WorldOne takes over Sermo social network for docs

Sermo, the high-profile provider of the largest doctors-only social network in the U.S., is now in the hands of a healthcare market research firm.

NCI spotlights cancer gene-drug matchmaker software

An updated set of web-based analysis tools rapidly finds drugs with the potential to combat certain cancers, matching the drugs with tumors based on vast amounts of genetic information about the cancers and data on thousands of tested compounds.

10 Reasons Why Biotech Needs Big Data

We've rounded up 10 ways huge stockpiles of data and large-scale data analysis are changing the biotech game.

Venter, Stanford build first computer model of complete organism

Computational biology has taken another big leap. The J. Craig Venter and Stanford University have pieced together the first software model of an entire organism, using massive amounts of data and computing power to simulate life processes of the tiny being.

Boehringer backs study of mobile diabetes care

Boehringer Ingelheim has struck a deal which positions the German drugmaker to participate in digital diabetes care. The pact between Boehringer and digital health outfit Healthrageous involves a study of Type 2 diabetics, who are expected to receive a combination of digital coaching, wireless glucose monitoring and other tools to manage their disease.

Sanofi pins winner in hunt for digital diabetes breakthroughs

As Sanofi ($SNY) seeks expansion in the fast-growing diabetes market, the Paris-based drugmaker has awarded $100,000 to a group called n4a Diabetes Care Center for designing a system that analyzes Big Data sources to improve diabetes treatment.

Stanford rides Big Data wave in medical research

Stanford University houses some of the top minds studying Big Data in biomedicine, and this summer's issue of Stanford Medicine spotlights their cutting-edge use of monstrous amounts of biological data to advance new treatments. It's worth taking a half hour or more to peruse.

Quintiles, Allscripts to tap health IT data for drug research

Quintiles and Allscripts plan to work as one to develop software that improves drug development and research of products on the market. The partnership deepens ties between the world's largest CRO, Quintiles, and Allscripts, one of the country's foremost providers of electronic health records.

Intel and NextBio seek Big Data upgrades in genomics

Another tech giant has joined the genomics revolution. Intel ($INTC), the world's largest maker of microprocessors, has joined forces with the genomic data analysis provider NextBio to improve Hadoop, a core open source software for Big Data applications such as slicing and dicing monstrous amounts of DNA data.

Eli Lilly aims to up social media game

Eli Lilly aims to replicate some of the success of its LillyPad blog and social media identity, branching out from the U.S. and Canada to Europe and south of the border in Mexico, PMLive reported.


23andMe bets on patient-driven research with CureTogether buyout

Personal genomics outfit 23andMe has expanded its presence in patient-driven research, gaining new tools and expertise in online collection of patients' disease information with its purchase of CureTogether.

Industry Voices: Harness life sciences data, uncover insight

At this year's annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the growing data deluge was a major hot topic among the foremost global community of business, political, intellectual and other leaders of society. Big Data has become a larger-than-life topic in the past year, but some don't fully understand what this means.

Supercomputer, sequencing uncover clue to doc's unlikely cancer

In an evil twist of fate, Dr. Lukas Wartman developed the same cancer he dedicated his research at Washington University to destroy--leukemia.

Mytrus aligns leadership for at-home clinical trials biz

Mytrus has changed CEOs as the provider of at-home clinical trials technology advances to a new stage.

ERT scoops up Invivodata for ePRO clinical trials tech

To build up its electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) business, Philadelphia-based ERT has acquired its competitor Invivodata. The deal buttresses ERT's position as a global provider of technology and services for clinical studies, the company announced today.

Mount Sinai Medical Center, Cloudera embrace Big Data in genomics

Major forces in the worlds of genomics research and Big Data have united to transform the analysis of elephantine amounts of biological and health data. And the collaborators--Mount Sinai Medical Center and the software company Cloudera--have enlisted their top minds to master the challenging tasks ahead.

Voice software offers potential tool for clinical trials

New Parkinsons-detecting software could be used to monitor disease progression in clinical trials. 

Researchers shatter record with U.S.-China genomic data transfer

Accomplishing what took more than a day via the public Internet, a group in Beijing sent a huge amount of genomic data over a 10-gigabit network connection to collaborators at the University of California, Davis, in less than 30 seconds.

Pfizer boosts online offerings to German docs

Pfizer's ($PFE) German unit has opened an online portal for clinicians to gain training and information on the drug giant's R&D pipeline and product offerings, PMLive reported.

Microsoft honors Bristol-Myers, Novartis and Sanofi

Microsoft ($MSFT) gave kudos to a trio of drugmakers--Novartis ($NVS), Sanofi ($SNY) and Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY)--and their technology partners, pointing out how Microsoft's software platforms were used successfully in the biopharma business.