FierceBiotech IT in Boston this week

FierceBiotech IT's editorial and sales teams are in Boston this week to meet with industry leaders at a variety of venues in the hub.

NextBio moves genetic analysis software into clinical R&D territory

NextBio has opened a new chapter for its genetic data analysis platform, announcing that the company has moved downstream in the R&D process with its NextBio Clinical offering.

Survey: Pharma lags peers in gaining trust via social media

Drugmakers have failed to gain the trust of most consumers on social networking sites, a new PricewaterhouseCoopers survey found.

GAO report: FDA's IT modernization 'in jeopardy'

The GAO report found that the FDA lacked a comprehensive list of its IT assets, on which the agency spent more than $400 million during fiscal 2011.

Google VC fuels Series A round for pharma software startup

As major drugmakers spread their R&D bets via a number of partnerships with external groups, Cambridge, MA-based Wingu has raised a Series A round of funding to fuel development of software that...

Updated: Virtual MS research community emerges

Stakeholders in the development of multiple sclerosis drugs have taken their fight against the neurodegenerative disease online with the launch of a virtual community.

Industry Voices: In Pursuit of Scientific Hive Mind

Imagine a vast, collective "hive mind" that consumed, processed and disseminated all scientific knowledge instantaneously and ubiquitously, incorporating not only published works, but also raw data, analysis and other resources.

Pharma groups stand out in social media realm

According to a Pharmalot report, Astellas Pharma of Japan made a 1,100% jump in social media buzz from last week to the previous week.

Video gamers unravel drug discovery riddles

Foldit, the online video game in which players puzzle out protein structures, is now challenging them to work on tasks related to the design of protein drugs.

Takeda backs analysis of genomic data on brain diseases

Major players in genomic research and mental health recently formed the CommonMind Consortium to analyze large-scale genomic data and make the findings publicly available to researchers online.

Google VC doubles down on Big Data after biotech bets

Google Ventures is boosting its internal expertise in data analytics, a sign that the web giant's VC group wants to deepen its presence in the growing Big Data field.

Amazon hungers for genomics data after NIH pact

Amazon's late March deal with Uncle Sam to host a huge dataset of genomes has made waves in the technology world, as it marks yet another advance in the use of cloud computing to corral massive amounts of scientific data.

Wellcome joins chorus calling for free online access to medical research

Wellcome Trust no longer wants to pay for medical research that ends up guarded behind a pay wall.

Big Pharmas back open source drug discovery with money and molecules

Fed up with outdated models for finding new treatments that have missed the mark, drugmakers and other public health stakeholders have ignited open source efforts to discover drugs.

Gotham's genome center grabs grant for bioinformatics hires

The New York Genome Center has won a grant to fuel its ambitious plans to establish one of the country's leading genomics institutes in Manhattan.

Radiant Sage finds big software need for Pfizer

Radiant Sage has emerged in recent years as one of the software companies to watch in clinical trials image management.

New frontier in digitized clinical trials: Video games?

The key to getting kids to openly engage and share data in pediatric clinical trials could lie in one of their favorite things--computer games.

Pharma's iPad attraction marks tech adoption shift

Pharma companies are buying the popular tablets by the thousands, doling them out to sales reps and executives alike.

Roche helps corral diabetes chitchat from Twitter

The Swiss drug giant is zeroing in on the diabetes community with the recent launch of a page on the social networking site called Diabetes Nest.

Apple emerges as 'dominant' life sciences IT player

Apple is reaping the rewards of the popularity of its technology among life sciences companies, according to a new survey.