Accelrys snaps up discovery software from Scynexis

Accelrys ($ACCL) has beefed up its software offerings for virtual biotech teams. The San Diego-based company has acquired technology and personnel from drug developer Scynexis related to an SaaS product called Hit Explorer Operating System.

Ex-Apple CEO forecasts tech-driven change in medicine

John Sculley believes that cloud computing and big data analytics have the potential to solve some of the largest problems in healthcare, including mounting costs, The Guardian reported.

Startup Knode takes off with pharma fuel

Knode has sprung to life with web-based software to enable life sciences stakeholders to hunt for top experts.

Piramal banks on pharma's data binging in $635M buyout of Decision Resources

Sold on the growing need for data in biopharma, India's Piramal Healthcare has scooped up Decision Resources Group in deal valued at about $635 million.

UPDATED: Mobile apps could rival pharma's crown jewels

As we pack more data about our health into mobile devices, pharma companies could face a new competitive threat to their drugs: Mobile health apps.

NIH pumps $6M into DNA analysis for Alzheimer's plan

As GenomeWeb reports, the National Institutes of Health's National Institute on Aging has heeded the president's call for action and awarded up to $6 million for three projects that aim to analyze DNA sequencing data related to Alzheimer's.

UPDATED: BioClinica chief touts Microsoft ties in Q1 report

BioClinica ($BIOC) capitalized on the compatibility of its clinical trials software with Microsoft ($MSFT) technology and boosted revenue and income during the first quarter that ended March 31, the company said last week.

Boehringer, pharmas turn to social gaming for online outreach

Boehringer Ingelheim wants to create a social game dubbed "Syrum" that would let players tend to virtual R&D projects and traffic in scientific talent and compounds, according to InPharm.

Roche unit allies with genomics software group SoftGenetics

Roche's 454 Life Sciences has struck a partnership with SoftGenetics, a provider of next-generation sequencing (NGS) analytics. The co-op calls for Roche/454 and SoftGenetics to join forces in production promotions, the software company says.

UPDATED: AstraZeneca leans on IT to transform an ailing business

In an effort to engineer a turnaround at the struggling giant, AstraZeneca has zeroed in on information technology projects that could deliver results. And Angela Yochem, the company's technology chief since last year, has been digging into the miscues at the global company.

Join a live Twitter chat with Medidata's Glen de Vries

De Vries and I have spoken several times over the past year about how cloud computing and other innovations are changing the way clinical trials data and operations are managed. We recently agreed to host one such chat in the Twitterverse.

Crowdsourcing tool tapped to spot malaria

Designed at UCLA with the non-scientist in mind, a game allows players to separate healthy from infected blood cells to diagnose malaria.

Investors pour $50.8M into genomics standout Oxford Nanopore

Oxford Nanopore has grabbed $50.8 million in a fresh round of financing as the U.K. company advances plans to compete in the DNA sequencing game with small device that could expand applications of the technology. 

Startup tries Apple-like strategy in genomics field

Bina Technologies is betting on the combination of computer hardware and software to become a success in the genomics field.

Software provider to Merck taps IBM cloud to fight fake drugs

Cambridge, MA-based Sproxil, which provides tech to combat drug counterfeiting to Merck and GlaxoSmithKline, says the company has harnessed IBM's cloud computing and visualization software to improve its product.

A case for 'open source' clinical trial data (locked behind a pay wall)

Australian researchers argue that open source rules for clinical trials could nix the replication and stymied progress which result from keeping data from studies under wraps.

Genomics tops chart of social media buzz in biotech IT

Genomics was a hot topic last week at the Bio-IT World Expo, as tech companies and service providers highlighted their tools and hardware for exploring and interpreting the genome.

Medidata snags biz from rival Oracle in record Q1

The company wrapped up the first quarter of 2012 with record revenue of $50.4 million and a 76% jump in GAAP operating income to $6.1 million.

BT touts cloud for biopharma R&D collaboration

BT Global has run to the market with a cloud-based service that allows biopharma companies to conduct global collaborations.

Pfizer, Roche raise online profiles as GSK's drops

Drugmakers are pouring more money into online outreach and marketing, and several of the largest pharma companies have been rewarded for good stewardship of their web presences.