Quintiles, Covance, Cato among CRO tweeters

Outsourcing-Pharma is keeping an eye on contract researchers via Twitter and collecting their tweets as a kind of live streaming of their activities. Also included are contract manufacturers. It

Panel advises FDA on missing data from trial reports

Clinical trial results often have holes, the result of volunteers missing appointments or dropping out. Enough missing data reduces the benefit of randomization and can skew treatment group

CRO's iPhone app gives on-demand study updates

Calvert Labs is offering clients the same kind of 24/7 on-demand smartphone access to study information that's available to the rest of the world for news and sports. It's linked a project-tracking

Use public impatience to open drug R&D efforts

A wave of impatience is crashing on the drug discovery and development business. From the U.S. Chief Executive down to individual patients, the drug public wants results: new treatments, better than

H1N1 tweet study suggests tool for health officials

Infodemiology is knocking. University of Toronto researchers note that the 2009 H1N1 outbreak marked the first instance of a global pandemic "in the age of Web 2.0," and so an opportunity to see the

Blue Chip probes social media use in recruitment

Subject-recruitment strategist Blue Chip is running an online survey to help it learn how to better use social media in trial recruitment. It joins a growing list of social-media aficionados in

CRO partner choices show analytics trend

Two contract researchers are taking different collaborative approaches to separate from the CRO pack. One has chosen alignment with an adaptive trials specialist; the other, with a trial automation

Continuous vitals monitoring on deck for ePRO

Thanks to a company launched last week in the U.K., investigators may soon have the means for capturing certain subject outcomes data with little effort on the part of trial volunteers and clinicians

Nonprofits to standardize disease-specific trial records

Two nonprofit developers are taking on brain disease by creating a storehouse of data to be contributed by drug developers from their trial data archives. The goal is precompetitive collaboration to

SCOUT data to fuel FDA diet-pill/cardio model

The FDA has tapped Archimedes to build a computer model of clinical trials evaluating weight-loss medications. The agency will use the model to contrast the benefits of weight loss against

Accenture: New R&D IT infrastructure, new acronym

Accenture perceives an ominous road for biopharma R&D. Successful companies will transition to an informatics-reliant R&D model, one born of evolutionary and revolutionary changes to current

Interview: Steve Friedman on NCI's trial group overhaul

Steven Friedman, chief at the Operations and Informatics Branch for NCI's Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program, is leading the IT charge in the National Cancer Institute's overhaul of the Clinical

IDSA slights trial data in guidelines

Expert opinion outranks evidence in practice guidelines issued by the Infectious Diseases Society of America. More than half of the roughly 4,200 recommendations--culled from 41 IDSA guidelines

Social media multiply R&D input

Two recent research efforts highlight the potential of nontraditional computing advances on drug discovery and development. They illustrate alternative uses of social networks for data generation and

Tufts: R&D efficiency found in translation

Translational science tops the list of strategies that can help drug developers achieve highly prized improvements in R&D productivity. Efforts to pinpoint disease targets for new molecules

ISMP list names legal drugs linked to violence

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices has identified antidepressants with serotonergic effects as the category leader among legal drugs linked to violence. In a study based on data from the

Framework can unlock volumes of siloed clinical data

DIF--a data integration framework--can help unlock volumes of clinical data, says consultant Rick Sherman. Such a framework also is key when a company is developing a business intelligence system.

Validated diabetes model tweaks trial design, therapy

Researchers have validated in the lab a computer model that predicts key information about nasal insulin treatment regimens for Type 1 diabetes. The work, which confirms that modeling can optimize

iPhone, 3G show potential for trials

Two new mobile offerings for healthcare show potential for use in clinical trials. One is an iPhone app for phototherapy; the other, remote-monitoring tools available via 3G wireless. AT&T is

FDA drafts expectations for clinical e-data

New guidance from the FDA directs clinical investigators on the capture, use, and archiving of electronic data. The document's aim is to ensure that electronic source data are accurate, attributable