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Digital documents: Can electronic tools ease biopharma's clinical trial file headaches?

Clinical trials have increased in complexity over the past decade, with sponsors working with an increasing number of sites, countries and service providers. These massive globalized studies place new strains on the organization of essential study documents, collectively known as the trial master file. 

20 Big Pharma and biotech mobile apps - 2013

Smartphones and tablets succeed or sink on the strength of their apps. Over the past few years, this has given Apple ($AAPL) a huge advantage. If you wanted the latest apps, Apple was the only...

10 startups fueling pharma in social media

Slow-moving regulators have kept the rules of engagement on social media platforms fuzzy for pharma players. Yet rather than sit on the sidelines waiting for the FDA to take a firm stance on dos and don'ts, many pharma companies have taken a shot at safe moves in the social realm. Potentially powerful collaboration tools have also attracted pharma groups, bringing scientists, patients and physicians into the same digital arenas to share ideas and partner on research. Read the report >>

Martin Leach's 16-year interview for the job of Big Data boss at Biogen Idec

Martin Leach has spent the past several months building a new data sciences group at Biogen Idec, where his team of informatics and tech pros has undertaken the sizable task of enabling scientists and others at the biotech powerhouse to make use of Big Data.

See you at Bio-IT World Expo in Boston

Two of my senior colleagues and I are headed to Boston this week for the Bio-IT World Expo in Boston. I'll be posting breaking news from the show as well as interviews with some of the top minds in bioinformatics, clinical IT and discovery software.

5 keys to going mobile in pharma

Mobile has gone mainstream in the biopharma industry, at least for those who work as tablet-toting sales reps or other jobs that take them away from the office. Read more >>

GSK jumps new IT hurdles in 'real-world' test of blockbuster hopeful

GlaxoSmithKline has launched a study in the U.K. that would test its experimental drug called fluticasone furoate/vilanterol (Breo/Relvar), to investigate the potential blockbuster outside of a traditional clinical trial, in a way that simulates how patients with smoker's cough and asthma would take it in the real world. It's a big deal.

UPDATED: GoBalto wants to save Big Pharma from bungling one big thing

Behind the huge and scary numbers that accompany the costs of drug development, there are various holes and dysfunctional practices in the process of bringing a new drug to market.

Is FDA keeping social media from taking flight in pharma?

From what I've seen, the pharma fleet hasn't taken flight with many new uses of social media to ease some of the most acute problems in the industry.

Slideshow: 15 mobile apps in Life Sciences - 2012

These apps show just how broad and innovative the life science mobile world has become. Yet each is trying to solve the same critical problem--how can we make drug development more efficient? Here we present 15 mobile apps that tried to answer that question in 2012. Click here to view this slideshow >>