Google applies large-scale machine learning to drug discovery

Google has given the world a peek at one of the ways in which it thinks algorithms and huge datasets could reshape drug discovery. The work involves trying to make virtual drug screening more efficient using the same ethos Google applies to most problems: More data, more computing power. 

NIH puts data stitching at top of precision medicine to-do list

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has put the establishment of a way to combine data from different sources at the top of its list of initial priorities for President Obama's precision medicine initiative. Such a system is essential if the NIH is to pull off its plan of making use of data generated by third parties.

Intel-GE joint venture teams with Xavier U. to test health tech

The health-focused joint venture set up by GE Healthcare and Intel has teamed with Xavier University to create a permanent testing laboratory. Intel-GE Care Innovations will use the site to test remote patient monitoring and communication technologies.

Ubisoft creates therapeutic video game to treat lazy eye

French software giant Ubisoft has teamed with healthtech startup Amblyotech to create a video game that treats lazy eye.

Broadly positive reactions roll in for FDA's drug shortages app

The FDA made its first move into the world of smartphone apps this week with a tool to allow users of iOS and Android devices to view information on drug shortages. And the reception to the app was broadly positive, with users praising the tool itself and the FDA for pushing into the mobile sector.

AstraZeneca's rapid-fire IT dealmaking continues with Elixir hookup

AstraZeneca is extending its use of Elixir Software's R&D workflow-management software, in part to support communication while it is moving its focal point in the United Kingdom from Alderley Park to Cambridge.

RainDance files for $60M IPO

RainDance Technologies has taken a step toward completing its long-planned IPO by filing the paperwork for a $60 million offering.

Pfizer: Our IT systems are subject to frequent attacks

Pfizer has updated the risk factors section of its U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings to reflect the new normal in cybersecurity. The Big Pharma lays out the situation plainly: "As a global pharmaceutical company, our systems are subject to frequent attacks."

Analyst casts doubt on Big Data potential of Covance-LabCorp merger

LabCorp closed its $5.7 billion takeover of Covance this week and immediately began talking up the potential for its testing data to turbocharge the CRO's clinical trial business.

Eccrine bags seed funding for Air Force-developed sweat sensor

Eccrine Systems has raised $1.5 million in seed funding to develop a sweat sensor based on know-how that originated at the University of Cincinnati and the Air Force Research Labs. The Cincinnati, Ohio-based startup will use the cash to forge ahead with the development of wearable sensor technology it plans to pitch to clinical trial sponsors.

Novo Nordisk set to rake in up to $335M from IT unit IPO

Novo Nordisk has set the terms for the IPO of its IT services unit NNIT. If NNIT prices at the top end of its range when it goes public in the next week or so, the listing could generate up to $335 million for Novo Nordisk.

H3 hooks up with Foundation Medicine for data-driven oncology R&D

Foundation Medicine has followed up its transformational deal with Roche by inking an oncology alliance with Eisai-backed H3 Biomedicine. The deal sees Foundation Medicine pair its genomic database with H3's computational biology capabilities.

Big Data digging yields unprecedented road map of the epigenome

A massive data generation and analysis program has uncovered a map of the epigenome, the switches that turn genes off and on. Researchers published their findings in a series of papers in Nature and released the data for further analysis through the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Epic preps app store to link new tools to EHR systems

Epic Systems is preparing to open an app store. The platform will allow software developers to create apps that connect to Epic's electronic health records system, the Wisconsin State Journal reports.

FDA puts cloud storage and Google-esque search tools on precision medicine road map

The FDA has outlined how it will spend the $10 million it is set to receive as part of President Obama's Precision Medicine Initiative. The road map includes full or hybrid cloud storage, open-source data sharing platforms and Google-esque search tools.

Transcriptic snags $8.5M to add capabilities at robot-run lab

Robot-run lab startup Transcriptic has raised $8.5 million in a Series A round to buy more equipment and expand its service offering. The round once again attracted a clutch of big name, Big Data-focused Silicon Valley VC funds, including Data Collective and IA Ventures.

BGI investor: It is the database they are building that will make them formidable

The Financial Times has taken a look inside Chinese sequencing giant BGI and the implications of its mission to sequence the genomes of one million humans, one million microorganisms and one million plants and animals. 

AstraZeneca picks Labguru to improve collaborations with academia

AstraZeneca has struck a deal with BioData to use Labguru across its preclinical R&D sites. The deal will see AstraZeneca phase out its current patchwork of legacy systems in favor of BioData's web-based lab management system.

Sanofi-backed virtual trial gets green light in Europe

A Sanofi-backed consortium has won clearance to run a virtual diabetes trial in Europe. The regulatory nod reportedly marks the first time European authorities have green-lit a clinical trial with full electronic informed consent.

RainDance Technologies opens patent suit against 10X Genomics

The suit alleges that 10X Genomics--which exited stealth mode and raised $55.5 million last month--is using tech protected by patents licensed to RainDance from the University of Chicago.