Bioinformatics startup launches via tech company and hospital partnership

BioLinQ, a provider of biomedical informatics for disease diagnosis and medical research, was formed through a partnership between Transformatix Technologies and National Children's Hospital in Columbus, OH, News-Medical reports.

Roche seeks advances in cloud computing for cancer drug research

Swiss drug giant Roche ($RHHBY) has embarked on a massive internal project to sequence cancer genes, as the company works on advancing the next wave of oncology medicines that target the triggers of tumors. And the project has involved a sizable investment in information technology and will require advances in cloud computing to take it to the next level.

Merck finds pharma research results with online competition

Merck has helped advance the "gamification" of pharmaceutical research. The drug giant ($MRK) has awarded $40,000 to teams of scientists through a competition to solve a research problem via the online community Kaggle, which announced the results on its blog last week.

Sanofi deal bolsters Medidata in record quarter for revenue

Sanofi has decided to use Medidata Solutions' clinical trials software throughout the French drug giant's R&D group. The deal was one of the highlights in Medidata's third-quarter earnings report and preceded a rally of the software company's stock Wednesday.

Titan slays Jaguar in computing comparison, open to R&D comers

In supercomputing, a big player just got bigger, and biotech researchers the world over can benefit. The U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Tennessee has unveiled its Titan supercomputer, with some of its incredible computing capacity slated to support life sciences experiments, according to a Bio-IT World report.

Deloitte scoops up Recombinant for data warehousing and analytics

The move gives the consulting giant the keys to Newton, MA-based Recombinant Data's growing business that serves the data needs of hospitals, research institutions and healthcare companies.

Synteract snaps up Oracle software for drug safety monitoring

Seeking improved data efficiency and other benefits, the San Diego-based CRO Synteract has adopted two Oracle Argus 7.0 modules for its pharmacovigilance platform.

IBM's Watson studying to tackle lung cancer cases

IBM's Watson computer could be working alongside oncologists on real cancer cases by the end of the year, InformationWeek reported.

Human heart simulated on world's fastest supercomputer

Before the U.S. government cloaks the operations of the Sequoia supercomputer for classified nuclear arms analyses, scientists have tapped the world's fastest computer for an unprecedented simulation of the human heart.

Five3, maker of cancer genomics software, takes off from UCSC labs

A group from the University of California, Santa Cruz, has embarked on a new project to commercialize cancer genomics software through a new startup company called Five3 Genomics. The company has attracted a few of the biggest names in genomics and biotech to serve as advisers.

Swedish bioinformatics group grabs $840K to fuel growth, report says

Qlucore, a Swedish maker of software for analyzing scientific data in academic and pharma labs, is eyeing expansion in the U.S. The bioinformatics outfit has raised $840,000 from Stockholm-based venture firm GLD Invest, GenomeWeb reports.

Accelrys acquisition hunt continues with $30M Aegis deal

Accelrys ($ACCL) has continued its push into drug production software by snapping up Aegis Analytical for $30 million in cash. The takeover comes 10 months after Accelrys set the tone for 2012 by moving into QA/QC software with the $35 million buyout of VelQuest.

Merge wins clinical trials software deal in China

Tigermed Consulting, a CRO based in Shanghai, has opted to use Merge's CTMS for sponsors and CROs to efficiently advance studies.

BioSoft opens office for DNA data analysis in Asia

BioSoft Integrators has expanded its operations in Asia with the opening of a Malaysian corporation in Kuala Lumpur, providing the San Diego-area provider of DNA sequencing analysis with an outpost for serving customers abroad.

Pfizer wins popularity contest in social media survey of patients

But the survey of 356 patients showed that 47% of them had a negative opinion of pharma companies in general compared with 30% of advocates with overall favorable views on drugmakers.

Quintiles reels in pharma business with IT game changers

A host of CROs have angled to set themselves apart with new information technologies, as innovations in Big Data and cloud computing offer potential benefits to drug developers. Now the IT chief at Quintiles has made a case that his group has turned fashionable tech into moneymakers and another reason why pharma companies such as Eli Lilly ($LLY) have done business with the CRO giant.

Big Pharma consortium to share cancer trial data

A consortium of leading pharma companies has initiated a project to share historic clinical trial data to speed cancer research. The database--dubbed Project Data Sphere--will use security and anonymization strategies to overcome privacy fears related to sharing patient information.

Appistry grabs distribution of MIT-Harvard genome toolkit

Appistry snagged rights to distribute a next-generation sequencing data analysis platform developed by an MIT-Harvard joint venture.

Software created to find online evidence of side effects

A group of scientists wants to get out ahead of drug side-effect reports by monitoring online chatter and news.

Australia goes online for clinical trials awareness

Australia's government has acknowledged the impact of the Digital Age on clinical trials. The government last week launched a website with information about clinical research of treatments, with an eye toward boosting public awareness of the studies as well as making the country competitive in the clinical trials sector.