GSK signs up to access Metabolon's bioinformatics tools

Metabolon has made a busy start to 2014, with media reports of a planned IPO following news of its partnership with J. Craig Venter's Human Longevity. Now, GlaxoSmithKline has signed up to use Metabolon's bioinformatics and visualization tools as part of a deal to source metabolomic profiling services.

Faced with FDA barriers, 23andMe mulls overseas expansion

Personal genetics startup 23andMe is reportedly considering expanding overseas to so it can get sales back on track despite its standoff with the FDA.

U.K. tries to revive 'dead duck' patient data sharing plan

The U.K.'s House of Lords has debated changes to the controversial and widely criticized health data sharing initiative.

Debiopharm inks deal with Yale to access computer-aided drug discoveries

Through use of virtual high-throughput screening and other computer-aided drug discovery methods, researchers at Yale University have investigated drugs to treat HIV, cancer and other diseases. Now, the group has teamed up with Swiss biopharma Debiopharm to discover and develop inhibitors for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

Flatiron raises $130M in Google-led round, buys EMR business

Google Ventures' reported $100 million investment in oncology Big Data startup Flatiron Health came to fruition this week. And the deal is even bigger than early reports suggested, with Flatiron raising $130 million and buying electronic medical record business Altos Solutions.

DrugDev buys TrialNetworks to 'glue' its clinical trial apps together

Trial investigator network DrugDev bought CFS Clinical in October to expand its offerings. Eight months later DrugDev has made its second deal, with the focus shifting to adding the "technological glue" that will tie its acquired tools together.

FDA setting up data, informatics center with UCSF and Stanford

The FDA is setting up its first West Coast Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation (CERSI) to further strengthen ties with academia and improve its use of informatics and data-driven computer models. The University of California, San Francisco, is housing the CERSI, which it will run in collaboration with scientists at Stanford University.

Bina, SAS and others pitch new tools to boost biopharma R&D

Over the past week a host of tech providers have pitched new tools to improve biopharma R&D, with Ayasdi, Bina Technologies, SAS and others unveiling products and upgrades at Bio-IT World Expo.

Novartis steps up MS digital presence with iPhone app

The app allows users to record their symptoms, general well-being, medications and other factors.

Buzz: Google Ventures leading $100M round in oncology Big Data platform

When Flatiron Health emerged in 2012 with a mission to improve oncology care, its founder predicted it would either be "a great success or a horrible failure." Now the Big Data startup is reportedly on the cusp of taking a major step towards the better of these two outcomes, with Fortune writing Google's venture capital wing is leading a $100 million financing round.

Canada to set up cancer cloud computing facility

Recognition of the insights hidden in genetic data and the difficulty in extracting them has prompted governments around the world to stump up cash for informatics projects. Canada is set to continue upping its investments in the field, with a cancer cloud-computing facility the latest project to secure financial backing.

Medidata unveils Sanofi deal as it looks to recover from rocky April

Having already been hit by the March selloff of biotech and tech shares, Medidata's stock sunk lower still last week after first-quarter results disappointed Wall Street. This week the eClinical provider had better news, with Sanofi signing up to use its risk-based monitoring technology.

FDA-funded study shows limits of mining Twitter for adverse event reports

The steady flow of posts about adverse events on social media provide an interesting opportunity for the FDA to improve postmarketing safety surveillance. Yet an FDA-funded study has found that mining the data for insights is difficult, with humans still better equipped than machines to decipher chatter on Twitter.

Google patents show plans for smart contact lenses

The patents show a standard looking contact lens incorporating two antennas, one for power, one for communication.

U.K. seeks help prioritizing $3.4B of Big Data projects

The U.K. is seeking feedback on how it should allocate its science and research budget in the coming years.

Feds fret over threat of healthcare data theft

The shift to electronic health records is opening up new opportunities for biopharma research, but it also makes the information vulnerable to hackers. Now the FBI has issued a warning to healthcare providers: Your data is at the top of hackers' hit lists and your cybersecurity is lax.

Y Combinator seeking software-enabled biotechs after raising funding limit

The Y Combinator startup investment model has already edged onto the fringes of biotech, with the organization itself funding a HIV vaccine and Illumina borrowing ideas from the group for its incubator. Now, the ties are set to get deeper still, with Y Combinator upping its investments in a bid to expand beyond pure-software startups.

Wellcome Trust order helps Illumina blast past HiSeq X Ten sale forecasts

When Illumina unveiled its $1,000 genome machine, there were a few doubts about how many organizations had a big enough sequencing pipeline to justify buying the equipment. Now a purchase by the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute has taken Illumina's order book up to 104 machines, almost double its original forecast.

NIH lays out plan to work exome data into clinical research

Having seen the cost of exome sequencing tumble in recent years, the U.S. National Institutes of Health has decided now is the time to jump-start its genomic medicine program. The upshot is more clinical research programs will soon have access to exome sequencing capabilities and NIH support with management of the resulting data.

Philippines opens IBM-powered bioinformatics facility

PGC set up the bioinformatics center to complement its existing next-generation sequencing work.