Computer game rewards players for shirking flu shots

Flu shots help stem the spread of flu, yet many millions of Americans don't get them. Economists have puzzled over the issue and came up with some interesting conclusions from their use of a computer game to study human behaviors related to protecting against disease.

Big Data Biopharma Forum Slideshow

Here are some views and sound bites from the sold-out Big Data Biopharma Forum event, featuring GlaxoSmithKline Senior Vice President Lon Cardon, Warp Drive Bio CEO Alexis Borisy, AstraZeneca R&D Information Vice President John Reynders and New Enterprise Associates General Partner Dave Mott. Check out the slideshow >>

GoBalto lands major pharma CRO as customer for cloud software

INC Research has signed on to use goBalto's web-based software to boost the process of getting clinical trials up and running, providing the Bay Area startup with what appears to be one of its biggest customer wins yet for the tech.

Social network tackles extremely rare genetic disease

Advocates have set out to unlock some of the mysteries of an extremely rare genetic disease--with the help of social media.

Elsevier snaps up drug R&D software company

Elsevier wants to sell more software to biotech and pharma outfits. The scientific information giant has scooped up Paris-based Aureus Sciences, a provider of software and databases for drug discovery and development groups.

Illumina, Life Technologies trumpet startup efforts in clinical genomics

The network effect could bring genomics into the mainstream of healthcare and aid drug development. Two rival leaders in the DNA sequencing arena--Illumina and Life Technologies--have forged separate alliances with major medical institutions to bring the power of decoding genomes into the clinic.

Will AthenaHealth's $293 million deal for mobile apps outfit matter to pharma?

Epocrates has caught the attention of pharma players with trendy mobile apps for physicians that let them look up info on prescription meds. AthenaHealth, an electronic health records outfit, has bet on the app provider in a $293 million buyout of the company.

Link between weather, disease drives new prediction outbreak models

Just as news channels use computer models to forecast weather, data on weather conditions might also be helpful in predicting disease outbreaks.

LabLynx rips page from Google playbook with cloud-based lab apps

LabLynx is elbowing in on legacy software systems with laboratory software that allows scientists to download any web app for free. Without requiring pricey IT overhead, the apps could win over labs on a budget that seek new tools to boost productivity.

Quants collaborate on forecasting value of genomics in medicine

Genomics hasn't lived up to all the hype in medicine, and even some experts have begun to question the value of the field. Channeling Nate Silver, Harvard researchers took a data-driven approach used in forecasting the weather and outcomes of presidential elections to forecast the value of genomics research.

Abbott spinoff AbbVie starts social media effort from scratch

This fresh beginning also means that Abbott vets at AbbVie must start all over again to regain an audience on Twitter.

Is FDA keeping social media from taking flight in pharma?

From what I've seen, the pharma fleet hasn't taken flight with many new uses of social media to ease some of the most acute problems in the industry.

Agilent unit picks up lab software rights to fuel cancer diagnostics biz

In the hours before the holiday exodus, Agilent Technologies' Dako unit revealed a deal to scoop up rights to connectivity software and development talent to bolster business to support labs involved in cancer diagnostics.

Interview: Stanford's Butte on bridging gap from Big Data to biotech discoveries

Dr. Atul Butte is pioneering efforts from his lab at Stanford and via a startup called NuMedii--which is led by his wife, Gini Deshpande--to mine massive data sets for breakthrough diagnostics and treatments.

iPad app garners kudos for boosting lab productivity

BioData picked up a nod from The Scientist for its web application called Labguru. Named among the magazine's Top 10 Innovations of 2012, the app offers scientists the ability to manage their lab work on their desktop or iPad easily and inexpensively.

Qualcomm backs clinical trials software outfit in $12M round

With cloud-based software to get clinical trials off the ground faster, goBalto has reeled in $12 million in a new round of financing with backing from wireless giant Qualcomm's Life Fund and others. Its new investor hopes goBalto's platform can address the steep rise in the cost of developing new therapies.

Parexel scoops up pharma software provider Liquent for $72M

Parexel International announced that it has nailed down a deal to buy Liquent, a provider of regulatory information management software, for $72 million.

FDA clears startup's virtual trial for drug against multiple sclerosis

Transparency Life Sciences picked up a win for its bet on open innovation in transforming drug development. The FDA cleared the developer's IND application to study a generic hypertension drug for a new potential use in patients with multiple sclerosis, after the startup tapped crowdsourced input from experts and patients on aspects of the clinical trial.

Stanford algorithm eases ache of diagnosing chronic pain

Today, doctors ask patients to rate their own pain on a scale, relying heavily on what patients say to make their diagnoses. Stanford researchers are working on a more objective measurement, and they have applied computer algorithms to help them pull it off.

Pharma twist in cloud computing rivalry

Google has upped its cloud-computing game with enhancements that rival Amazon's and could give customers more opportunities to tap cloud computing.