AstraZeneca talks up ePRO tech

PHOENIX -- To hear AstraZeneca ($AZN) and PHT tell it, there's no reason to hold off ePRO use in clinical trials. Electronic patient-reported outcome devices--handheld e-diaries, integrated voice

PRODUCT UPDATE: Perceptive's DataLabs 5.0 EDC Solution

In DataLabs 5.0, Perceptive Informatics has tuned the electronic data capture cornerstone of its eClinical suite to provide real-time data interchange with other suite components. The upgrade

Medidata opens kimono for clinical trial cost study

Grabbing the bull by the horns, the National Bureau of Economic Research is investigating why drug development costs are rising. The bureau, a private nonprofit dedicated to promoting an

PRODUCT UPDATE: Oracle Clinical Development Center 3.1

Oracle responds to the data-intensive and increasingly networked drug R&D environment in its Health Sciences Clinical Development Center 3.1. The new version begins as an update to the CDC

Inference engine, EDC team to ID trial volunteers

Subject recruitment gets an automation boost as Visual Healthcare combines an inference engine with clinical data-capture tools. The tools gather physician-collected data on subjects from previous

Biomarker tool pilots cancer drugs into clinic

Patient stratification is one drug development area that stands to benefit from a biomarker solution developed for the National Cancer Institute. OncologyMAP aims also to help with drug re-tasking

Database gives Rochester Clinical a recruitment boost

CEO Patricia Larrabee credits database software as a turning point for Rochester Clinical Research. The trial site now has a 23,000-name database it taps for filling study rosters. "Using

Orthopedic imaging network aids subject recruitment

Medical facilities in Halifax, Winnipeg and Montreal are boosting their imaging firepower at the same time they're improving subject recruitment for clinical trials. They've created a network of

PRODUCT UPDATE: Symyx Notebook 6.6

In this update, Accelrys extends the Symyx lab notebook to analytical, process and formulation scientists. It also provides out-of-the box integration with the company's Pipeline Pilot enterprise

At Partnerships, proactive medical monitoring for adaptive trials

If you're attending Partnerships in Clinical Trials this week, please come to the Friday SCORE session I'm moderating: Proactive Medical Monitoring--Planning for Success through better Safety,

Medidata financials strong despite NCI contract termination

In a financial statement last week, e-clinical solutions provider Medidata reports record revenues, margins and profitability thanks in part to "brisk sales" to mid-size biopharma companies,

Oracle targets subject recruitment at hospitals

Oracle is putting its integration know-how to work on one of the most difficult of clinical trial tasks: subject recruitment. And it's doing so in one of the most difficult environments, though one

FDA hard-to-search files hold drug safety clues

The volumes and volumes of data on safety and efficacy that reside in drug applications at the FDA might well hold answers the agency seeks when it requires drug developers to expand trials or run

MS Sharepoint portals get digital signatures

Chalk up another drug development plus for the Sharepoint platform. Digital signature solutions provider ARX has teamed with InnovoCommerce, a software maker specializing in governance, risk

CRO device automates cardiac trial monitoring

For cardiac treatment trials, Phase I specialist Spaulding Clinical has developed an automated monitor with biometric verification. The ECG device platform, called Spaulding IQ, has earned FDA 510k

Survey: Data tracking complexity on the rise

Tracking and reporting clinical trial data have become more difficult tasks over the past few years, according to 40 percent of respondents to a recent survey. The difficulty stems in part from

Cold call symbolizes CIO scourge: tech marketing

A big pharma CIO, talking strategy in a meeting with big software CEOs, is interrupted by a call put through because the caller was from one of the software companies. "Hello, sir. I'm so-and-so in

Integration, joint trials will speed approvals

The Australian government will attempt to better integrate clinical trials with e-health technologies, including patient records and data collection. And it's considering the development of a

Biogen Idec arthritis model gets personal

Using a patient dataset and some high-horsepower computing, researchers at Biogen Idec ($BIIB) and analytics company GNS Healthcare have built a rheumatoid arthritis disease model that lets them run...

Researchers get a jump on NCI trials group revamp

A rebel cell of cancer research organizations began doing the bidding of the National Cancer Institute even before NCI had articulated its clinical trial revamp plan. The American College of Surgeons