FDA gives scientists freedom to tweet in long-awaited social media policy

The regulator, which has faced criticism in the past over its failure to establish a policy, set out its position in a 12-page document.

Amazon shares landmark cancer genome data sets on cloud platform

Amazon has made The Cancer Genome Atlas and The International Cancer Genome Consortium PanCancer data sets freely available through its cloud platform. The addition of the data sets continues Amazon's push to differentiate its cloud offering through the availability of data.

Illumina to make 5,000-genome autism database available through BaseSpace

Illumina is to make a 5,000-genome autism database available through BaseSpace. The deal will enable researchers to analyze the genomes of people with autism and their families using tools built into Illumina's cloud computing platform.

Molecular Health raises $27M to advance data-crunching tech

Molecular Health has raised $27 million to drive adoption of its data-crunching technology, which includes a tool aimed at drug developers. The investment moves the sum raised by Molecular Health to date beyond the $100 million mark.

Andreessen Horowitz places $200M bet on the confluence of IT and biotech

The Silicon Valley biotech investment scene just gained another major player: Andreessen Horowitz. And with $200 million to spend and a plan to place three to four small bets each quarter, the VC shop has the potential to help numerous life science IT startups get up and running.

AstraZeneca inks deal to install robots at new R&D facility

AstraZeneca has struck a deal to develop robots for use in the high-throughput screening of compounds. The agreement with HighRes Biosolutions positions the Big Pharma to put its new R&D facility at the forefront of application of robotics to drug discovery and development.

Datatrak accused of 'shameless and amateurish scare tactics' as proxy fight turns nasty

The tone of the tussle between Datatrak and one of its major shareholders has gone from bad to worse. Datatrak sparked the deterioration by accusing Arosa Investment Management of running a "back channel smear campaign," after which the shareholder retorted that the eClinical minnow is using "shameless and amateurish scare tactics" in an attempt to win the proxy fight.

Quintiles tweaks Apple's ResearchKit for use in biopharma-sponsored trials

Quintiles has made changes to Apple's open-source ResearchKit framework. The CRO made the enhancements--the code for which it released on the GitHub repository--to make Apple's platform more suitable for the trials it oversees.

FDA starts beta-testing 'the most advanced bioinformatics platform in the world'

The FDA has started testing the precisionFDA platform it developed with DNAnexus. The closed beta test phase is the precursor to a more widespread rollout of the system, which the CEO of DNAnexus has described as being "the most advanced bioinformatics platform in the world."

WuXi NextCODE lands starring role in 100,000 Genomes Project

Genomics England has selected WuXi NextCODE as its first partner for the clinical interpretation of cancer samples processed by the massive sequencing project it is overseeing. WuXi NextCODE is also applying its technology to the interpretation of genomic data from rare disease patients.

What represents success to 23andMe's Wojcicki? Developing a cure for a major disease

Having guided 23andMe through a tricky period, Anne Wojcicki is now plotting what it will take to turn the company into a real success story. And while some CEOs would be happy with a big-ticket buyout, Wojcicki has a larger ambition for 23andMe: developing a cure for a disease.

Data-gathering implantable chips to be tested in schizophrenia trial

Although wearables have yet to establish themselves as a mainstream clinical trial technology, some research teams are already looking to the next big thing: implantables. Pierre Fabre has moved itself to the forefront of the field by striking a deal to test a chip in a schizophrenia development program.

SEC pursues trader over 'phony tweets' that sank Sarepta's stock

The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged a trader with using fraudulent posts on Twitter to manipulate the stock price of Sarepta Therapeutics. James Alan Craig, the man at the center of the case, is alleged to have created a Twitter account that looked like it belonged to securities research firm Citron Research and used it to post lies about Sarepta.

WuXi NextCODE strikes deal to sequence and share 1,000 cancer genomes

WuXi NextCODE has struck another sequencing agreement. The latest deal will see the service provider sequence samples taken from 1,000 cancer patients in San Antonio, TX.

Ex-trailblazer Knome accepts buyout bid from tiny Tute

Tute Genomics has acquired Knome for an undisclosed fee. The deal brings to an end Knome's 8-year, $20 million attempt to find a place for itself in the emerging genomics industry, during which time it sequenced the DNA of the super rich, branched out into hardware and created the interpretation software that attracted Tute.

Cognizant lands IT deal with 100,000 Genomes Project

Genomics England has picked Cognizant to help design and set up the IT backbone of its massive sequencing project. The two-year agreement gives Cognizant a starring role in the creation of the IT operating environment used by the 100,000 Genomes Project.

Transcriptic adds CRISPR gene editing to robotic lab

Transcriptic has added CRISPR gene editing to the list of services provided by its robotic laboratory. The service expansion is being supported by Desktop Genetics, a developer of gene-editing software that is making its CRISPR library design algorithms available to Transcriptic.

Flush with $90M in VC cash, Twist and Ginkgo strike massive synthetic DNA deal

Ginkgo Bioworks and Twist Bioscience have struck a deal to cement their status as two of the hottest players in the new wave of biotech startups. The one-year agreement sees Twist sign up to supply Ginkgo with 100 million base pairs of synthetic DNA.

Chinese sequencing sector heats up as BGI, Direct Genomics prepare products

Chinese efforts to evolve from being a user of genomics technology into a developer of sequencing platforms are starting to come to fruition.

Alibaba, BGI and Intel team up for precision medicine project

Intel has hooked up with a pair of Chinese tech leaders to set up a cloud-based precision medicine platform. The alliance combines Intel's computing capabilities with BGI's genome analytics engine and a clutch of services offered by e-commerce giant Alibaba.