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  • FDA under pressure to establish staff social media policy

    Having faced years of criticism for its failure to publish guidelines on how the industry can use social media, the FDA is now being chastised by the advocacy group Union of Concerned Scientists over its lack of a policy for its staff.

NIH backs database of rare pediatric genetic disorders

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center has received $2.2 million from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to track children who have rare genetic disorders.

Emerging markets tipped to push drug safety software market past $150M

Analysts at MarketsandMarkets have looked into their crystal ball and come up with a forecast of the pharmacovigilance and drug safety software sector. The authors predict the value of the market will top $150 million by 2019, with Asia and Latin America tipped to be the driving forces behind growth over the next few years.

George Church backs online platform for open sharing of personal data

Harvard geneticist George Church has backed Open Humans, an online platform that asks people to openly share their genomes and other personal data. The idea is to marry the underlying principles of the open-source and quantified-self movements to make more data available to more researchers.

Committee clips the wings of Europe's controversial $1B brain project

An independent committee set up to probe a dispute over Europe's $1 billion Human Brain Project (HBP) has sided with critics of the initiative. The outcome leaves the fate of HBP and its ambitious and much-criticized plan to simulate the brain using a supercomputer in doubt.

100,000 Genomes Project taps Big Pharma dream team for data crunching skills

The United Kingdom has wasted no time getting industry involved with its 100,000 Genomes Project. With just 3% of the sequencing work done, Genomics England has enlisted the help of a who's who of Big Pharma companies to pore over the data in search of new avenues for drug discovery.