Belgian researchers access CLC bio's sequence analysis software

VIB, a life sciences research institute in Flanders, Belgium, has licensed CLC bio's sequence analysis software CLC DNA Workbench for use across academic institutions in the Flanders region,...

EMC to found Russian cloud computing, 'Big Data' hub

Many companies, especially biopharma and bioinformatics companies, end up with a pool of unstructured and semistructured data, these days dubbed "Big Data." U.S.-based global IT company EMC...

Eagle Genomics, Cycle Computing win bid to develop bioinformatics solutions

As the volume of bioinformatics data increases, companies and researchers need more sophisticated analysis tools to help them cope. In a move to help companies through this data deluge, Eagle...

Norway's sequencing project will need major IT infrastructure

Norway's decision to sequence the 25,000 Norwegians diagnosed with cancer each year will require the country to build specialized computing infrastructure to cope with the enormous influx of new...

Oracle announces new round of projects in IT, clinical trials

As projects generate larger quantities of more complex data, IT needs to becomes an increasingly important part of research of any kind, but particularly personalized medicine.

Median Technologies, Sanofi sign medical imaging deal

France-based services provider Median Technologies has signed an agreement with global pharma company Sanofi ($SNY) to provide interpretation and management services along with software for medical...

Researchers create software-based 3-D genome map

You might think Chia Pets are terra cotta heads with sprouted seeds as hair.

Supercomputing supports genetic, cancer research in Arizona

There is a vast amount of data out there, from the millions of genomes of patients and their cancers to what must be billions of clinical research reports and medical records, but it's really...

Startups ease access to online data on medical product side effects

The FDA has digested huge amounts of data on the hazardous effects of medical products for decades, and some entrepreneurs have set out to turn a profit from the information. Two recently launched...

Google Ventures, VCs backing tech focused on genomics

In its examination of the many potential challenges in genomics, Bloomberg made note of how venture capital is playing a role in advancing technologies that aim to tap the full potential of genomic...

Clinical IT outfit upsizes as Big Pharma customers downsize

BioClinica ($BIOC) has plans to hire 55 people this year as the provider of clinical trials software and imaging services scales up its operation, which serves companies--such as Pfizer ($PFE)--that...

U.K. genomics database plan faces hurdles

Now that the cost of sequencing DNA is quickly plummeting toward $1,000, some scientists in the U.K. are backing a plan to put citizens' genomic data into a national database. Advocates argue...

Covance's big IT budget gets thumbs down from analysts

Covance ($CVD) wants to reduce annual increases in its information technology budget, but the big CRO told investors Wednesday that it was going to have to make some major investments in the short...

Gamers tackle enzyme makeover, beat scientists' efforts

Online players of the video game Foldit have notched another first. With a bit of guidance, the players were able to redesign an enzyme and improve its potency, and it's the first time crowdsourcing

Emerging player in DNA analysis joins forces with U. of Missouri

Appistry, a recent entrant in the game for providing analytics for genomics data, has picked up a partnership with the University of Missouri. The university is tapping Appistry's system called

Oracle injects genomics capability into analytics platform

Oracle ($ORCL) wants to help drug researchers tap and analyze genomic data that are vital to the development of personalized therapies, which have already become key weapons in the war on cancer. The

Oracle, Parexel among leaders in CTMS market poised to hit $1.3B

Drug developers have been aiming to maximize efficiency in notoriously expensive clinical trials, and they have increased investments in clinical trial management system (CTMS) software to streamline

Big Pharma testing waters with mobile tech

Developers of mobile technologies have made some inroads with deep-pocketed drugmakers, which have sought the help of new apps and devices to streamline the development, marketing and sales of meds.

FDA brings new workflow software into its labs

In the past, the FDA has been criticized for its "antiquated" IT systems--in 2007, the FDA's Subcommittee on Science and Technology described the FDA IT infrastructure as obsolete, unstable, and

Consumers to pharma: Let's be Facebook friends (or not)

Drugmakers often get a bad rap among consumers for questionable marketing practices and events like the Vioxx scandal. Yet a consumer survey shows that, at least in online circles, pharma isn't as