Contractors tap SharePoint as EDM platform

Two biopharma service providers have implemented enterprise document systems based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. In the first implementation, service provider Quotient Bioresearch has

EDC differentiation getting hard to see

Oracle tops the size chart among EDC system providers, followed by Medidata. Then come Datatrak, BioClinica, OmniComm, Nextrials and KIKA. Differentiation on basic EDC functions is difficult to

Recruitment effort taps digital, social media

Recruitment specialist ICTS has combined social media, a website and keyword ads in the start-up campaign for a client's rheumatology study. The digital combination, the service provider says,

OpenClinica update is user-driven

The newly released beta version of EDC/data-management platform OpenClinica 3.1 boasts a "completely rewritten" version of Extract Data. It's now based around a plug-in architecture. It turns out the

AstraZeneca, PPD, Medidata shine in IT leader list

A contract research organization, four drugmakers and a clinical trial solutions provider all appear on the 2011 Computerworld list of the top 100 IT Leaders. The information chiefs at these

Merck checks out tablets for R&D

Biotech IT decision-makers are fast approaching the fish-or-cut-bait point on touchscreen tablets. Although their use is a virtual slam-dunk in pharma sales and marketing, it's a trickier question on

Oracle slides trial payment into Siebel

The clinical trial payment function has been absorbed within the Oracle automation mega-structure. Trial Payment is one of eight vertical PIPs, or Process Integration Packs, included in the software

Omnicomm tool speeds lock-to-submission time

Targeting improvement in time-to-submission from data lock, Omnicomm has released the TrialMaster Export Utility. The utility is part of the version 4.1 release. It's a drag-and-drop tool that lets

Pharma stretches social media comfort zone

Pharma may be overcoming its social media shyness. Some 115 Twitter feeds are now sponsored by drugmakers. And AstraZeneca has used one of its feeds to host a chat on how patients can save money on

Virtual studies target antibiotic dosing

Attempting to minimize the trial-and-error repetition of early-phase testing, an expert in experimental therapeutics and a computer-aided systems engineer are using modeling and simulation to pit

CDC, Nextrials at HIMSS interop demo

Nextrials plans to demonstrate the interoperability of its Prism electronic trial management platform with platforms for electronic health records. The demo will take place this week at the HIMSS

Mobile apps push FDA device boundary

Some mobile apps for clinical trials--like many healthcare apps--perform the uncomfortable magic of turning a smartphone into a medical device. The puzzler is determining when the app forces the

In Canada, a trial data security charade

In at least one Canadian hospital, clinical trial data security is all but a farce. Sneaky researchers at Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario took a break from their drug development work to run a

Pharma will breathe easy when patient trumps drug

In development as in manufacturing, drugmakers have to get better at pushing beyond their core expertise if they want to maintain their power status among industries. IT-savvy non-pharma companies

Digital signature meets crypto time-stamp

The SAFE-BioPharma Association's digital signature standard is now linked with a cryptographic time-stamp service. Authenticity-specialist Surety is offering an enhanced version of its AbsoluteProof

FDA saddles Orexigen with weighty data demand

One year's data is not enough. Orexigen Therapeutics has started laying off 40 percent of staff following FDA's override of an expert panel endorsement and rejection of its obesity treatment

Offshore recruitment care affects data quality

A study of trial recruitment in developing Europe and a news story from India highlight issues of data quality and ethics in offshore trials. The two reports show the difference between investigators

Open R&D challenges big pharma innovation

Research-based pharma companies need to be "more networked, global, and entrepreneurial" to bring new drugs to patients faster and at lower cost, says Eli Lilly CEO John Lechleiter. He told The

Trial automation ripe for changing of the guard

Clinical trial automation technology appears destined to become a hopeless tangle of product types, with each slicing the pie into odd-sized and ill-fitting pieces: data capture, trial management,

ClearTrial V4 lets users tailor ops benchmarks

"We're the leader in a space of one," chuckles ClearTrial's Andrew Grygiel, marketing VP, explaining the company's long-standing aversion to the label "clinical trial management system" for its