MIT invents software for building DNA structures

A select few scientists have dazzled their peers by using DNA to build two-dimensional and complex three-dimensional structures that hold lots of promise in the fields of medicine and synthetic

New tech helping labs go virtual

Advanced scientific tools like high-powered telescopes and DNA sequencing systems have provided researchers with a tsunami of data to interpret. Well, many large computers are actually doing much of

How can IBM's Watson aid pharma researchers?

You might know about how IBM's Watson supercomputer bested human contestants in the game show Jeopardy! in February. But there's also been some thought about what the supercomputer could do to aid

PatientsLikeMe study challenges prior ALS claims

PatientsLikeMe is making some waves in the research world about the potential of its patient social network to provide insights into the health of people with serious diseases. The Cambridge,

Study: EMRs could aid in disease research

With the U.S. rapidly adopting electronic health records, there's a big opportunity to use data from the records to aid in disease research. Researchers at Northwestern University showed that tapping

"Biopunk" illuminates world of bio-hackers

In "Biopunk: DIY Scientists Hack the Software of Life," journalist Markus Wohlsen brings to light the efforts of do-it-yourself biotech inventors who are making use of such technologies as cheap DNA

Informatics firm Humedica raises $20M

Humedica, which offers clinical informatics to life sciences companies and other healthcare customers, has raised $20 million in what appears to be a second round of equity financing, according to an

PLoS highlights online DNA "encyclopedia"

The human genome is vast and complex, and there's a lot of work to be done to fully understand it. The Encyclopedia of DNA Elements, or ENCODE, is a global effort to bring clarity to the genome and

Layoffs target Genzyme Genetics IT workers, others

Employees at Genzyme Genetics are dealing with one of the unfortunate realities of mergers and acquisitions--layoffs. Lab Corp. of America ($LH), which bought Genzyme Genetics from Genzyme last year

Study: Paperless clinical trials offer advantages

There's been progress in an effort to show that paperless clinical trials can save time and money compared with traditional trials that involve hard copies of documents. A new white paper released on

"Open source biology" takes center stage

San Francisco was at the center of the movement to provide "open" tools for biomedical research last week. Sage Bionetworks, based in Seattle, held its second annual Commons Congress at a venue at

What's driving low enrollment in trials?

To address the problem of low enrollment in clinical trials, it helps to know what is preventing physicians and their patients from participating in the clinical investigations. Physicians at the

Monsanto-Atlas alliance targets bioinformatics

The great thing about many informatics tools is that they are useful across multiple industries, which could include a drug discovery firm or an outfit that is engineering crop seeds. Informatics was

Online brain atlas offers clues about diseases

The Allen Institute for Brain Science has scored a major victory in its effort to give scientists tools to unlock the mysteries of the human brain. The Seattle-based institute, funded by Microsoft (

Roche informatics guru tackles complex data

BOSTON - Drugmakers in general haven't been able to boost their productivity in terms of bringing new treatments to patients in concert with their growing, multibillion-dollar research and

Complete Genomics stocks up public genome repository

Have you downloaded the latest Kenyan genomes from Complete Genomics? The Mountain View, CA-based provider ($GNOM) of genomic sequencing said that it has added 29 complete human genome sequences to

Informatics enables new "point-of-care" trials

Doctors and biostatisticians have developed a new way of comparing approved treatments, with the help of electronic medical records and informatics. The Veteran Affairs Boston Healthcare System and

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PatientsLikeMe reveals strategy change

Got an illness, any illness? Then PatientsLikeMe wants you. After five years of limiting its patient social network to people with certain chronic diseases, the Cambridge, MA-based company says today