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  • Pfizer continues to explore virtual trials with 23andMe pact

    Pfizer and 23andMe have teamed up to identify genetic factors linked to inflammatory bowel disease. And with 23andMe trumpeting the fact that people can participate without leaving their homes, the study represents a continuation of Pfizer's interest in virtual trials.

Takeda strikes deal with C4X to access 3D drug structure tech

Takeda Pharmaceutical's United Kingdom subsidiary has begun working with C4X Discovery to improve its lead discovery and hit identification. The agreement is centered on C4XD's 3D drug technology, a nuclear magnetic resonance-based method of viewing the structure of a molecule.

J&J, Sanofi apply IBM's Watson to R&D

IBM has opened up its Watson supercomputer to drug researchers through a new cloud-based service. And Big Pharma companies are already on board, with Johnson & Johnson and Sanofi among the early adopters of the technology.

Berg backs AI-driven discovery platform to save time, money in R&D

With its big claims about how artificial intelligence can slash drug development timelines and a lead candidate based on a coenzyme best known as a dietary supplement, Berg is always likely to provoke skepticism. But the company is sticking to its guns, with President and CTO Niven Narain pointing to early drug discovery successes as evidence of its legitimacy.

Hackers target pharma's 'golden nuggets' to steal a lead in R&D

The theft of data on up to 4.5 million patients from Community Health Systems last month has intensified awareness of the porousness of hospital and life science digital security measures. And the postevent analysis has reconfirmed that pharma is a top target for hackers, and some companies are ill equipped to defend themselves.

Apple tightens health data privacy rules ahead of HealthKit launch

With reports suggesting Apple is set to get deeper into health data tracking by introducing its own wearable device, the tech giant has tightened up its app privacy rules. The changes ban the sale of health data to advertisers, while maintaining app developers' right to share data from consenting users with third parties for medical research purposes.


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The FDA has cleared HealthPatch MD, a small, wireless biosensor patch worn on the chest that can track a number of vital signs and biometric measurements. The sensor connects to a smartphone to relay data to a healthcare provider.


Back in June, Amgen said it was eyeing a U.S. application for its cancer-fighting viral vaccine in the short term but would be looking outside the U.S. as well. After submitting its candidate to the FDA in July, the company now says it's turned over a marketing authorization application to the European Medicines Agency for the melanoma candidate.