AstraZeneca taps IMS Health for mining 'real-world' data sources

With a greater burden of proof on drugmakers to get payment for new medicines, London-based pharma AstraZeneca ($AZN) has partnered with IMS Health to scour multiple sources of data for real-world

Life Technologies' latest DNA sequencer targets informatics 'bottlenecks'

Life Technologies ($LIFE) set the genomics world abuzz today with the announcement of its latest DNA sequencing machine based on the semiconductor tech that Life scooped up in its acquisition of Ion

New software aids RNA cocktail against cancer

With drug developers aiming to make cancer treatment more personalized, German researchers have implemented a software tool to spot genetic mutations for a program that aims to bring individualized

Knome taps Pfizer vet as new CEO

With plans to up its game in the biopharma and healthcare arenas, genome interpretation provider Knome has hired veteran biotech executive Martin Tolar as its new chief executive, the company

Accelrys CEO hints at more buyouts after VelQuest acquisition

As reported here Tuesday, Accelrys ($ACCL), one of the world's biggest providers of R&D software, has expanded into the quality control arena with its $35 million buyout of VelQuest. And the

Bristol-Myers Squibb outsources network duties to British Telecom

Drugmakers are leaning on outsourcing groups to pick up the slack as they narrow their focus to bringing new drugs to market. U.S. drug powerhouse Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY), no stranger to

Quintiles starts digital unit in online hunt for study patients

Quintiles has boosted its drive to recruit patients for clinical trials with the launch of its Digital Patient Unit, which consists of existing websites that enable the giant CRO to steer seekers of

10 social media lessons for pharma (page 2)

Lesson 5: Take conversations about off-label use (and, IMHO, adverse events) offline and into existing processes and procedures. The FDA requires some additional assistance in understanding social

10 social media lessons for pharma

By Peter Pitts The Dec. 27 draft guidance, "Responding to Unsolicited Requests for Off-Label Information About Prescription Drugs and Medical Devices" offers sound counsel but not much in the area

Accelrys bulks up software offerings in $35M VelQuest buyout

With its R&D software facing lots of competition, Accelrys ($ACCL) made a move announced today to expand its menu of applications into the drug-manufacturing arena. The San Diego-based company is

Poor patient recruitment cited in call for trial disclosures

It's no secret that drugmakers often fail to hit patient-recruitment targets for their clinical trials, but they might never say which study sites fell short in enrolling patients. To offer greater

FDA dishes out long-awaited guidance on social media

With drug and device makers seeking rules of the social media road from regulators, the FDA quietly issued draft guidance to shed light on its thinking about a specific area of concern for pharma

Medidata beefs up CRO ties with China partnership

Medidata Solutions ($MDSO) has been on a well-documented hunt for new business from CROs that are modernizing their methods of managing clinical trials data and taking a greater share of the clinical

FierceBiotech IT will be back in action Jan. 3, or sooner...

The team at FierceBiotech IT will be taking a break between Christmas and New Year's Day, but we'll be back after then to cover more top news on bioinformatics, clinical trials software, patient

Pfizer takes lead in race for social media clout

Drugmakers all over the world are boosting their campaigns on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, building followings in hopes of advancing certain business objectives. A new study shows

Virtual patients could alter clinical trials – and be easy to recruit

Computer-simulated patients have gotten closer to the real thing in terms of providing accurate models of how human tissues and organs act under certain circumstances. With groups at Rensselaer

EU program backs Linguamatics and ChemAxon's informatics work

Linguamatics and ChemAxon have won funding from the Eurostars Program for what the groups are calling the first interactive text-mining system specifically for chemistry research, according to the...

EMA boosts war on bad drug reactions in €222.5M budget

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) plans to scale up its battle against harmful drug reactions in 2012 after citing figures that the problem costs thousands of lives and €79 billion a year. The

Harvard plays money ball with biotech--and baseball--data

The Billy Beane of biotech might come in the form of a slate of statistical tools from Harvard University and the Broad Institute. Researchers from the venerable institutions have created the tools,...

Blood cancer group lights way to 28% faster trial starts

Researchers haven't figured out how to completely wipe out or cure blood cancers called multiple myeloma that infiltrate plasma cells, but the nonprofit Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium (MMRC)