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Nick Taylor, UK Correspondent

Nick Taylor is a freelance journalist with more than six years' experience of reporting on the global biopharma industry. Since graduating with a biology degree from the University of York, Nick has written for numerous healthcare publications, including Nature BioPharma Dealmakers, Life Science Leader and Outsourcing-Pharma. You can contact him at and follow him on Twitter at @NickPaulTaylor.

Articles by Nick Paul Taylor

Allergan taps NuMedii's digital discovery platform for psoriasis R&D

NuMedii has landed a deal that could validate its data-driven approach to drug discovery. Allergan is the company to give a shot to NuMedii, signing up to source a flow of potential treatments for psoriasis from the Stanford University spinout.

PacBio soars on news of cheaper, smaller, higher-throughput sequencer

Pacific Biosciences has stepped up the fight for the sequencing market with the introduction of an instrument that is smaller, cheaper and higher throughput than the model it replaces.

Mount Sinai, Yale roll out updates to Apple ResearchKit programs

The set of studies running on Apple's ResearchKit is continuing to expand and improve. Yale School of Medicine and The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai are the latest to step up their use of the platform, rolling out a new heart condition study and refining an asthma app, respectively.

Illumina readies paid-for BaseSpace tiers for large organizations

Illumina has detailed how it intends to start generating income from its cloud app platform BaseSpace. The plan includes the creation of two paid-for packages that bundle together assorted features, some of which are targeted specifically at larger organizations.

Cloud Pharmaceuticals, Therametrics hook up for CNS drug discovery drive

Cloud Pharmaceuticals and Therametrics have hooked up to apply their computing and software capabilities to a central nervous system (CNS) R&D program. The plan is to use Cloud's computing platform to design drugs to inhibit targets identified by Therametrics' software.

Berg to apply AI drug discovery model to U.K.'s genome data repository

Genomics England has enlisted Berg Health to support its 100,000 Genomes Project. The agreement gives Berg a seat alongside GlaxoSmithKline, Roche and other notable drugmakers on the GENE Consortium, an initiative set up to investigate how data from the project can facilitate drug discovery.

Bayer pairs Genedata Profiler and iRODS to manage omics data analysis

Bayer has set up a system to manage its omics data analysis workflow. The system is the result of Bayer's collaboration with Genedata, which has provided its data management and analysis software to a platform that also draws on the capabilities of the open-source iRODS.

BioClinica buys pharmacovigilance outfit to continue evolution

BioClinica is continuing the rapid evolution that began 18 months ago when its new owners merged it with CCBR-SYNARC. The latest step in the process is the buyout of Synowledge, a provider of pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs services and accompanying IT support.

Bristol picks ZS to handle commercial analytics in vendor consolidation move

The deal makes ZS Bristol's primary vendor in the sector, allowing the Big Pharma to trim the list of vendors with which it works to analyze commercial data.

Feds prioritize researcher access to health data in IT action plan

Federal officials are to prioritize making high-quality electronic health data more readily available to researchers over the next 5 years. Objectives include increased use of trial data in patient-focused outcomes studies, the application of health IT to improve clinical research and greater openness.