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Nick Taylor, UK Correspondent

Nick Taylor is a freelance journalist with more than six years' experience of reporting on the global biopharma industry. Since graduating with a biology degree from the University of York, Nick has written for numerous healthcare publications, including Nature BioPharma Dealmakers, Life Science Leader and Outsourcing-Pharma. You can contact him at and follow him on Twitter at @NickPaulTaylor.

Articles by Nick Paul Taylor

Deep Genomics sets up shop to marry deep learning and genomics

Deep Genomics has opened its doors. The University of Toronto spinout is working to explore the potential of applying deep learning to genomics, first as a way to improve genetic testing.

BGI CEO steps down to escalate interest in artificial intelligence

Jun Wang has stepped down as CEO of BGI. Wang, a 16-year veteran of BGI, led the business as it evolved into a dominant force in genomics, but has now decided to pursue his long-standing interest in artificial intelligence without the burden of also serving as CEO.

PCORI board signs off on $142.5M investment to scale up health data network

The board of governors at the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute has signed off on an $142.5 million investment in PCORnet, an attempt to mine ever-growing repositories of health and clinical data for research.

SynBio startup Ginkgo Bioworks lands $45M to fuel push into pharma

Ginkgo Bioworks has landed $45 million in a Series B round. The money will facilitate a significant scaling up of operations at the synthetic biology pioneer, with an expansion into pharmaceuticals, construction of a second-generation lab and hiring of new staff all on the cards.

Oxford Nanopore raises $109M ahead of key period for its sequencing technology

Oxford Nanopore has added $109 million to its bank account, bringing the total raised to date up to $392 million and equipping the company for a vital period in its history

Google's Calico snags access to data to find genetic causes of long life

Google's life-extension biotech Calico has secured access to data held by, a family tree business that sells DNA testing kits. Calico will pick through the genetic data and millions of family trees in search of contributors to long life spans and drug targets.

Vermillion raises $18.8M to fund escalation of bioinformatics ambitions

Vermillion has tapped investors for money to fund the enhancement of its bioinformatics platform. The diagnostics and bioanalytics player pulled in a total of $18.8 million through a stock offering, a slice of which will be ploughed into biotech IT.

FDA turns to Google for help spotting adverse events

The FDA has approached Google for help identifying adverse drug events in search data. The regulator hooked up with Google to access the insights of Evgeniy Gabrilovich, an engineer at the tech behemoth who has published papers on the subject of mining search queries for adverse event reports.

AstraZeneca backs app to help people recover from heart attacks

The initiative sees the Big Pharma team up with Vida Health to push an app that helps people recover from heart attacks by guiding them through the weeks and months after the event, Fortune reports.

Illumina wraps lab automation and software around HiSeq X to lower barrier to mass sequencing

Illumina has introduced a suite of tools and software to help research organizations new to population-scale sequencing to get started with its HiSeq X Ten and Five systems. The move comes one month after BGI joined the large-scale sequencing field with a package that covers each step of the process, from sample preparation to data analysis.