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Deep Genomics sets up shop to marry deep learning and genomics

Deep Genomics has opened its doors. The University of Toronto spinout is working to explore the potential of applying deep learning to genomics, first as a way to improve genetic testing.

BGI CEO steps down to escalate interest in artificial intelligence

Jun Wang has stepped down as CEO of BGI. Wang, a 16-year veteran of BGI, led the business as it evolved into a dominant force in genomics, but has now decided to pursue his long-standing interest in artificial intelligence without the burden of also serving as CEO.

PCORI board signs off on $142.5M investment to scale up health data network

The board of governors at the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute has signed off on an $142.5 million investment in PCORnet, an attempt to mine ever-growing repositories of health and clinical data for research.

SynBio startup Ginkgo Bioworks lands $45M to fuel push into pharma

Ginkgo Bioworks has landed $45 million in a Series B round. The money will facilitate a significant scaling up of operations at the synthetic biology pioneer, with an expansion into pharmaceuticals, construction of a second-generation lab and hiring of new staff all on the cards.

Oxford Nanopore raises $109M ahead of key period for its sequencing technology

Oxford Nanopore has added $109 million to its bank account, bringing the total raised to date up to $392 million and equipping the company for a vital period in its history


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Israeli startup Eximo Medical has gained a tiny $1.6 million Series A financing to get into the clinic with its disposable catheter that combines an ablation laser with a surgical blade. The device technology, known as Cathi, is expected to improve accuracy and offer superior precision in navigating vessel blockage regardless of the type or size of lesion.  


Ariad Pharmaceuticals has inked a deal with PDL BioPharma, trading a long-term royalty on its only marketed drug in exchange for money to develop another.