PacBio fosters software community with 3rd-gen sequencer release

With the commercial release of Pacific Biosciences' third-generation sequencer in April come new opportunities for software vendors to provide tools to enhance the utility of the data provided by the

GenomeQuest taps former Roche exec to key post

GenomeQuest, a firm that provides genomic sequence database software, has named Gerry Higgins as its first healthcare innovation officer, to focus on using the firm's technology in developing...

Accelrys faces PerkinElmer in race to move labs from paper to pixel notebooks

In the growing market for scientific software, Accelrys sees many firms that compete with it on individual software products, but few that can go toe-to-toe with it across multiple areas of its

PatientsLikeMe enhances recruitment for clinical trials via social network

Recruiting patients for clinical trials is notoriously cumbersome and expensive using standard methods. Yet PatientsLikeMe might be able to ease this burden, using its social network of more than

Assay Depot lands $1.7M to take pharma research buying to the cloud

With a goal of streamlining how drug developers buy research services, Assay Depot has rallied private investors to raise $1.7 million, according to a press release. The firm aims to enable pharmas

Pfizer embarks on a 'first' all-electronic clinical trial

As Pfizer ($PFE) looks to tighten its belt on R&D spending, the drug giant has revealed plans to begin an FDA-approved clinical trial for an overactive bladder pill that enables patients to

DATATRAK goes public with patent lawsuit against Medidata

Medidata Solutions ($MDSO) faces a patent infringement lawsuit from a smaller competitor in the clinical trials software business. Cleveland-based DATATRAK International says today that it's served a

DNA computer tackles problems with code of life

Every once in a while at FierceBiotech IT, we like to dip into what's happening in wet labs--especially when it involves computer science. And perhaps there's no better convergence of wet lab

BioClinica chief Mark Weinstein on firm's eClinical makeover (Page 3)

FBIT: What do you think are the things that differentiate your company's suite of eClinical solutions? MW: We do have best-in-class point solutions. Our Trident product, which we just released, is a

BioClinica chief Mark Weinstein on firm's eClinical makeover (Page 2)

FBIT: What concerns you about consolidation in biopharma? MW: Well, I'd be silly to say it doesn't concern me. We have to pay attention to it. But still about 60 percent of our business is medical

Exclusive CEO Q&A: BioClinica chief Mark Weinstein on firm's eClinical makeover

BioClinica CEO Mark Weinstein A little over three years into transforming his company into a provider of diverse clinical trials software and services, BioClinica CEO Mark Weinstein says

OpenClinica rides open source model to gain paying EDC users

To hear OpenClinica CEO Cal Collins tell it, his company broke into the competitive electronic data capture (EDC) software business several years ago by essentially giving the goods away for free.

Medidata adds Allscripts vet Shapiro to board

Medidata Solutions ($MDSO), a major provider of electronic data capture (EDC) software for clinical trials, has named Lee Shapiro, president of Allscripts ($MDRX), to its board of directors.

Nations advance systems to flag bad drug reactions

In the ongoing battle to spot adverse drug or medical product reactions as early as possible, groups in Canada, Europe and the U.S. are advancing new programs to protect patients and inform health

Aptiv Solutions advances with CRO-software combo

Aptiv Solutions is banking on its expertise in areas such as adaptive clinical trials and software development to differentiate the Reston, VA-based CRO. Today, the company outlined its new

Agilent sells software unit to Persistent Systems

Persistent Systems says it aims to grow its life sciences software business with its purchase of lab instrument giant Agilent Technologies' software group in Grenoble, France. Pune, India-based

23andMe eyes Big Pharma for future growth

Mountain View, CA-based 23andMe is moving beyond its roots as a provider of consumer genetic tests, reports Xconomy's Luke Timmerman. The company has been targeting a new customer base, drug

Just one word... bioinformatics

What do we tell this year's crop of graduates as they plot their futures? How about telling them about the future prospects of bioinformatics. In a recent story, BioWorld contributor Ilene Schneider

Oracle, others plan NY clinical research network

We've made strides priming the pump for greater U.S. adoption of electronic health records, but we've still got a ways to go before those records become a mainstream asset to clinical studies for new

U. Maryland hooks up with OpGen on microbial database

DNA sequencing technology is aiding in the exploration of all the various microbes--good and bad--that play roles in human health. Now genomics researchers at the University of Maryland and