Harvard plays money ball with biotech--and baseball--data

The Billy Beane of biotech might come in the form of a slate of statistical tools from Harvard University and the Broad Institute. Researchers from the venerable institutions have created the tools,...

Blood cancer group lights way to 28% faster trial starts

Researchers haven't figured out how to completely wipe out or cure blood cancers called multiple myeloma that infiltrate plasma cells, but the nonprofit Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium (MMRC)

Elsevier scoops up scientific software outfit Ariadne

Amsterdam-based information products giant Elsevier has gobbled up Ariadne Genomics, a company that provides software allowing researchers to study molecular pathways and disease progression. With

Video gamers shed new light on 521 disease genes

We live in a time when just about anyone with a computer and web connection can participate in disease research via online video games. About a year after the release of a game of this kind called

Pharma hacker gets jail sentence in NJ

Here's a story that might give members of pharmaceutical company IT groups the jitters. After pleading guilty to crimes stemming from hacking into his former employer Shionogi's computer system,

Supercomputer software aids UK cancer researchers

Cancer researchers have seen how IT can advance--and limit--the pace of progress in their field. At Cancer Research UK, a new supercomputing workload management system has been integrated with an

IBM taps 'Watson-type' tech for drug research tool

By now, you've probably heard (at least once) about how IBM's ($IBM) Watson supercomputer bested some of the brightest human contestants on the game show Jeopardy! Now the tech giant is using...

Uncle Sam to award $20M for work on genomic data informatics

The U.S. government wants to equip researchers outside of major DNA sequencing centers with software to analyze genome data, and Uncle Sam has agreed to pony up $20 million to achieve this goal as

U. Cal professor recruits computer whizzes for war on cancer

If David Patterson has his way, legions of computer scientists like him will rise up and join the battle against cancer. In an essay for The New York Times published Dec. 5, Patterson, a professor of...

U.K. injecting £75M into bioinformatics 'nerve center' for Europe

Amid efforts to gain control of an overwhelming surge in life sciences data, the U.K. government is spending £75 million on what is being called a "nerve centre" of a Europe-wide effort to

Singapore group touts new genome assembly method

A major bugaboo in the genomics field is that errors often exist in draft sequences after DNA molecules are decoded and assembled. Researchers in Singapore say their algorithm can nip this problem in...

Microsoft co-founder Allen urges open science to speed breakthroughs

There are now huge scientific datasets available online for free, but Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul Allen says that the NIH and other groups could be doing more to lift barriers to

Startup Spiral Genetics takes shot at bioinformatics

Bioinformatics has become the kind of field that draws even young entrepreneurs with limited backgrounds in scientific computing. Spiral Genetics, a Seattle-based startup, is a case in point. It grew

AstraZeneca taps IT outsourcing firm Cognizant

AstraZeneca ($AZ) has tapped outsourcing firm Cognizant ($CTSH) to take on a range of duties for the London-based drug giant, which aims to "streamline" its clinical development work, a company

NYT: Data bottleneck stymies progress in genomics

Biotech computing scribes write about the logjam of genomics data from high-speed sequencing machines on a regular basis, but the problem somehow seems more acute when The New York Times' Andrew

Nature Publishing backs startup Relay Technology

Relay Technology Management has landed a new backer and partner as the Boston startup gears up for the debut of its software that tracks and evaluates discoveries from academic and industry labs....

Mining data on FDA-OK'd drugs leads to potential cancer treatment

How does the anti-malaria drug chloroquine help patients with aggressive breast cancer? It's a question that Dr. Jenny Chang, director of the Methodist Cancer Center in Houston, aims to answer in a

GNS Healthcare CEO launches Forbes blog

Colin Hill has a new platform from which to speak out on "big data" analytics in healthcare and other hot topics. The CEO of GNS Healthcare, who should be known to many FierceBiotechIT...

Roche, BGI team on new capture tech for genetics studies

Two powerhouses in genomics have joined forces on new technology that could improve research on diseases such as cancer and AIDS. Roche NimbleGen and BGI said Monday that they have developed a new...

Infor moving HQ to Gotham

Infor has been lured to New York City. The company--which provides software to customers in multiple industries and supply-chain management systems to drug companies such as GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK)...