needs certain human proteins to spread, a group of researchers used a specialized algorithm to analyze networks of

BGI birthing 'big data' journal with publishing vet

BGI creates large volumes of data when sequencing genomes for scientific researchers, forcing the China-based company to tackle the challenges of storing and analyzing huge datasets. The firm, one of

U.K. mulls drug-reaction reports on Twitter, Facebook

As healthcare agencies aim to boost reporting of adverse drug reactions, the U.K.'s MHRA is considering whether to allow docs to use smartphone apps, Twitter and Facebook to report such events,...

Video gamers uncover AIDS drug targets

Don't be too quick to dismiss video games as a waste of time. Players of the online science game Foldit have pieced together the structure of an enzyme that could provide new targets for AIDS

Computer-based therapy relieves fears

Know any good computerized therapists? Researchers think they might have found one, showing in a small trial that an application that delivered cognitive bias modification (CBM) helped treat people

BioData scoops up assets of competitor LabLife

The field of lab management software outfits just got smaller. Israel-based BioData has gobbled up the assets of struggling rival LabLife, a Cambridge, MA, firm that had gained thousands of

Biomatters sets up U.S. beachheads

Biomatters, a New Zealand-based scientific software company, said that it's setting up its first U.S. offices in Newark, NJ, and San Francisco. The U.S. shops open after the company saw 297% growth

Supercomputers combat bad drug events for Boston hospital

A new front is opening up in the ongoing effort to identify bad drug reactions, a major sore spot for drug companies and healthcare providers. Harvard doctors are using supercomputing technology to

DNA testing firm blames software for web leak

Australia's Medvet Laboratories has taken heat because of a data leak that allowed information about 800 clients to be found online. Now the DNA testing firm has put part of the blame for the data

Microsoft video-game tech used to detect illness

Here's an interesting twist on the use of video game tech in health research. Researchers at the University of Missouri used video game tech such as Microsoft's ($MSFT) motion-sensing Kinect cameras,

Study aims decode baby DNA, create analysis tools

Scientists want to sequence the genomes of 500 babies and their parents to find genetic triggers for pre-term birth and other abnormalities. And the chief of the Inova Translational Medicine...

U.K. groups building genomic cloud

Genomic data is talked about frequently as a groundbreaking way to study and diagnose disease, but the reality is that the information is still beyond the reach of many researchers and clinicians who...

CLC bio building bioinformatics foundation for $4M cancer project

Groups around the world are trying to tell the difference between hard-charging and slow-growing prostate tumors as the key to providing effective treatment. Danish software firm CLC bio is working

Scientists explore new model in battle against kidney disease

A multi-organizational effort to combat polycystic kidney disease has turned to the scientists at software and consulting firm Pharsight to develop quantitative models of the disorder. It's another

Glencoe, Aridhia team to develop life sciences tech

With the potential for breakthroughs in the lab to revolutionize medicine, Glencoe Software and Aridhia Informatics are combining resources to advance new technology products to support personalized

Impact Corelab sprouts with clinical tech from Radiant Sage

As clinical imaging moves to the cloud, Impact Corelab has formed to offer drug developers imaging corelab services for cancer and neurology trials. The group arrives on the scene with technology

MedNet seeks funds to compete in EDC game

To get a snap shot of the challenges of being a small player in the big electronic data capture (EDC) game, MedCity News brings us the story of Minnetonka, MN-based MedNet Solutions. The 48-person

Social networking rallies volunteers in Mayo Clinic study

Social networking has extended its reach in the clinical research community. The Mayo Clinic reports that online communities are driving participation in clinical studies for a rare heart problem

Merck taps Zymeworks' high-tech antibody shop in $187M deal

Drug giant Merck's ($MRK) latest collaboration gives developer Zymeworks a nice plug for its high-tech approach to discovering bi-specific antibodies that can bind to two different drug targets with