Shifting gears from $1,000 genome to big data analytics

The $1,000 genome was a worthy cause that helped motivate scientists and engineers to drive down the cost of decoding DNA, but now there are numerous steps needed to analyze the data from sequenced genomes to deliver personalized care for patients with cancer and other diseases.

Why Microsoft's Yammer buyout matters in pharma

Microsoft ($MSFT) has plans to step up its focus on social networking with its expected buyout of the business social network Yammer for more than $1 billion. And The Wall Street Journal caught up with the tech chief at AstraZeneca, among others, in a piece that gauges the import of the major buyout across several different sectors.

Merck Serono, Compugen form startup to catch drug toxicity early

Compugen has found a new use for its computational discovery technologies. The Tel Aviv, Israel-based company ($CGEN) and global drugmaker Merck Serono have joined forces to form a startup called Neviah Genomics, which will focus on developing diagnostic tests to spot drug-induced toxicities, which cause drugs to fail in clinical trials.

FierceBiotech IT lands in Philly for DIA

It's time for the DIA 2012 Annual Meeting. For the next couple days, I'll be in historic Philadelphia to attend a slew of meetings with purveyors of life sciences software and panels on hot topics such as patient recruitment for clinical trials and integration of electronic health records (EHRs) and electronic data capture (EDC) systems.

Oracle rolls out cloud apps for clinical trial recruitment

Drugmakers hunt far and wide for patients to take part in their clinical trials, making study recruitment one of the trickiest and time-consuming aspects of product development. Now the software giant Oracle ($ORCL) has set up cloud-based applications that aim to ease the burden of rounding up qualified subjects for clinical studies.

Bay Area startup delivers clinical trials analytics from the cloud

The Palo Alto, CA-based startup has announced a cloud-based version of its software for analyzing and visualizing clinical trial data.

UPDATED: Pfizer's online trial recruitment gambit flops

Social media has already proven to be a useful tool to get out the word to potential participants about new clinical trials, but a soup-to-nuts approach to online recruitment and enrollment in a Pfizer study has failed.

Parexel trumpets unified tech for clinical trials software

Parexel unveiled its "MyTrials" platform as a way to integrate a bevy of software tools that the company and its pharma sponsors use in conducting studies.

Africa goes mobile to tackle drug safety woes

Sub-Saharan Africa has suffered a drug safety meltdown. A new survey found that only four out of 46 countries in the region had adequate systems to pinpoint and react to problems with drug safety. Officials are prescribing a coordinated regional effort to bring pharmacovigilance up to snuff, and a new mobile tech system for reporting bad drug reactions in Nigeria is already in the works.

Harvard IDs key human-hosted bugs with computer systems

A massive research effort has explored the vast number of microbes that live on and inside our bodies, amassing an incredible amount of data on the microbial genes that dwarfs the information from a human genome.

Third Rock fuels $41M launch of Bay Area biotech

Recently launched with a $40.7 million round of funding from Third Rock Ventures, the Global Blood Therapeutics plans to harness the power of its tech platform--called SHAPE--to combat blood diseases.

Sequoia-backed startup enters race to make sense of the genome

Silicon Valley Biosystems has emerged from top-secret status this week with bold plans to provide doctors with high-quality reports on their patients' genomes, challenging a growing crowd of software companies with similar goals, Bio-IT World's veteran editor Kevin Davies reported.

Stanford spinoff debuts cloud-based R&D software

Syapse has pushed its software for aggregating and structuring biomedical data into the commercial realm.

Biogen vet tapped as CIO of Harvard Med School

Harvard Medical School has named Rainer Fuchs as the prestigious institution's chief information officer, a post that Dr. John Halamka had recently vacated, FierceBiotech IT has confirmed after learning of the news on Twitter last week.

Pharma rocks many Twitter handles for many reasons

The Twittersphere is lousy with pharma feeds. Count them up, as Eye on FDA recently did, and 44 drugmakers operate 200 Twitter accounts, and the number appears to be growing as pharma companies raise their online profiles and tailor their social media strategies.

Novartis predicts drug side effects with computers

Swiss drug giant Novartis ($NVS) and researchers from the startup SeaChange Pharmaceuticals and the University of California, San Francisco, have shown that their computational strategy can predict "off-target" problems before human testing.

Lilly leads docs to cancer drug trials with iPad app

Eli Lilly has discovered a new use for mobile apps--informing doctors about clinical trials for cancer drugs.

Genetic software upstart secures $250K

GenomOncology has jumped into the race to analyze genetic data for cancer specialists. With applications in pharma and research labs and oncology clinics, the company's "genomic-analysis-as-service" plan has attracted a $250,000 commitment from the nonprofit venture group JumpStart.

Complete Genomics axes 55 staffers

Complete Genomics is slumping. The provider of whole genome sequencing and informatics support has decided to cut about 20% of its roster to conserve cash, and the company has hired a financial adviser to aid its hunt for "strategic alternatives."

Proteins computer-designed to block flu invasions

Researchers have tapped computers to engineer proteins that bind to the flu in a way that prevents the virus from horning in on cells. And the proteins hone in on an area of the virus that makes them able to stymie multiple flu strains, according to a report from the University of Washington (UW).