Microsoft donates open source bio project to Outercurve

The Outercurve Foundation has beefed up its open source tools for bioinformatics software. Microsoft, the primary backer of the nonprofit, has given Outercurve its .NET Bio library and API. The .NET...

MIT cell biologist named head of $2B NIH unit

The NIH has named Chris Kaiser as the new director of its National Institute of General Medical Sciences, the $2 billion institute that funds research in a range of fields including genetics and...

Indiana U. zeros in on supercomputing for new genome analysis center

There's a new national hub to aid researchers trying to make sense of tsunamis of genomic data. With a new $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation, Indiana University is starting...

$5M for web-based clinical tech firm goBalto

Investors have pumped dollars into goBalto. The San Francisco-based start-up, which provides "cloud" software for clinical research, has raised $5 million in equity financing, according to...

GenoLogics taps sequencing powerhouse Illumina in $8M round

GenoLogics has some new financial horsepower to move ahead with its lab software for next-gen DNA sequencing outfits. The Victoria, British Columbia-based company found support for an $8 million...

Google Earth marks sources of infection

Where in the world do outbreaks begin? Kathmandu, Nepal presents challenges to researchers trying to hunt down the source of typhoid infections in that city. Without the marked streets and other...

Robot scientist passes big bio test

Computers are always getting smarter. But sometimes the Watsons and Adams of the computer world generate big headlines. Now meet ABE (Automated Biology Explorer), a system that has generated...

Twitter opinions linked to vaccine uptake

Imagine using Twitter to pinpoint the potential location of a disease outbreak. Tweets then become more than short messages flashing on the computer screen. And Twitter can do more--the sentiments...

Bayer tackles informatics challenges in cancer research

Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals wants analytics that help its cancer researchers make use of ever-increasing amounts of genomic data. Working with Helsinki, Finland-based bioinformatics firm

Accelrys brings drug discovery projects to the cloud

Accelrys ($ACCL), the San Diego-based scientific software firm, has unveiled its next-gen informatics system called the Cheminformatics Suite. The suite has new tools, including a web-based system

UPDATED: Google VC unit takes lead role DNAnexus' $15M round, hosting huge DNA database

Google ($GOOG) has staked a claim in the rapidly expanding genomics field-again. DNAnexus, a provider of online tools for managing and analyzing genomic data, revealed today that Google Ventures is...

Honoring bioinformatics pioneer on Ada Lovelace Day

Perhaps it's easy to take for granted that there are now a plethora of applications to analyze biological data. But before Margaret Dayhoff, there was no established field of bioinformatics.

EDC upstart CTEP tackles Ph4 market

Dublin-based Clinical Trial EndPoint (CTEP) has found its sweet spot. With Oracle ($ORCL) glomming up big chunks of the clinical trials market for electronic data capture (EDC) software, smaller

Software models response to H. pylori

The Virginia Bioinformatics Institute's software for modeling the immune responses to pathogenic bacteria in the gut has a new capability. Researchers at the institute at Virginia Tech have upgraded

Mobile tech vet pioneers DNA analysis methods

Semiconductor technology has been at the heart of multiple DNA sequencing systems under development. Chris Toumazou, a veteran of the mobile phone industry, has been one of the forces behind

Eric Schadt leading biotech computing charge in NYC

In the biotech game, New York City doesn't hold a candle to Boston or San Francisco. But if anyone can change that perception, perhaps it's Eric Schadt, the chief scientist of Pacific Biosciences (

Kansas U. nails bioinformatics faculty members for part in plagiarism

Kansas University has cited two members of its bioinformatics faculty in connection to multiple instances of plagiarism in published work, prompting one of the staffers whose students were

Oracle takes on translational research hurdles

Electronic health records contain lots of data on patents and their disease states, yet bringing that information into the hands of drug researchers has been a big challenge. Oracle ($ORCL) is taking

Former Intel chief pushes for faster clinical research

Andy Grove is a well-known critic of the slow pace of innovation in drug development, and he's taken some lumps from other critics who say his statements seem to be out of touch with the...

Genome Inst. at Washington U. axes 54 jobs

One of the key genomic research centers in the country is downsizing because of a reduction in federal funding. The Genome Institute at Washington University in St. Louis has pink slipped 54...